How to Create a Successful IGTV Series (2/2)

Last Updated on February 28th, 2020 at 11:22 am

a successful IGTV series

Continue with some tips to create a successful IGTV series

Elements of a successful IGTV series

Although there are lots of different elements that go into making a great IGTV series, here are 3 that we recommend you nail to gain your audience engaged.

Get their attention quickly

To engage your viewers you should hook them. Do so by getting their attention in the first 30 seconds of the video. That is the time in videos that matter the most pursuant to Wistia.

Put something compelling or irresistible in the front of your video. Maybe you are posing an intriguing question? Or maybe you are making a promise to your viewer that they are going to learn or see something if they keep watching?

The possibilities to be creative are limitless. Finally, they depend on your viewer and the objectives of your videos—which brings us to …

Plan ahead

Although it may be tempting to just turn on your camera and begin filming, good storytelling is all about planning and plotting.

That’s why you should ensure you know what you wish to cover in your video and know the way it will impact your audience.

Plot out the start, middle, and end of your video. Maybe even create a script?

Include the setting, what you want to say actually, and who’s going to say it. That is how you’ll make videos that interact and thrill your viewers, while also getting a clear message across.

Use related hashtags

As of January 2020, you could not simply seek for topics on Instagram and discover a video about that topic. Instead, you must seek for channels or particular brands.

Annoying, yes. But there’s a method around it: Hashtags.

By including a related hashtag in the description of your series’ movies, you will ensure your videos show up on the hashtag page on Instagram where it could be found by non-followers.

5 of the best IGTV series in 2020

Looking for IGTV series to assist encourage your own? Here are 5 we suggest you follow:

So Yummy

So Yummy is a food channel that shows fans the way to make delicious recipes via engaging and gorgeously shot videos. Seriously. Three seconds into any of those videos and your mouth will be watering all over your phone.

(Sorry, too gross?)

They also boast over 10 million fans due in no small part to their videos.

BBC News

BBC News has a variety of videos ranging from Royal Family drama to climate change, to designer prosthetic legs. Each of their videos is also good in getting viewers to be a part of the conversation with CTAs encouraging them to comment. Not bad for an almost century-old public service broadcaster.

Lele Pons

Former Vine star turned YouTube and Instagram personality Lele Pons boasts a following of almost 39 million followers—and lots of them tune into her fun and engaging IGTV channel. One series to note is her cooking show “What’s Cooking with Lele Pons” where she takes a comedic bent to your typical cooking fare.


It’s no shock that the agency dedicated to exploring the depths of outer space is rife with Instagrammable material. What’s surprising is their fantastic IGTV presence—particularly their series “What’s Up?” which provides viewers with videos concentrated on the different “stars, comets, planets, and other celestial events” occurring that month.


Buzzfeed is another brand that always brings good and interesting content to the forefront. Their IGTV series is no different. One series of theirs to note: Buzzfeed Animals. I mean, c’mon. Take a look at this content:

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