How the Instagram Algorithm Works (And Where Your Strategy Needs to Shift) (2/2)

the instagram algorithm

Continue with the Instagram Algorithm strategy for your Instagram business

Use community-driven hashtags to reach active users

Hashtags on Instagram may help you improve your reach by helping you show up in relevant searches.

For this tactic to be effective, however, you should select the hashtags that your target audience actually searches through to find content material and other users.

Community hashtags are particularly active—these niche hashtags could not have as many posts as the more popular hashtags, however, are already being circulated and searched through by teams on Instagram looking to connect with others who’re excited about that topic, movement, or community.

This is where you’ll actually get views that may lead to clicks via to your profile, engagement, and potentially new followers.

instagram hashtags to navigate the algorithm

While these priceless hashtags will differ by industry, you may generally spot them because they adequately describe your ideal buyer and are regularly populated with new posts under the same theme:

  • A merchant selling custom luggage may use the community hashtag #welltraveled
  • Online shops promoting beard oil may opt for #beardlife
  • Store owners that promote healthy food items may choose #livingfit

Do not just add these hashtags to your own posts, however. Click on through to them and engage with the posts you see which are using them. An easy Like on somebody’s post, at the very least, may translate into a profile view or even a follow.

Again, even if your posts aren’t reaching these customers, you yourself can.

Repost old content to give it a second life

When you’re struggling to generate enough Instagram content to get traction on the platform, or you wish to be sure that particular content gets seen as much as possible, repurposing past posts is an efficient method to go, particularly as your following grows.

This brings your greatest content material back to the top, displaying it to more people who could have missed it the first time around.

While some will simply delete a post and upload it the same method they’ve shared in the past, repurposing your content material is the ideal method here.

#throwbackthursday example

Some easy methods to repurpose old posts include:

  • Assembling the previous post photos into a multi-image carousel post or a slideshow video
  • Including a new caption to the post
  • Incorporating new design elements onto the photo, which is especially simple to do when you take a previous post’s photo and then edit it in the Stories function
  • Use hashtag opportunities like #throwbackthursday to reshare old content material

Repurposing content material could be a large time-saver, however, keep in mind to do it sparingly, switch things up, and prune your own feed to remove repeat content material. Users can still scroll via your gallery, and you don’t want them to see the same picture come up over and over again.

Use Stories to draw attention

Instagram Stories get lots of attention because they aren’t subjected to the same algorithm as posts in your feed. They’re also an effective way to speak to your followers and construct loyalty, resulting in more engagement on your static Instagram posts, and thus more reach.

There are several methods you should use them:

  • Add hashtag stickers with your branded hashtag. When customers tap via on your branded hashtag sticker, they’ll be taken to a feed of static posts utilizing that hashtag, whether they’re your own, buyer submissions or both.
  • Share Stories from other customers. Instagram permits you to not only be notified when somebody shares a Story that mentions you but also to then share their Story directly to your own. You may even encourage or incentivize your own followers to share one of your posts to their Story.
  • Inspire engagement with interactive stickers. This contains poll stickers, the emoji slider, and question stickers. The latter permits you to ask customers questions and then post their replies to additional Stories later on. This provides you with even more content material that your followers may interact with.

instagram stories to overcome the algorithm

However, did you know you may also share your own Instagram posts to your Stories?

Simply tap the direct message button on one of your own posts and you will see the choice to “Add Post to Story”, where you may resize it and apply text and other edits.

It is a good way to make sure your most important posts (like a new product announcement) has a greater chance of reaching your followers.

Embrace direct messages

Instagram’s private messaging platform has been gaining popularity because of the app’s usage and a number of chat options increase. More and more customers are sending companies private messages to ask questions and get in touch.

Direct messages usually involve longer conversations, and it offers you an opportunity to nurture an individual relationship one-on-one.

instagram direct messages

This also works if you use direct messaging for outreach, too. You may get in touch with qualified customers, potential partners, and influencers that you’d like to work with, either by messaging them via their profile or their Story.

Note that it is a strategy that doesn’t scale well, so you should be selective about who you’re reaching out to. Look for brand advocates, clients who seem to need help based on their comments on your posts, and partners or influencers you’d like to work with. Concentrate on each conversation separately, and keep away from generic responses in favor of authentic ones.

Pay for reach with Instagram ads and influencers

The fastest method to solve for limited organic reach on any platform is to pay for it instead. Done correctly, this may give you a burst of momentum that may help you drive higher organic outcomes later on. You have two main choices here: Instagram advertising and influencer marketing.

Instagram adverts do cost money and the advert spend can add up rapidly when you’re not careful, however, it’s investment when you’re having hassle gaining traction on the platform.

Make sure to set a lifetime budget, particularly when you’re new to Instagram so you remain in control of your budget.

Monitor how your efforts translate into outcomes

You may track your progress with these strategies by checking your Instagram Insights for telling metrics. While most people concentrate on follower count, profile views, attain, and website visits will tell you more about what your Instagram advertising and marketing is doing for your business, especially from the engagement strategies we covered above.

instagram analytics

Do not just broadcast, build relationships

If you wish to get the most out of Instagram, it’s not enough to fixate only on publishing content material regularly. Instead, it’s important that you also concentrate on overall relationship building while engaging with users outside of your posts and on them.

Social media algorithms will always be prone to change. However, when you’re willing to change with them, you will discover surprising new methods to reach your intended viewers.

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