How to Run a YouTube Advertising Campaign

Last Updated on December 16th, 2019 at 11:10 am

Youtube advertising campaign

With over a billion active users, YouTube isn’t merely a home for funny videos anymore. Video drives a 157 percent increase in natural traffic from search engines. YouTube is a serious marketing platform that gives your brand the chance to promote content in a truly visual and engaging method.

In addition to driving natural traffic to your content, there are also several paid options for promoting your video on YouTube. In this part, we will find out some of the basics of how to run a YouTube advertising campaign.

Cost of Youtube advertising campaign

YouTube uses a cost per view (CPV) model, meaning you only pay when somebody engages with your video advert. In case your advert is skipped, you are not charged for that view. The exact cost per click varies on keyword competitiveness, however, on average, it is around $0.06. When you set your daily campaign budget, YouTube will display your advert until the daily budget is spent.

Kinds of YouTube Adverts

#1 Video Discovery Adverts

TrueView video discovery ads appear on the YouTube homepage, within search outcomes, and as related videos on YouTube video watch pages. When a user clicks one of these adverts, they are redirected to the promoted video.



#2 In-Stream Adverts

In-stream ads refer to adverts that play within a YouTube video. TrueView in-stream adverts play before a viewer watches the video they have chosen on YouTube. These adverts could be customized with different overlay text and CTAs, and viewers often have the option to skip the advert after watching the first 5 seconds. In addition to the pre-roll in-stream adverts that play before the video, there are also mid-roll video adverts that appear midway through YouTube videos which are 10 minutes or longer.

YouTube Advertising Campaign

See a full list of the advertising options on YouTube here.

Setting Up Your YouTube Advertising Campaign

You could make a Youtube advertising campaign utilizing any video you have uploaded to your YouTube channel.


First, go to your Google AdWords account and choose “New Campaign” to get began.


Choose “Video” as your campaign kind.


Next, choose a purpose to access suggested campaign settings as you walk through the setup process. You could select SalesLeads, Site trafficProduct and brand consideration, or Brand awareness and reach.

SalesLeads, and Site traffic require conversion trackingProduct and brand consideration and Brand awareness and reach offer campaign subtypes to further customize your campaign’s purpose.

YouTube Advertising Campaign

Note: You could also proceed without a set purpose, although Google Adverts will not provide step-by-step suggestions.

Next, select a name, budget, and timeline for your campaign. In this step, you will also select your bidding strategy, advert networks, and target language(s) and location(s). You may also define any content exclusions, select which devices you need your advert shown on, and cap the frequency of your adverts.


Scroll down to build your advert. Name your advert group and set the demographics for your audience. You may also set keywords, topics, and placements to further narrow your campaign reach. Lastly, decide on a bid for your advert.

YouTube Advertising Campaign

Lastly, make your video advert. Input the URL for your video and select your video advert format. Indicate where you need your viewers to go if they click on your advert — and do not forget a CTA.


Click on “Save & Continue” to review your advert. Congratulations! Your YouTube advert campaign is ready.

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