Instagram hashtags: How to find and use the best hashtags (1/2)

Instagram hashtags: How to find and use the best hashtags

Elevate your Instagram game with the ultimate guide to hashtags! From boosting visibility to expanding your reach, hashtags are the key. Discover the art of finding and using the best hashtags to make your content stand out.

Whether you’re an influencer, business, or a passionate sharer, let’s dive in and transform your Instagram presence. Ready to unlock the power of hashtags? Let’s get started!


What are Instagram hashtags?

Instagram hashtags refer to words, phrases, or numbers preceded by the pound or hashtag symbol (#) within Instagram captions. This utilization of the symbol serves to categorize your content on Instagram, enhancing its discoverability within the application.

Here’s a sample Instagram caption incorporating hashtags:

A screenshot of an Instagram post with hashtags in the caption

It is possible to incorporate a maximum of 30 hashtags in a single Instagram post, although Instagram suggests adhering to a range of 3 to 5 hashtags.

How to use hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags serve various purposes that contribute to the expansion of your account and the effective organization of your content. Let’s explore some of the primary functions of Instagram hashtags.

Increase visibility on your posts

To begin with, as previously stated, hashtags play a pivotal role in enhancing the exposure of your posts. Beyond merely associating your posts with search terms you’ve employed, hashtags also contribute to powering the Instagram algorithm. This algorithm arranges posts in the feeds of other users, guided by their engagement with the hashtags integrated into your post.

Invite user-generated content

Utilizing Instagram hashtags also presents an excellent opportunity to encourage users to generate content that you can subsequently feature on your feeds. Showcasing a branded hashtag within your Instagram bio encourages followers to participate and simplifies the process of your team discovering user-generated content. Here’s a potential representation of this concept:

A screenshot of Cupshe's Instagram bio that includes several branded hashtags.

Categorize Instagram posts

Alternatively, you might opt to employ hashtags with more of an intrinsic objective, such as classifying your Instagram posts. Consider a scenario where a clothing store named The Closet employs hashtags to categorize its diverse products, like #TheClosetShoes, #TheClosetAccessories, or #TheClosetDresses.

5 Benefits of hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags should constitute a significant component of your Instagram marketing strategy, offering diverse applications and numerous advantages. Let’s delve into five key benefits that hashtags can yield.

1. Amplifies Exposure & Exploration

The primary rationale behind incorporating hashtags is to enhance exposure and encourage exploration. Clicking on an Instagram hashtag unveils a compilation of both top and latest posts tagged with the hashtag.

This feature enables users to delve into related content, rendering hashtags an effective tool for individuals interested in specific subjects to discover new accounts to follow. By utilizing relevant and appropriate hashtags aligned with your brand, your posts can be found by those searching for those specific hashtags.Moreover, your audience can employ branded hashtags to showcase their interactions with your products or services, thereby becoming brand advocates. Hashtags contribute to boosting overall brand awareness. Even clicking on a single post within the search results will lead to the discovery of similar posts.

2. Fosters Audience Engagement

Employing branded hashtags and encouraging their utilization introduces an additional dimension of engagement. Posts tagged with these hashtags are archived in search results, while tagged Story posts remain visible throughout the Story’s duration. Consider Instagram hashtags as an additional avenue to connect with and involve your customer base.

3. Analyzing Competitors

Ever wondered how much digital territory your competitors occupy within your market? Hashtags serve as a valuable tool for assessing your share of presence on social media. It’s likely that you and your competitors employ overlapping hashtags, especially when utilizing industry-specific and local tags. Through a comprehensive social media competitive analysis, you can evaluate the share of voice, sentiment, and engagement associated with these posts.In an optimal share of voice scenario, both your posts and those tagged by your customers dominate the majority of hashtag search results. Additionally, you can peruse posts featuring relevant hashtags to garner content inspiration and insights into areas where your brand might lag behind in comparison to competitor content.

4. Researching Content

Much like the approach you take for SEO keyword research, hashtags offer a means to explore diverse content concepts. Consider a situation where you aim to increase your influence within the #NaturalSkincare hashtag. This can be challenging given the vast pool of over 9.8 million posts utilizing the hashtag.An image displaying the Instagram search results for the hashtag #NaturalSkincare. However, by navigating to the Top tab on the search results page, you can glean insights from the most successful posts. Use this section as a wellspring of inspiration.What strategies prove effective for analogous brands? Are there specific trends in style or captions that are gaining traction? By delving into the details of top-performing posts, you might unearth additional hashtags that possess lower saturation but are equally pertinent to your audience, akin to secondary keywords in search optimization.A screenshot showing the Instagram results for the hashtag #NaturalSkincare.

5. Links digital and IRL campaigns

Venture into any contemporary retail establishment and you’re likely to encounter marketing campaigns accompanied by hashtags. Whether they encourage the utilization of a general brand hashtag or a campaign-specific one, hashtags provide a seamless means to link digital and real-world initiatives.

Top Instagram hashtags in 2023

When employing Instagram hashtags, a cardinal guideline to remember is to ensure their relevance to your business and the content you’re sharing. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in incorporating trending hashtags from your industry. To aid in this pursuit, here are some of the leading Instagram hashtags in 2023 across various industries.

Top 50 Instagram hashtags in 2023

  1. #love (2.1B)
  2. #instagood (1.6B)
  3. #instagram (1.1B)
  4. #art (1B)
  5. #photooftheday (1B)
  6. #photography (1B)
  7. #beautiful (823M)
  8. #picoftheday (720M)
  9. #happy (698M)
  10. #follow (695M)
  11. #instadaily (639M)
  12. #tbt (583M)
  13. #repost (557M)
  14. #summer (548M)
  15. #like4like (514M)
  16. #reels (509M)
  17. #instalike (502M)
  18. #photo (488M)
  19. #me (454M)
  20. #selfie (451M)
  21. #music (441M)
  22. #friends (438M)
  23. #life (436M)
  24. #smile (435M)
  25. #family (435M)
  26. #girl (426M)
  27. #trending (372M)
  28. #model (358M)
  29. #design (353M)
  30. #motivation (351M)
  31. #handmade (345M)
  32. #lifestyle (343M)
  33. #likeforlike (328M)
  34. #sunset (323M)
  35. #artist (316M)
  36. #dogsofinstagram (307M)
  37. #beach (294M)
  38. #amazing (287M)
  39. #drawing (286M)
  40. #nofilter (285M)
  41. #cat (282M)
  42. #instamood (279M)
  43. #igers (277M)
  44. #sun (270M)
  45. #sky (260M)
  46. #follow4follow (250M)
  47. #funny (236M)
  48. #l4l (221M)
  49. #followforfollow (212M)
  50. #tagsforlikes (191M)

Understanding the nuances of Instagram hashtags is key to enhancing your online presence. This guide’s insights on finding and utilizing relevant hashtags can greatly boost your engagement. Striking the right balance between popularity and specificity is crucial.

Stay tuned for the second part, where we’ll explore advanced tactics. Whether you’re an influencer, brand, or enthusiast, leveraging hashtags effectively will amplify your impact on Instagram’s platform.

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