How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business (2/2)

Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business

Let continuing with the way to start a Youtube channel for your business…

Optimizing Your Videos for Search

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Staying on top of your YouTube SEO is critical if you wish to get your videos noticed. Every minute 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube so you should be doing everything you may stand out from the crowd.

Every element of your videos, from the title to the outline to keywords, can have a big impact on how prominently they get featured in search outcomes. Let’s take a look at how you can enhance your rankings on YouTube and get in front of viewers when they should see you most.


Before you begin optimizing your videos, you need to narrow down which keywords you’ll be concentrating on.

Brainstorm which keywords somebody may search to come across your video and run them by a keyword planning tool like Keywords Everywhere, a free Chrome extension. It really works directly within Youtube’s search bar and provides you three key pieces of information for each term: the monthly search volume, the price per click to promote against that term, and the competition.

Keywords Everywhere will show you information about search terms on Youtube

The suggested search outcomes may also be a solid source of inspiration for future videos. It’s a good idea to experiment with keywords and construct future content around popular search terms in your industry.


One of the most necessary things that YouTube takes into consideration when determining the standard of your video is its engagement.

Encourage your viewers to leave a comment, subscribe, share, or hit the ‘Thumbs Up’ button after they’ve completed watching to increase your chance of displaying up higher in search outcomes. If you wish to increase your engagement levels, try running a contest. Giveaways and contests are a superb method to enhance viewer participation and connect with your viewers.

When YouTube is determining your rank, it’ll also take your video’s view count into consideration. To kickstart your views, just be sure you’re distributing your new videos by your email list and all your business’ social media channels quickly after you publish it on Youtube.


The format of your video also plays a role in your general search ranking. Though Youtube can’t watch your videos to determine their content material, there are a few other things that it looks at to make an educated guess.

Filename: Make sure you include your goal keywords in the name of the file that you’re importing. Youtube will pay attention to it.

Size: YouTube considers longer videos to be of higher worth, so try to make them as substantial as possible—however, always balance this with maintaining the content valuable, because “watch time” is another key metric for search rankings. In case your video needs to be 2 minutes long, however, you stretched it to 10 and viewers drop off after 1, you won’t rank increased just because your video is longer.

Title: The title of your video needs to be concise, descriptive, and feature your goal keyword near the start.

Description: The longer the description, the better. Add as much content material as you probably can: include a detailed overview of everything in your video and any related resources that your viewers may need. Your keywords also need to show up in your description, with a special concentrate on getting your goal keyword into the first sentence.

Tags: Do your greatest to include your goal keywords and a handful of other related terms as tags on your videos. Tools like Tube Buddy may give you some insight into the tags your competitors are utilizing on their videos. Tags might help determine whether your video shows up as a suggested video as well, so tagging competitors and those who make associated content could be a good use of the 500 characters available for tags.

Tips and Tricks

After covering everything above, you need to be on your method of constructing an audience and maximizing your enterprise’ potential on YouTube.

However, when you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, I’ve put together some nifty YouTube hacks that you should utilize to increase your subscribers and generate more traffic on your website.

Add a watermark

A watermark is perfect for driving new viewers back to your channel and inspiring them to subscribe. These customizable photos can be overlaid on every one of your uploads and provide a clear and simple method for viewers to subscribe, making it simple for them to hear about your latest videos (and constructing your subscriber count when you’re at it!).

Add a watermark to your video: step 1

To add a watermark to your videos, check out your channel page and click on ‘Video Manager’. This could take you to the Creator Studio where you’ll be able to access some more in-depth settings for your account.

When you get to the Creator Studio, click on ‘Channel’ in the sidebar.

Add a watermark to YouTube: step 2

A dropdown will appear under ‘Channel’. Click on ‘Branding’ and then ‘Add a Watermark’. You’ll now be capable to add a picture that will show up in the corner of every one of your videos.

Add a watermark to YouTube: step 3

Enable an automatic subscription prompt

It’s essential to not only be driving people to your YouTube channel but also to be encouraging them to subscribe while they’re there.

How to link to Youtube with a subscribe popup prompt

When you’ve bought an existing subscriber base, like your email listing or your social media followers, you may make it simple for them to subscribe to your channel. Anytime you promote your Youtube channel to them with a “Keep in mind to subscribe!” call to action, add “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end of your Youtube channel’s URL and a window will automatically seem on your channel making guests to subscribe.

Link cards to your website

As long as your account is part of the YouTube Partner Program, which currently means you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year, you may add cards that hyperlink to external websites in your videos. In case you have a Shopify store and also you’re a part of the YouTube Partner Program, you should utilize cards to hyperlink your viewers directly to your store to purchase the items featured in your videos.

Use end screens effectively

When viewers have finished watching all the way to the end of a video, you need to maintain them around and make sure they don’t leave without subscribing to your video. YouTube makes this really easy with finish screen elements you may layer over the last 20 seconds of your video.

You may add other videos, a subscribe button, or a hyperlink to another channel to maintain viewers engaged. That is essential because YouTube’s algorithm rewards both your total watch time and the way long you retain people on the platform, so ideally, you need somebody to watch more of your videos.

Right here’s how First We Feast sets up their end screens to maintain you watching.

An example of excellent end-screens to keep viewers watching on Youtube

They’ve linked to a playlist of videos and a standalone video, both of which will take you directly to something else to watch.

Right here’s the way to set it up yourself.

  • Go to your Creator Studio and choose a video you need to edit.
  • From the main edit screen, click on “End screens & Annotations” along the top menu, which will take you to the end screen editing screen.
  • You’ll be able to add 4 different components to your screen.

How to customize your end screens on Youtube

You’ll see that the Hyperlink choice isn’t enabled, because, on this test account, I’m not yet a part of the Youtube Partner Program. Once you’re, you may add hyperlinks to your website as a part of your standard end screens.

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