How to Write The Best Instagram Bio

Last Updated on March 27th, 2019 at 10:04 am

Instagram is developing quicker than any other social network. It’s also got the evenest age breakdown. More than 200 million people visit an Instagram business profile daily.

Your Instagram profile makes the first impression of your brand and is the backbone of your Instagram presence. At the heart of your Instagram profile is your Instagram bio. It provides 150 characters of prime real estate to introduce yourself and show new visitors why they need to follow and engage with your brand.

How to write the best Instagram bio

Convey personality

Your Instagram bio is your introduction to your followers. A boring bio isn’t going to inspire people to click the follow button, even if you have got some good pictures in your feed.

Your images show followers what you do. Your bio is your chance to tell them who you’re. That is social media, after all—it’s necessary to be human.

Convey necessary quick-hit details about your account here, too. What’s your brand promise?

In case you are an individual entrepreneur, what are your particular skills?

Are you a local business?

Is your product ethically made?

Canadian Blood Services does a great job of displaying the importance of their work utilizing an authoritative, human, and appropriately serious brand voice.

Instagram bio

BarkShop’s bio is more casual, which is totally appropriate for their brand.

Bark Shop's Instagram bio

Imagine how weird it will sound if these two brands traded bio styles? However, each one works perfectly for the brand it represents. That’s why you must understand your unique brand voice and personality.

When you could, get a great copywriter involved. Ensure to follow the principles of great writing for social media.

Include hashtags

Including hashtags to your Instagram bio is a good way to link to tagged content. You can include a branded hashtag to promote and collect user-generated content.

Destination BC uses the hashtag #exploreBC to gather stunning user-generated pictures from around the province.

Destination BC Instagram bio

You can also add a themed hashtag that highlights a current promotion or contest.

Remember that Instagram bio hashtags are clickable, however, they don’t appear in hashtag search outcomes. Do not embrace hashtags that aren’t directly related to your business, because each one represents a chance for potential followers to click away.

Play with emoji

Emojis convey lots of info in just one character. They are an effective way to highlight your brand personality and provide key details in a small space.

Emojis are also a good way to break your Instagram bio up visually. In case you feel like most emojis are too cute for your brand, keep it easy, even if it’s just an easy checkmark.

The Netflix food shows account DontWatchHungry uses a string of emojis to ensure visitors know at a glance they have to reach a profile that’s all about food.

Don't Watch Hungry Instagram bio

Right here’s some emoji shorthand to get you began:

  • Ghost emoji: Use before your Snapchat handle
  • Location pin: Use in front of your physical location or address
  • Envelope: Use in front of your email address
  • Downward pointing finger: Use in the last line of your bio to point to your clickable URL
  • Flags: Could be a good way to indicate your home base, or to highlight your local brand accounts in different languages or nations.

Use spacing and line breaks

People do not tend to read info online. Instead, they scan for bite-sized chunks of info. Make that info simple to identify using line breaks.

Modern Tiny Living makes use of emojis as bullet points to show off key points about their firm that would not quite make sense written in paragraph form.

instagram bio

It’s very easy to set this up utilizing the Instagram web interface. Simply space your bio as you would like it to appear.

On mobile, your greatest bet is to make your bio with the spacing you want using a notes app. Then, copy and paste it into your bio discipline.

Write a compelling call to action

All good marketing materials include a clear and compelling call to action. Your Instagram bio isn’t an exception. Give visitors a clear direction. What’s the first thing you need people to do after they visit your profile?

You may want to send people to a lnk where they could purchase or book your products. However, you may have a different conversion goal in mind. Maybe you want people to Like your Facebook page or sign up for your newsletter.

Maybe you need them to visit your site. You can say, “Visit our site,” of course. However, you may also get more creative, as Victoria Emerson Design does with its call to action: Come see what you love.

Victoria Emerson Design Instagram bio

Ensure your call to action helps your Instagram marketing targets, and aligns with the clickable link in your bio.

In case your aim is to build an Instagram following, your call to action could be simply to ask visitors to follow your feed, or to share their pictures with a branded hashtag.

Instagram bio ideas

Still unsure what to say in your bio or the way to make it stand out? Listed here are some Instagram bio ideas and examples to get you began.

Funny Instagram bios

While it will not work for every brand, sometimes humor could be a good way to break the ice.

Old Spice uses humor that aligns with their well-known advert campaigns. “MUSCLES. SMELLS.” Yup, that’s Old Spice in a nutshell.

Old Spice Instagram bio

Totinos takes a different strategy, utilizing a humorous character in their bio. (We’ll admit we had to say “Pete Zaroll” out loud before we got the joke.)

Totinos Instagram bio

Creative Instagram bios

Once you really want to get creative with your Instagram bio, attempt one of those creative Instagram hacks for your bio.

Use custom fonts

Technically, you could only use one “font” in your Instagram bio. However, there are tools out there that may help you create the look of a custom font by mapping your text to existing particular characters.

Right here’s what my own Instagram bio looks like in a few different fonts, as created utilizing the tool Instagram Fonts.

Different fonts for Instagram bios

That third one is particularly bonkers, however, you may pick and select a few words to incorporate strategically for visual appeal.

It isn’t surprising to see this creative Instagram bio idea in use on an account that is all about typography.

The Daily Type Instagram bio with special font

As The Daily Type does, it’s a great idea to use this trick sparingly, rather than dressing your entire bio up in fancy fonts.

When you find a font style you like, just copy-and-paste it into your Instagram bio.

Add special characters

We have already talked about utilizing emojis. However, you may also go old-school and use particular textual content symbols to interrupt ★ up ★ your ★ bio. (Bear in mind Wingdings and Webdings? How very 1990s.)

This trick makes use of the identical precept because the tip above, however, instead of utilizing symbols to create the look of a custom font, you could use them as retro emojis or unique bullet points, as in the account for the travel bloggers at Wander in Two.

Wander In Two Instagram bio

The simplest method to find your particular character is to open a new Google Doc, then click on Insert and select Special characters.

You could scroll through the available choices, search by keyword, or even draw a shape to discover a similar character. Then, just copy and paste into your Instagram bio.

Special characters for Instagram bios

Use Instagram bio quotes

Quotes could be a good way to express an idea or make a feeling of connection with like-minded people.

You do not have to use a traditional quote that is attributed to a real person. You can use a saying, a line from a poem or song, or any phrase that will mean something to potential followers. Just ensure to provide credit where credit is due when you use someone else’s words.

Where you discover good Instagram bio quotes? The Quotations Page is an effective place to begin.

With these Instagram bio ideas in hand, you are ready to create a bio that showcases the best of your brand and compels guests to love, follow, and even purchase, all in 150 characters or less.

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