How to Use Facebook Audience Insights for Precise Ad Targeting (2/2)

Last Updated on January 21st, 2020 at 2:14 pm

Precise Ad Targeting

Continue with some next steps to use Facebook Audience insights for precise Ad targeting…

3. Discover what your audience already likes

Pat on the back—you have identified your Fb target audience for precise Ad targeting. Now learn what they already like.

  • Click on the Page Likes tab
  • Observe the Top Categories and Page Likes sections

Top Categories

See the general interests of your coffeehouse patrons.

Eats, charitymore eats, books, art, movies, magazines, live music, and organic groceries.

Looking at the top 10 categories, that’s what people sitting and sipping in your coffee venue care about.

Precise Ad Targeting

Use this intel to inspire ideas to check out in your organic Facebook marketing strategy. Maybe run a contest where followers share their greatest coffee served at organic grocery stores.

I bet you will come up with better notions than that. However, you get the idea. Having these audience insights allows you to guess less and score more with your targeted crowd.

Of course, these are just ideas by Fb.

What if there was actual data for affinity and relevance?

Ah, however, there may be…

Web page Likes

Wish to know what Fb pages are connecting along with your viewers? And the way possible it’s they’ll like these pages?

That is the place. Known as Relevance and Affinity.

Fb defines “relevance” as:

“The Pages which are the most likely to be related to your audiences based on affinity, Page size, and the number of people in your audience who already like that Page.”

And they define “affinity” as:

“How likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everybody on Fb.”

Time to behave like Sherlock Holmes once again.

Click through a load of pages, investigating and noting what these businesses are doing. Understand, swipe, and refine a few of their ideas to use for your business.

Facebook Audience Insights by Page Likes

However wait, there’s more. Use these Page Likes to refine your audience:

  • Make a list of the pages above (or simply take a screenshot)
  • Click on the Demographics tab
  • Type in a page name into the Interests field
  • View any modifications in your Demographics chart

See what pages’ names have an impact. Not all of them will. Use this to further narrow your target audience.

Use the Save and Save As (under the More menu) options to combine and match your settings. So you could see different outcomes for different (but related) audiences.

4. Discover location and language details

Learn where people live and what languages they speak for the stuff you sell.

  • Click on the Locations tab
  • Click through each of the sub-tabs

You will see details for Top CitesTop Countries, and Top Languages spoken for your audience.

For your local store, this may not be so fascinating. However, for your online business, this could tell you where to sell. And what languages to concentrate on.

Got Batman action figures to make, sell, and ship? Wondering what other countries might be?

  • Open a new instance of the Fb Audience Insights tool
  • Type “Batman action figures” into the Interests field
  • Click the Top Countries tab

You might need to be expected to see the U.S. at the top. However, you may be surprised by the other countries on the list.

Precise Ad Targeting

Discover the cities and languages, too, by clicking on those sub-tabs

5. Discover activities and device details

Learn how people behave on Fb, and the devices they do that with.

  • Click on the Activity tab
  • Observe Frequency of Activities pane to see how they interact with Fb pages
  • Note the same for the devices they use in the Device Users panel

Now that is fascinating. Notice the primary devices your different audiences use.

For your Batman action figures audience, Android is the device of choice for accessing Fb.

Device Users chart for people who are interested in Batman action figures on Facebook Audience Insights

…and for those local coffeehouse patrons, it’s the iPhone.

Precise Ad Targeting

Maybe you are thinking of a second business to sell iPhone cases to your customers? Here ya go.

6. Create an advert for your target audience

That’s a bit of work you did to grow your Fb audience insights custom audience. Good job.

Got over 1,000 people in this audience? If so, you are all set to make and run an advert for them.

Precise Ad Targeting

Advert Manager will populate the targeting fields based on your Audience Insights for precise Ad targeting. It’ll also track the performance of each advert campaign.

You may see overall conversions drop as you make more adverts. Don’t worry. As you show your advert to a smaller audience, your ROI could still climb. Because again, your purpose is to connect deeply with some people rather than vaguely with many.

Test and track to find your sweet spot. Developing KPIs will certainly assist you to achieve your social media goals.

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