Running a Social Media Takeover Now, Why not?

Last Updated on December 14th, 2019 at 10:35 am

social media takeover

Ever think about running a social media takeover?

A social media takeover is once you grant posting privileges to a person of interest, such as an influencer, expert, or professional. While takeovers are most prevalent on Instagram and Snapchat, they could be hosted on any social platform.

This guide will cover how your brand could take advantage of a social media takeover. Please check it out…

Why run a social media takeover?

There are lots of reasons to host a social media takeover. They could help you improve awareness of your brand, open up new audiences, engage your current fans, and more.

Increase exposure

Social algorithms change often, however, a general rule is the more engagement your post receives, the more likely it’ll be seen by others. Whether you tap a macro-influencer with a big audience or a micro-influencer with a dedicated base, increased exposure could bring your account more engagement, sales, and followers.

Ethical fashion brand Everlane teamed up with Teen Vogue beauty editor and stylist Michelle Li for her expert suggestion on how to style their threads.

Gain new followers

One of the primary advantages of increased exposure is new followers.

If you could find a takeover host that speaks to your target demographic, chances are higher they will be excited about listening to more from your brand. However, takeovers could also be an effective method to move into new markets.

Opening a shop in a new city? Launching a menswear line? Discover a host that holds sway in your new target market and may introduce you to new prospective followers.

To announce its offering of free worldwide shipping on orders, Reformation tapped British influencer Lucy Williams takeover its Instagram Stories and model their pieces round London.

Reformation Instagram takeover

Build brand affinity

Takeover hosts could have a halo impact for your brand. If an influencer is trusted by their fans, their vote of confidence could go a long way for your brand’s credibility.

However, do not think of takeovers as strict endorsements. Takeover hosts could show a more personal or ethical side to your brand.

When you would like to promote your sustainable practices, for instance, get a host who’s a well-known advocate for the environment. Wish to prove that your products could be worn by people of all ages and body types? Discover takeover hosts with different ages and body types.

For its Twitter takeover, Mastercard asked its summer interns what they’re passionate about. The campaign was capable of promoting the brand’s #pricelesssummer campaign while sharing a more personal side as well.

Share different perspectives

Unique points of view could resonate with different followers. Social media managers should always work to include and account for diverse perspectives, and takeovers could help to fill in gaps or lift certain voices.

Do a social media audit and see in case your content actually reflects your audience, customers, or employees. If it does not, think about a social media takeover as a method to introduce new faces, ideas, and experiences.

The Washington’s Post travel brand By The Way sourced 50 local reporters and authors from destinations all over the world to takeover its Instagram Stories. Going local in the travel context lends authenticity as well as diversity.

By the Way Instagram StoryBy the Way Instagram Story

Kanchan Koya’s perspective as a molecular biologist/mom spiced up her @BuzzfeedTasty takeover with ideas that only she can offer.

Buzzfeed Tasty social media takeover

Make the most of special events

Whether you are launching a new campaign or sponsoring an event, a takeover could help your brand seize the moment on social media. And particular occasions normally lead to entertaining content that your brand and takeover host could get inventive with.

If it’s a high-profile event, make sure you use related hashtags that will assist you to nab extra exposure.

Additionally, keep an eye on social media holidays. When you make cat products and you plan to host a takeover from a pet influencer, #InternationalCatDay may be day for it.

Red Bull and Red Bull Photography teamed up during its #RedBowlRippers event with a takeover from photographer Teddy Morellec. In addition to its own rippin’ event, the takeover gained exposure with the #WorldPhotographyDay hashtag.

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