10 Ways for Making Impression With Instagram Bio

impression with Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is like your online introduction card, showing people who you are. Making it memorable is important for getting more followers. In this guide, we’ll share ten easy tips to help you create an Instagram bio that people remember. Whether you’re a business, a famous person, or just you, having a great bio can help you stand out on Instagram.

Let’s get started!

What is an Instagram Bio?

Your Instagram bio is the part under your profile picture that shows people what your account is about. It includes:

  • Your name
  • What your page is about
  • Your pronouns
  • A short description (150 characters)
  • Links to other places
  • Contact information

Instagram Bio

Since your bio is usually the first thing people see, it’s important. It tells them who you are and what you’re about right away.

What Makes a Good Instagram Bio?

Having a great Instagram bio can decide if someone follows you or not.

It’s brief, tells about you, and gives an idea of what you post.

Want to make a good one? Check out our tips below!

And if you need ideas, our Instagram Bio Captions library can help you out!

10 Ways for the Perfect Instagram Bio

#1: Keep It Short & Sweet

A good Instagram bio is short but interesting.

Avoid long sentences and too many emojis.

Use short, simple words that explain things quickly.

In other words, keep it simple — your posts will show who you are.

#2: Include Relevant Keywords

In case you missed it: having a good Instagram SEO plan helps you reach more people.

It’s not just about captions — your account name and bio are too.

Consider what words your followers might search for, and use them in your name.

Cristiano Ronaldo

This makes it simple to guide followers to different websites mentioned in your posts, your other social accounts, or product pages—whatever you need.

It’s a smooth experience for your audience, and you don’t have to keep changing the URL in your Instagram bio. It’s a win for everyone!

#4: Show Your Personality

Remember, your Instagram bio is about you or your brand.

Don’t hesitate to tell your story and show your personality.

Use this area to talk to your followers and show what you’re good at, where you’ve been, or a saying you like.

This helps people know what you’re all about right away.

#5: Include a Call-to-action

A great Instagram bio can make people do something like join a survey or listen to your new podcast.

That’s why you need a strong call-to-action (CTA).

Just make sure to be clear and tell people exactly what to do.

#6: Add Your Contact Info

You can add your email, phone number, and address without using extra characters.

For example, Fuzzy Lab, a rug tufting business and marketing community, shares contact information with its followers.

Fuzzy Lab

#7: Add Your Branded Hashtag

Here’s another tip for a great Instagram bio: clickable hashtags.

If you’re running an Instagram contest or a user-generated content campaign, adding a clickable branded hashtag to your bio can greatly boost engagement.

Now, the brand has a special area full of natural customer content they can like, share, and even reuse if they ask.

Note: Using a branded hashtag can help highlight and gather user-generated content (UGC), but putting hashtags in your Instagram bio won’t make your profile show up in hashtag searches.

#8: Use Emojis Sparingly


Adding some color or emojis to your Instagram bio can make it more fun, but don’t go too crazy.

Why? It might make it harder for people with visual impairments to read.

So, it’s better to keep it simple and short.

#9: Use Instagram Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights are great for sharing FAQs, highlights, and community features.

They can also make your Instagram bio more interesting and clickable.

Consider things like new product launches, booking details, and anything else that’s worth keeping around for 24 hours.

And if you want to make them look even better, you can make covers that match your brand for a consistent look.

#10: Update Your Bio Regularly 

A fresh Instagram bio tells people what’s happening with you right now.

But if your bio is old, it might give the wrong idea and make you lose followers.

So, if you haven’t updated your bio lately, it’s time to give it a makeover.


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