Grow and Engage Your Followers Through Instagram Live

Last Updated on February 3rd, 2020 at 3:57 pm

grow and engage followers

Instagram Live allows users to stream live videos to their followers via their Instagram Stories. It’s good to grow and engage your followers, connect directly with your users, share information, and establish your brand.

However, maybe you are considering, “Isn’t live streaming just a passing fad?” Well, let’s take a look at the numbers (Source: New York Magazine and

  • 80% of audiences prefer to watch a Livestream to read a blog post
  • 82% of audiences prefer to rather watch a Livestream to see a social media post
  • 67% of audiences who watched a Livestream purchased a ticket to a similar event the next time it happened

Live videos are prevalent—and the trend shows us that they are here to stay. That’s why it is so vital that your brand understands to use Instagram Live and leverage it for your audience.

Let’s walk through exactly how you could begin utilizing Instagram Live, some tips on utilizing it to make an amazing Instagram Live stream today to grow and engage followers.

How to go live on Instagram in 3 simple steps

Going live on Instagram is easy.

To begin, you should have an Instagram account (surprise!) and phone since lots of Instagram’s features are only available on mobile.

Then jump into step one:

Step 1: Choose the camera on the top left

camera symbol in Instagram app, highlighted top left

From your profile, select the camera icon on the top left. This takes you to your Instagram camera where you could usually take photos or videos for your Instagram Story.

Step 2: Swipe over to Live

selecting Instagram "Live" button
Like Tinder but without the creepy messages.

Swipe till you arrive to the Instagram Live screen. Alternatively, you could just choose Live.

Step 3: Tap Go Live

Choose the Go Live button. Instagram checks your phone’s internet connection briefly before streaming your live video.

"Go Live" button highlighted in Instagram Stories dashboard

Voila! That goes live on Instagram in 3 steps. I told you it was easy.

Pro tip: Your number of viewers shows up at the high of your screen. You’ll also see all of your viewers’ comments as they come in.

Grow and Engage Your Followers


Don’t be distracted by the flying hearts that appear on screen too. That’s just your viewers’ method of showing they love what they see!

At the bottom, you have a lot of different functions you could use in your video.

Grow and Engage Your Followers

They are:

  • Questions. You could ask your viewers a question in your Instagram Story before you go live. When you jump into your stream, you could access your viewers’ answers here (more on this later).
  • Send. You could send your live video to a user on Instagram during a broadcast.
  • Add a guest. This permits you and another user to share the live video. If you add a guest, both you and your guest will appear in the video through a split-screen.
  • Face filters. Because the puppy dog face filter just makes everything better, doesn’t it?
  • Change camera. Switch the cameras from selfie mode to regular mode.

When you’re finished filming your Instagram Live video, choose End at the upper right corner. Pat yourself on the back. You just completed making your first Instagram Live stream to grow and engage followers!

3 ideas for using Instagram Live

When you actually wish to take your Instagram Live videos to the next level to grow and engage followers, employ these three tips during your stream.

Set a SMART goal

Understanding how to set good goals is essential for social media success — and your goals for Instagram Live are no exception.

It’s the difference between jumping into a live stream with no plan and no objective and doing one where you understand exactly what you wish to do and do it.

To do that, you should set a SMART goal.

SMART stands for particular, measurable, attainable, related, and time-based.

Grow and Engage Your Followers

  • Specific. Your aim is concentrated. For instance, a bad purpose would be “I desire a good Instagram Live video” because it’s vague. A greater purpose would be, “I wish to have 50% more viewers in our next stream” because it’s more focused.
  • Measurable. There’s a benchmark for success and you understand what completed looks like. Example: “I wish to attract 100 new Instagram followers,” is a great purpose because you could measure the number of followers you get.
  • Attainable. It’s really doable for you and/or your business. For instance, “I wish to have the most followers on Instagram” likely will not be possible (unless you are world-famous soccer player Cristiano Rinaldo). Whereas, “I need 1,000 followers on Instagram,” is completely attainable.
  • Relevant. Does this purpose matter to you and your brand right now? If not, pursue one that’s.
  • Timely. Having a deadline for your purpose is essential psychologically. It provides you more focus and drive to pursue your aim. For instance, “I wish to host three Instagram Live streams with guests by Q4,” is a very great and timely purpose.

So ask yourself: What SMART goals should you make for your brand’s Instagram Live objectives?

Create a video map

Think of your Instagram Live video as a road trip: You need to know all of the pit stops you wish to make as you travel to your ultimate destination.

That’s why it’s vital to make a map or outline of your video. Write down all of the points you wish to cover, as well as how long you wish to cover them.

Are you interviewing industry thought leaders? Write down all of the questions you wish to hit, when you wish to make introductions, and when to take questions from your audience.

Are you introducing a new product to your viewers? Write down every function and benefit you wish to show off.

Are you sharing a quick “how-to” for your viewers? Write down all of the steps they should know and any other ideas you wish to offer.

This helps keep your video focused and on track. Otherwise, it may simply run off the rails.

Engage your viewers

Like everybody’s favorite starship captain says:

Jean Luc Piccard says

Instagram Live provides you an ideal platform to engage with your customers in real-time. If you do so, you establish a relationship and build trust with your audience—all crucial parts for a thriving brand.

Like any good relationship, although, engaging and building a great relationship with your audience takes time and power. It isn’t enough to just answer some questions on a live stream. You should listen to your followers and give them what they need.

Only then will they reward you with their trust.

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