Instagram Comment Picker Tips That You Need To Know

Running giveaways on Instagram is a great way to get more likes, comments, and followers. An Instagram comment picker makes it easy and fair to choose a winner. In this guide, we’ll share simple tips on how to use these tools. Whether you’re new to giveaways or want to make them better, these tips will help you run successful and fair contests.

Ready to boost your Instagram engagement? Let’s dive in and learn how to use comment pickers the right way!

Why Use an Instagram Comment Picker?

Instagram Comment Picker

Using an Instagram comment picker is important for fair giveaways. This tool randomly picks winners, making sure everything is fair and transparent. This helps build trust with your followers. It also saves you a lot of time because it does the work for you, so you don’t have to go through all the comments yourself.

Giveaways are a great way to get more followers and increase engagement.

A comment picker makes it easy to manage these events. It helps you set the rules, track who enters, and choose winners smoothly.

When your followers see that the process is fair, they are more likely to join and interact with your posts.

In short, an Instagram comment picker makes giveaways easier and helps improve your brand’s reputation and engagement on the platform.

How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram: Essential Tips

Running a successful Instagram giveaway is simple if you follow these key steps:

Set a Clear Deadline

Create urgency to get more people to join quickly. Choose a deadline that’s short enough to keep excitement high but long enough for many to enter. A week-long giveaway is a good balance.

Make the Rules Simple and Clear

Keep entry rules easy to understand. Clearly state what people need to do, like follow your account, like the post, or tag friends in the comments. For example:

  • Follow our Instagram account.
  • Like this post.
  • Tag a friend (each tag is one entry). Simple rules mean more people will join.

Collaborate With Another Creator

Work with another influencer or brand to reach more people. Their followers will see the giveaway too, which can increase your visibility. Pick someone whose audience is similar to yours for the best results. This way, more people who might like your content will see your giveaway.

Announce the Giveaway Properly

Promote your giveaway well. Use eye-catching images and clear captions to get attention. Keep reminding your followers about the giveaway to keep them excited. Make sure everyone knows how to enter, what the prizes are, and when you’ll announce the winners. Good promotion makes sure everyone knows what to do.

By following these easy tips, you can run a successful Instagram giveaway that gets lots of engagement and new followers.

Choosing the Right Instagram Comment Picker

Choosing the right Instagram comment picker is important for a fair and successful giveaway. Look for a tool that is easy to use, reliable, and transparent. It should connect easily to your Instagram account and pick winners accurately based on your rules.

There are both free and paid tools available. Free tools are good if you don’t want to spend money, but they might have fewer features. Paid tools often have more options and better support. Pick the one that fits your needs and budget to make your giveaway run smoothly.

Recommended Instagram Comment Picker Tools

1. Wask


Wask is easy to use, even if you’re not good with technology. Just enter the URL of your giveaway post, and the website will pick a winner for you. It’s completely random and fair.

2. Viralyft


Viralyft is another free Instagram comment picker with a good reputation. It ensures that everyone has an equal chance of winning, which your followers will appreciate.

3. Wishpond


Wishpond is great for creators who need help choosing a winner. It offers several templates you can use. Just set the giveaway rules, and the app will do the rest.

Keeping It Fair

To make the process transparent, you can record the screen while the winner is being chosen. You can upload this video later or go live on Instagram to announce the winner. This way, everyone knows the selection was fair and random.

How To Use an Instagram Comment Picker

Running a giveaway on Instagram? Using a comment picker is an easy and fair way to choose a winner. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Choose a Reliable Comment Picker Tool

First, find a comment picker tool that fits your needs. Some popular options are Wask, Viralyft, and Wishpond. Make sure the tool is trustworthy and user-friendly.

2. Connect Your Instagram Account

Log in with your Instagram account on the tool. This lets the tool access your posts and comments.

3. Select the Giveaway Post

Pick the Instagram post you used for your giveaway. The tool will load all the comments from that post.

4. Set the Rules

If the tool allows, set any specific rules or filters. For example, you can exclude duplicate comments or filter by certain hashtags.

5. Pick the Winner

Click the button to pick a winner randomly. The tool will choose a comment at random, making the process fair.

6. Announce the Winner

Once a winner is selected, announce it on your Instagram page. You can post a screenshot of the winning comment or go live to share the news. Don’t forget to tag the winner and thank everyone who joined.

7. Ensure Transparency

To keep things transparent, consider recording your screen while picking the winner. Share this video with your followers to show that the process was fair and random.

Following these simple steps, you can easily use an Instagram comment picker to run a successful and fair giveaway. This ensures everyone has an equal chance to win and keeps your followers engaged and happy.

Final Thoughts

Using an Instagram comment picker makes your giveaways fair and easy. Pick a good tool, set clear rules, and be open about the process. This way, everyone has a fair chance to win, and your followers will trust you more. With these simple tips, you can run great giveaways that increase engagement and grow your audience. Happy picking!

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