How to gain more Spotify followers

Spotify is a great and famous music streaming website all over the world. You could either subscribe to it as a listener or an artist to make public awareness about your music. Spotify brings together not only different types of music genres and they also have been connecting between new and veteran artists in the platform. If you are an artist, have you ever thought about how to gain more Spotify followers?

To kick off 2019, we have got some practical resolutions to help you gain more Spotify followers and ultimately boost your song. Let’s do this!

1. Generate The Most Of Your Social Media

Direct your existing fanbase on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and your email database to drive traffic to your Spotify music.

There are also several groups on Fb where people share their own tracks and offer feedback to others.

You could also utilize your Soundcloud to drive traffic directly to Spotify.

Running several social media profiles could seem like a daunting task, however, there are several online tools you could use to schedule social media content in advance and develop your accounts with minimal effort

2. Get Playlisted

Getting your music featured on Spotify playlists may be tough.

The main playlists are controlled by the editorial team at Spotify or the major labels, however, there is no reason you cannot submit your music to some independent Spotify curators and build up that method.

Pro Tip: The Spotify editorial team that curates the main playlists on the platform pays attention to the ‘buzz’ around a track in case your music is being featured on Blogs or on independent playlists you’re more likely to be added to the big playlists.

gain more Spotify plays

3. Shop For Real Spotify Plays & Followers

The best way that I’ve found gaining more followers & plays on my music is to promote your music through the companies based on social platforms to raise the music to everybody.

It will help the track of producers and is own become famous may be well-known and get lots of money from it. I will share with you the great company that I am using to kick-start my songs and I found it helps me a lot to promote my songs.

You could refer to Buildmyplays. They deliver exactly what they promise that the followers are real and active. Their support is perfect, too. When I have a problem, I will get help from them really quickly.

4. Share Every Playlist

Expose every playlist your track got added to and tag the curator to show you appreciate and promote. It‘s a vital step to build up a strong relationship with the playlist curator.

In case you link on a great level it is a win-win situation since his main purpose is to have a successful playlist that gets advertised and yours is to be part of that list.

5. Fanpush

Ask your followers, friends & family to add your track to their private playlists right at the beginning.

Do competition and motivate them to playlist your track. Even the smallest playlist counts.

6. Pitching With Your Distributor

Ask your distributor to pitch your track to the “New Music Friday” Playlist of your country.

Additionally, do some research and find out in which other (bigger) playlist your track would fit and tell the distributor as well.

Be sure that those playlists are hosted by Spotify from your home territory.

7. Understand Your Listeners’ Wants & Needs

Even when your main forte is song creation, Spotify playlists provide the chance to think entrepreneurially about your target audience.

You are entering a zone in which the better you promote your art, the more success you will see. Then, you have to put yourself in your followers’ shoes and think about their main desires and interests.

First, define your target audience.

Who’re they? In case you think they will like your music, what else will they like? What other genres do you want, even though you do not make that kind of music?

Only after thinking through the interest patterns of your followers could you begin to actually reach them.

gain more Spotify followers

8. Stay Consistent & Keep Creating Content

Lastly, it’s essential to note that becoming a successful Spotify tastemaker takes more than just luck or talent.

In order to win at this game, you have to stay consistent, grow your brand, and use mood to your advantage.

Your actions need to follow a strategic roadmap, however, the specifics of that are up to you!

Keep making content, keep entertaining your audience, and try to keep on a schedule. We do hope that you can gain more Spotify followers thanks to these simple ways!

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