Must-Watch Social Media Platforms in 2024

When you check out the App Store and search for “social media,” you’ll find a multitude of apps. However, with the expanding landscape of social platforms, which ones are truly going to make a difference for marketers in 2023? Our Must-Watch Social Media Platforms report, based on insights from a survey of over 1,000 social media marketers, reveals the platforms they plan to leverage this year. Explore the data below and listen to what they have to say.

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Social Media Trends in 2024

The top trends in social media for 2023 revolve around short-form video and live streaming. Short-form video reigns as the most used format by social media marketers, delivering the highest ROI.

It’s no surprise that platforms like TikTok continue to gain popularity. TikTok and Instagram empower creators with content control, special effects, and diverse traffic channels.

Keeping up with what fellow marketers are doing and embracing early social media trends provides a competitive edge. Rather than waiting to see how a format performs, being proactive can put you ahead.

To keep you at the forefront of social media, we’ve curated a list of essential platforms and features gaining traction this year, with increased usage and expanding user bases.

Must-Watch Social Media Platforms in 2024 for Marketers

Social media platform preferences among U.S. social media marketers evolved from 2021 to 2022. Notably, Instagram saw a 35% YoY increase, TikTok experienced a 15% YoY surge, and Facebook had a 12% YoY rise in usage.

Must-Watch Social Media Platforms

1. Instagram

Instagram tops the list as the platform poised for the most significant growth in 2023. It is hailed for its precise algorithm and potential for audience expansion.

Moreover, Instagram attracts first-time users. As 36% of social media marketers who haven’t used it plan to explore it in 2023.

The increased emphasis on Instagram aligns with the social selling trend, as marketers acknowledge its superior ROI for direct product sales within the app, alongside consumer acclaim for its exceptional in-app shopping experience.

2. TikTok

Short-form video rules the charts as one of the most beloved, high-return, and best ROI trends. As a hub for short videos, TikTok’s YoY usage spike isn’t surprising. Marketers affirm that TikTok ranks second in its potential to expand audiences in 2023.

TikTok stands out as a prime platform for connecting with Gen Z. Our consumer survey reveals that a whopping 62% of this generation uses TikTok, spending more time here than on any other platform.

3. Facebook

With significant growth in Facebook usage throughout 2022, it’s a platform to keep a close eye on in 2023. Especially since the leading trend for 2023 revolves around investing in social media communities, where Facebook excels.

4. Live Audio Platforms

Live audio chat rooms are surging in popularity in 2023, with 23% of marketers planning to jump on board for the first time. Among all social media marketers, Facebook Live Audio takes the lead (with 12% adoption).

For those already embracing live audio, Facebook Live Audio remains the top choice, followed by Twitter Spaces.

This trend aligns perfectly with Gen Z’s preferences, as 80% of this demographic, gradually becoming key consumers, relishes audio content for its expression of individuality and exploration of diverse facets of personality.

New Must-Watch Social Media Platforms

In the ever-evolving world of social media, fresh platforms continuously emerge, offering novel ideas and opportunities for users and marketers alike. Here are some exciting newcomers to keep a close watch on.


Meta introduced Threads in July 2023, making it one of the freshest additions to the social media landscape. Its launch coincided with the transformation Twitter (now X) underwent after Elon Musk’s takeover in 2022. This is the best new must-watch social platform of 2024.

Threads rapidly gained popularity, thanks to its seamless integration with Instagram, amassing 100 million active users in just 10 days.

Users can easily migrate their Instagram profiles and followers to Threads, simplifying the transition to the new app. Furthermore, they can incorporate Thread posts into their Instagram Stories and profile bios, sparking greater interest in the platform.


Owned by ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, Lemon8 is a recent addition to the social media scene. Initially introduced in Japan in 2020, it expanded its reach to the U.S. and UK in February 2023.

Often likened to a fusion of Pinterest and Instagram, Lemon8 serves as a photo-sharing platform where users can share and explore curated lifestyle content. Popular categories on the app encompass fashion, beauty, health, and wellness.


Substack is an online platform that empowers writers, journalists, and content creators to publish and monetize their content through subscription-based newsletters. It offers a user-friendly interface for creators to craft and distribute their content directly to subscribers.

Substack also provides tools for subscription management, payment collection, and reader engagement. The platform has gained traction as an avenue for independent writers to generate income and cultivate a dedicated audience, sidestepping traditional media outlets and advertising.


In a world inundated with materialism and shallowness on social media, BeReal offers a refreshing space for users to, well, be themselves.

This photo-sharing app shakes things up by sending random daily notifications, urging users to capture genuine moments of themselves and their surroundings, no filters or time for staging insincere photos allowed. BeReal encourages authentic glimpses into daily life.


Amidst the myriad of social media and communication channels, promoting a party can be a daunting task. That’s where Partiful steps in. This new social media platform simplifies event planning and guest communication.

Partiful lets you create event pages and invite guests with shareable links. Hosts can craft questionnaires, send event reminders, and handle payments via Venmo or Cashapp.

Guests who RSVP can opt to receive event updates via text and view the guest list. They can also share party photos on the event page and connect with fellow attendees they met at the gathering.

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