Music and AI: 5 Game-Changing Tech Tools

Many creators are wondering what’s around the corner for AI in music production. Especially during the explosion of tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney. But the future is already here. In fact, dozens of powerful AI tools are currently available for musicians. It can seem daunting to find music AI apps with so much out there to try. In this article, I’ll break down the top choices to start using AI in your music production. Here are the best applications of AI in music tech, from DAW plugins to futuristic vocals, mastering, and more.

1. Grimes

Music and AI

Grimes is an artist known for her forward-thinking, futurist attitude. She has officially sanctioned a tool that allows anyone to create new music using a digital likeness of her voice.

The technology is based on AI techniques used for the artificial voices of Drake. Also with The Weeknd on the viral track “Heart on My Sleeve”. It embraces a positive stance toward AI-generated vocal likeness. builds on the pioneering work of Holly Herndon’s Holly+. This has contributed to the ongoing debate over impersonation via AI music tools. Especially where some artists are ready to embrace the positive side, while the discussion continues.

Grimes enables users to create music using a digital likeness of Grimes’ voice, embracing a positive stance toward AI-generated vocal likeness

2. Google Music LM

Large language models have emerged as one of the most prominent and talked-about technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. What’s fascinating is that the same techniques used in these models have also been extended to other domains, and now music.

Among these advancements, Google introduces Google Music LM. This is an experimental text-to-music generator developed within their AI Test Kitchen. This innovative tool allows users to create music by providing text prompts, much like generating an image in Midjourney or DALL-E. Although still in its nascent stages, the potential for Music LM is exhilarating, as it holds promise for future evolution alongside advancements in technology.

As the field of AI continues to progress, it is truly remarkable to witness the expansion of large language models into various creative domains, offering new avenues for artistic expression and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The ongoing development and refinement of tools like Google Music LM present exciting prospects for the future, as technology continues to advance and shape the realm of AI-generated music.

Google Music LM is an experimental text-to-music generator that shows promising potential as technology advances

3. Baby Audio TAIP

Although analog tape possesses enchanting attributes for music production, emulating it with VST plugins has proven to be challenging. Previous methods relied on signal processing techniques to approximate the response of analog components to sound.

In contrast, Baby Audio’s TAIP takes a novel approach by utilizing neural networks to precisely analyze the sonic qualities that define the tape machine’s distinctive sound.

By training the algorithm on a combination of dry and processed audio data, it can effectively discern and capture the precise sonic elements that contribute to the disparity.

Baby Audio’s TAIP utilizes neural networks to faithfully recreate the sonic qualities of analog tape machines

4. LALAL.AI Voice separation

Overcoming the challenge of separating vocals from a dense instrumental texture, LALAL’s AI music tool offers a groundbreaking solution with its proprietary technology, utilizing advanced AI techniques to achieve the cleanest separation of tracks into stems, making it a lifesaver for producers seeking vocal a capellas or instrumental versions without access to the original DAW sessions.

5. ChatGPT

Music and AI

ChatGPT remains one of the top AI tools for any creative endeavor, offering the ability to write lyrics, provide songwriting prompts, offer creative advice, and more. Even if you don’t directly incorporate its output into your music, you can rely on ChatGPT to answer your questions and provide valuable encouragement to help you overcome creative obstacles.

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