How to Get More Leads on Instagram (2/2)

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Continue with some methods to get more leads on Instagram

6. Tailor creative around your purpose

The best push for Instagram lead generation is a powerful call-to-action. The two-to-six word phrases like swipe up, shop now, click on the link in our bio, could pack lots of punch—particularly when paired with the right content.

Your visuals and your call-to-action need to always work together to fulfill the same purpose. When you’d like somebody to click on the link in your Instagram bio, your post and caption need to entice them to do so. Your call-to-action needs to be the final push or nudge in that direction. Want somebody to swipe up on your Instagram Story? Give them a reason to do it.

On posts, draw attention to your call-to-action with an emoji. In Instagram Stories, use stickers or text to give your audience directly. Ensure that your creative leaves room for these call-to-actions, and does not overcrowd the “See More” icon.

7. Create shoppable content

Tagging products in Instagram isn’t just a great way to grow sales. Even if a tap doesn’t lead to a buy, you could consider it a lead collected on a customer. And Instagram Shopping has received plenty of interest. Over 130 million accounts tap on product tags every month.

This kind of intel is invaluable when putting into the hands of savvy marketers. You could use it to see what products your audience is excited about, or target adverts to customers who’ve engaged.

To create shoppable Instagram posts, begin by ensuring your account is eligible. You will need to have a Fb catalog, which you could make utilizing Catalogue Manager, or with a Fb Partner. After your catalog is connected, you need to sign up for Instagram Shopping. From there, you could begin including product tags to your posts and stories.


With Instagram Insights, you could track product views (the total number of times people click on a tag), and product button clicks (the total number of times people clicked buy on the product page).

Shoppable posts also stand an opportunity of showing up in the Explore feed, which over 200 million accounts visit daily. Instagram is also testing shopping posts as ads, which will provide marketers with methods to target and collect new leads from window-shopping customers.

8. Partner with an Instagram Influencer

Partnering with influencers could be an effective strategy for a new Instagram lead generation.

Select an influencer with strong brand affinity, however, only partial follower overlap. It will make sure that your partnership will reach new prospective followers and leads. Credibility is essential, too. If an influencer has the trust of their followers, they might have more energy to sway than you do—particularly when you have a young firm.

With tests underway, soon Instagram users will be able to shop looks from influencers, too.

9. Run an Instagram contest

A creative method to collect leads on Instagram is through a contest, sale, or promotion.

Ask followers to complete a survey or comment on a post for an opportunity to win a prize. Add a tag-a-friend element, or partner with an influencer to expand the scope of the contest and generate more leads.

Or consider running an exclusive sale or promotion on Instagram. As Instagram explains on its blog, “With limited time, Instagram-only promotion, you could make a sense of urgency and prompt people to shop.” The more people you prompt, the more leads you get.

10. Feature popular products often

This tip comes straight from Instagram. As the corporate explains on its business blog, customers should not all the time able to make a purchase order the primary time they see your product.

Instagram recommends you check the Insights tab to find the product posts that perform best. Then post prevalent content frequently, so you could keep your product fresh in their mind, build consumer confidence, and make more chances for them to purchase.

For its launch of Futuredew, the cosmetics brand Glossier posted about the product in its feed more than 10 times in less than 5 weeks and even created a story highlight for it. Importantly, the same post was never used twice. The company mixes product shots with influencer endorsements and interactive storytelling.

Maximize your reach by posting frequently, posting at the right time, and posting in different formats. Some Instagrammers might only take a look at your stories, while others look exclusively at posts. Share in both formats to enhance your odds. However, when you do, keep in mind to tailor content accordingly.

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Coming soon: Set a product launch reminder

In September 2019, Instagram began testing a method for businesses to give customers the option of setting reminders for product launches.

Choose brands have been testing a product launch sticker in Instagram Stories that lets people sign up if they’re excited about receiving news about new releases.

Instagram notification for launch of "Donald Glover X adidas Lacombe" Adidas Instagram product launch sticker on a Story for "Donald Glover x adidas Lacombe" with prompt to "Set Reminder"

So far it is only available to 21 firms—including Benefit, Levi’s and SoulCycle—however, keep your eyes open for it in the future. You could use the product launch reminder to gauge customer interest while collecting a list of people that wish to stay informed about your brand.

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