Free Instagram Stories Highlights Icons for Your Business

Last Updated on September 18th, 2019 at 2:11 pm

Instagram Stories Highlights Icons

Instagram stories highlights icons are your Instagram business profile’s secret weapon.

With more than 200 million users visiting at least one brand profile every day, Instagram is more than just a social platform—it’s your brand’s digital storefront.

But similar to a messy store does not give the best first impression to your audience, a disorganized Instagram profile seems unprofessional and lazy.

In this post, we’ll discover how you could use icons for your Instagram stories highlights to make your Instagram profile look professional and showcase the best of your brand. As a thank you to our dedicated audience, we’ll additionally provide you with a designer pack of Instagram story highlight icons that will grow the look of your profile right away.

If only all renovations were this simple.

What are Instagram Story Highlight icons?

Instagram launched Stories Highlights in December 2017 to let customers such as you “hold on to your favorite moments from Instagram Stories and share them in methods that help you express yourself.”

Since then, brands have discovered many creative methods to share the best of their stories. One great way has been with using “covers” or “icons.”

You’ve probably noticed those visually-appealing icons popping up on the profiles of your favorite Instagram users—and for a great cause.

Brands and influencers such as Alexandra Grant of To Vogue or BustMonika Hibbs, and home and garden website Jungalow use covers for their Instagram Stories Highlights to showcase their brand and bring added worth to their followers.

free Instagram Stories Highlights Coversinstagram story highlight icons instagram story highlight icons

As you could see, utilizing covers with appropriate icons make these profiles simpler to navigate—and their content simpler to search out and engage with.

Why brands should use Instagram Stories Highlights

Increase the longevity of your content

Instagram Stories Highlights lets your business showcase your greatest Stories and post them permanently on your Instagram profile.

As you know “This function is super useful for brands because, not like self-destructing Story content, Stories Highlights could be saved, reposted, and measured for long-term performance.”

Which means that content like a question and answer session you do with your followers could live permanently on your profile as an FAQ, so you are not wasting time constantly explaining the identical issues over and over again.

Drive more traffic to your site

Since you could share unlimited links in your Stories with the “swipe up” function, Highlights allows you to drive more traffic to your site.

This allows you to direct your followers to external pages. Giving one use-case example, AdWeek explains, “Marketers could link to lead-generation types from their respective email marketing software and growth, your email listing is going off the roof.”

Whether you’re attempting to grow sales by linking to a product page or rising your email listing, Highlights can help you host these valuable links for as long as your business needs.

Establish a solid brand

By including covers or icons to your Instagram Stories Highlights, you show your followers that your business is dedicated to creating their experience as elevated as possible.

Clear and compelling covers and icons are an effective way to give followers to your profile a quick look at what they could expect from your brand. How do you want potential customers to see your brand—disorganized and cluttered, or sleek and thoughtful?

While other companies might have Instagram Stories Highlights icons if they don’t have clear types with related icons they’re not making it simple for the follower to navigate their content.

Having aesthetically-pleasing and related Instagram Story Highlight icons and covers will help set your brand apart from your competition—and positively affect your follower’s experience with your enterprise.

How to create your own Instagram Stories Highlight icons

Instagram Stories Highlights covers could simply be customized to reflect your brand and business needs with Canva, a desktop, and mobile graphic design software.

To make this even simpler for you, We have collected and given to you a free download of 30 professional icons and covers:

Click here to download 30 free Instagram Stories Highlights covers

Right here’s how to customize these icons and covers to for your brand.

1. Click on the Canva desktop version by going to the Canva website.

2. Below the ‘Create a design’ section, choose ‘Use custom dimensions.’

3. Enter 1080 as the worth in the first box, and 1920 as the worth in the second box. Be sure the worth is measured in ‘px’ and click the green ‘Design!’ button.

how to create instagram stories highlights covers

4. Now that you have your template prepared, open and add the icons we offered. Either drag and drop the .PNG file from the folder, or locate it manually.

how to create instagram stories highlights icons

5. To locate manually, click on the ‘Uploads’ icon on the left toolbar, then choose the grey icon labeled ‘Uploads’ and click on the green ‘Upload your own images’ button.

Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons for Your BusinessFree Instagram Stories Highlight Icons for Your Business

6. Locate the icons folder, choose the 1_icononly file and choose the icon you want to create the cover with. (Tip: The files could look blank, however, it’s because they’re transparent.)

Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

7. To add a background color or pattern of your selection, choose the ‘Bkground’ from the left toolbar. Select a color or pattern.

Free Instagram Story Highlight Icons

8. To create more covers (recommended), choose ‘+Add a new page’ button under your picture and repeat steps 4 via 7 until you have your desired number of covers.

9. You’re ready to download your new Instagram Stories Highlights icons! Click on the ‘Download’ button on the upper of the page and select the format you want (PNG or JPG file). Transfer them to your phone through your desired way.

Free Instagram Story Highlight Icons

10. After you have the covers saved on your phone, add them to your Instagram Story. It’s additionally a great time to ensure your Instagram Story archive is turned on.

11. Turn on your Instagram Story reach by going to your settings, choose ‘Story Settings’ and scrolling down to the ‘Save to Archive’ selection and switching it on.

Free Instagram Story Highlight Icons

12. Now that that’s prepared, add your highlights covers to your Instagram Story. For instructions on how to do that, see our post on how to use Instagram Stories.

13. After you get your covers up on your Instagram Story, click the ‘Highlight’ little heart icon in the bottom right corner.

Free Instagram StoryHighlight Icons

14. When you click ‘Highlight,’ you could either add the post to an existing Highlight or create a new one.

Free Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

15. Repeat until you’ve got all of your desired covers added.

16. To edit, add to, or remove a Highlight, click on ‘More’ ellipsis in the bottom right-hand corner of the image.

Free Instagram Stories Highlight icons

Now that you’ve uploaded all of your Instagram Stories Highlights icons, your profile is displaying off your greatest content and your brand—similar to @gloridays is doing below.

Free Instagram Stories Highlight icons

Through this article, we hope you have made your own perfect hightlight icons for your Instagram. At the same time, don’t forget to check our services to grow your Instagram channel better everyday!

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