How to Choose the Best YouTube Channel Name?

Choosing the perfect name for your YouTube channel is crucial as it greatly influences the initial impression you make. When viewers stumble upon your content, your channel name plays a vital role in their decision to watch your videos or move on to other content. Consider the following guidelines to choose an ideal YouTube name that sets you up for success.

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There are essentially four types of YouTube channel names to consider:

  • Personal Name: Using your own name as the channel name.
  • Brand Name: Incorporating the name of your brand into the channel name.
  • Category Name: Use a name that represents the category or niche of your channel.
  • Descriptive Name: Choosing a name that describes the content of your channel.

There are not many strict rules when it comes to selecting a channel name. As long as you comply with YouTube’s community guidelines, you have the flexibility to include spaces in the name or exclude them. The name can be as long as 50 characters or even as short as a single letter.

Ultimately, the choice of your YouTube channel name is limited only by your own imagination.

To help you make the right choice, here are some steps to consider:

1. Define your channel

In any online endeavor, understanding your niche is crucial—even if your niche is nonexistent.

Cooking videos, unboxing content, or random 20-minute vlog rants? If you’re an expert, consider integrating your expertise into your channel name (e.g., The Punk Rock MBA or Honest Movie Trailers).

For a broad-scope channel, choose a neutral yet memorable name, like PewDiePie.

2. Identify your intended audience

In conjunction with the first point, it’s crucial to identify your target audience. There’s a significant distinction between naming something for a wide and diverse audience versus aiming for a specific and unique online community. This is akin to choosing between The Learning Academy, Learnii, or 4C4D3MY.

Knowing your audience lets you grasp their online communication style and preferences.

3. Explore your peers and rivals in-depth

Here’s the catch: YouTube doesn’t mind if multiple users have the same account names, as long as their URLs are different. That’s why your friend James can have a YouTube channel simply named “James.” However, just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should.

While you aim for the perfect name, it’s important to steer clear of brand confusion. After all, you wouldn’t want to be just another account named “Da Gamer Guy.”

4. Attempt to be unique

If you can create a captivating and original username that nobody has ever conceived before, it could be the ideal choice. It doesn’t necessarily have to align with your organization’s niche. Just remember, nobody used the word “Google” before the brand was introduced.

example of choose the best YouTube name: success:the punk rock MBA DIY or Die custom logo

5. Gather your social media handles

One of the advantages of having an incredibly unique name is that you can secure the same identity across all platforms. Maintaining consistency across social media builds a strong foundation for your brand. While it’s not a dealbreaker, if you can find a name that is available on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, it’s an excellent choice for YouTube too.

6. Consider capitalization

You might not have realized it, but YouTube names are case-sensitive, which plays a significant role in the accessibility and memorability of your channel. If you choose not to include spaces in your channel name, there’s a noticeable difference between “FarToHome” and “Fartohome.” Pay attention to capitalization and use it wisely.

7. Sound it out

Since video is a more complex medium involving spoken words, it’s essential to select a channel name that sounds as good as it looks. Remember that you’re likely to say your channel name out loud, so choose something pleasing to the ear. And be aware that many people have an aversion to certain words, such as “moist.”

8. Put it on paper

While your YouTube name is important, it doesn’t have to encapsulate your entire purpose within 50 characters. Finding the right name may involve some trial and error. One effective method is to put away your electronic devices and grab a pen and paper. Create a list of words associated with your content and another list of verbs that define your channel’s goal. Then, experiment with different combinations from both lists. You can even cut out the words and move them around, making it a creative activity.

9. Keep it simple

This is timeless advice. Your YouTube channel name should be easy to explain, spell, and remember. Aim for a handle that can be easily shared through word of mouth without confusion. Consider avoiding words like “Favorite” that may have different spellings in various English-speaking countries. This way, you’ll have the most effective marketing strategy.

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