More Instagram Stories Views? 5 Must-Try Strategies

Last Updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 9:44 am

Are you aiming to get more views for your Instagram Stories in 2023?

With a staggering half a billion viewers engaging with stories every day, directing your marketing efforts towards an effective Instagram Stories strategy can reap significant rewards.

In this blog post, we unveil our top five foolproof methods to supercharge engagement and ultimately amplify the views on your Stories

#1: Increase Engagement with a Sticker in Your Initial Story

To enhance the viewership of your stories rapidly, consider incorporating an engagement-driving sticker (such as a poll, emoji slider, or quiz) into your very first story:

Screenshot to show a poll on first story in a series

This will promptly stimulate engagement on your stories, providing a significant boost to the Instagram algorithm.

As your stories gather more clicks and interactions, Instagram will prioritize them, moving them to the forefront of the queue.

Hello, increased views! ?

#2: Add an Additional Story at Day’s End

Introducing a fresh story at hour 22-23, just before the expiration of the rest of our stories, significantly enhances their views.

Though the exact reason behind its success is not entirely clear, we assure you that it works.

Moreover, utilizing schedule apps simplifies the process of scheduling Instagram Stories at engagement-boosting times.

#3: Gain more Views with Exclusive Story Content

While an age-old marketing tactic, sharing exclusive content remains a proven method to increase your views, particularly when offering something valuable or intriguing to your community.

Brands can entice viewers with exclusive 24-hour discount codes, while creators can share personal stories, tutorials, or unique perspectives they’ve never revealed before.

Screenshot to show exclusive sale on Instagram Stories

Stories’ short-lived nature is a fantastic tool for creating buzz, especially when paired with a compelling feed post caption that encourages viewers to head to your stories for more information.

#4: Leverage Instagram’s Close Friends Feature

Unlock a powerful strategy to boost Instagram Stories views with this lesser-known trick.

When someone includes you in their Close Friends list, their stories appear closer to the front of your feed, adorned with a bright green border. Instagram prioritizes content from these “close connections.”

While adding all followers to the Close Friends list may not be practical, it’s an excellent way to share vital information with the most engaged members of your community. This could include brand ambassadors or loyal customers.

#5: Stay Consistent

Maintaining consistency is one of the most effective approaches to sustaining views on your Instagram Stories, driving sales, and enhancing engagement.

However, posting daily Instagram Stories can pose challenges, such as deciding what to post, finding time to create content, or even remembering to post regularly.

By pre-scheduling and storyboarding your content in bulk, you can ensure that you cover your content pillars, implement a strategic approach, and maintain consistent posting. And there you have it!

Whether your goal is to boost engagement or attract more views to your Instagram Stories, these five tips will keep your followers eagerly tapping for more.

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