Spotify Saves VS Spotify Followers Battle: Which Is More Important?

Spotify Saves VS Spotify Followers

If you’re an artist trying to make your mark on Spotify, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to get noticed. Two key metrics often come up: Spotify Saves and Spotify Followers. But which one is more important? Are followers, who boost your visibility and chances of going viral, the key to success? Or are saves, showing that listeners truly love and want to keep your music, more valuable?

In this article, we’ll dive into the Spotify Saves vs. Spotify Followers debate. We’ll explain what each metric means, how they impact your music career, and how you can use both to your advantage. Whether you’re a new artist looking to make a splash or a seasoned pro, understanding these metrics can help you improve your Spotify strategy and take your music to the next level. Let’s explore which one is more crucial for your musical journey.

What You Should Know About Spotify Saves?

What Exactly Are Spotify Saves?

One of the key ways to generate streams on Spotify is through Saves.

Saves represent how often listeners have saved your music on Spotify, which can occur in two distinct ways:

1. Listeners tap the + or ❤ to save your tracks to their library and favorites. This action adds the song to their Spotify library and to their liked songs playlist.

2. Listeners add your tracks to their own playlists. In today’s world, many people primarily listen to music through playlists, whether they’re working out, preparing dinner, or commuting.

Spotify has recently increased the importance of playlist additions. Previously, to save a song, users clicked the heart button, and adding a song to a playlist involved navigating through a menu. Now, the ‘plus button’ has streamlined the process, replacing both the heart and the playlist addition functionalities.

Initially, clicking the plus button saves the track; pressing it again prompts you to choose a playlist to add the song.

How to See Spotify Saves Analytics?

To check how many Saves your recent Spotify releases have gathered, follow these instructions:

1. Log into your Spotify for Artists account, either on a mobile device or through a desktop browser.
2. Click on the Music tab.
3. Select the specific track or album for which you want to see the Saves count.

Spotify Saves Analytics pic 1

The Save Rate, or Saves to Listeners Ratio, measures the proportion of users who save a song compared to those who have listened to it.

For instance, if 300 people save a song that 1,000 people have listened to, your Save Rate would be 30%.

This metric is crucial for Spotify when assessing a song’s performance.

A high Save Rate enhances the likelihood of your song being chosen by Spotify’s Editorial team.

Why Is Spotify Saves Important?

  • Demonstrates Genuine Interest: When someone saves your song, it signals a deep engagement with your music. More than just a casual listen, a save indicates a listener’s intent to revisit your song repeatedly. It’s a strong endorsement of your artistry. Furthermore, many people integrate their ‘liked songs’ playlists and their personal playlists into their daily lives, ensuring repeated exposure to your track.
  • Enhances Algorithmic Recommendations: Saves significantly influence Spotify’s recommendation algorithms. The more saves a song accumulates, the more likely it is to appear in algorithm-driven playlists like Discover Weekly or Release Radar. Moreover, when listeners play your music from their library or personal playlists, it is categorized under ‘listeners own playlists and library’ in Spotify for Artists, potentially boosting your song’s visibility and attracting new listeners organically.
  • Impacts Playlist Curation: Playlist curators often consider save rates when selecting tracks. A high save rate enhances the appeal of your song to these curators, increasing the chances of it being included in influential playlists, which can extend your music’s reach to a wider audience.

What You Should Know About Spotify Followers?

What Exactly Are Spotify Followers?

Spotify followers are users who subscribe to your profile on the platform, enabling them to stay updated with your new music releases, playlists, and profile updates. In other words, followers are dedicated Spotify users who appreciate your sound enough to keep abreast of your latest releases. They represent your core fanbase, the individuals most inclined to attend your shows, purchase your merchandise, and actively promote your music.

Having followers on Spotify can significantly enhance your visibility and engagement. When someone follows you, they are more likely to stream your music, with statistics showing that followers are three times more likely to stream your songs over the next six months.

When listeners find and enjoy your music through Spotify’s various features like personalized playlists (e.g., Discover Weekly, Release Radar) and algorithmic recommendations, they might choose to follow your profile to stay updated with your new releases​. Followers are more likely to stream your music regularly, as they are notified of your new releases and updates through their personalized playlists and the What’s New feed.

How to See Spotify Followers Analytics?

spotify followers analytics

To locate your Spotify Artist Followers count, scroll down to the bottom of your Artist Profile and access the About section. Expand this section to view your Follower count.

Alternatively, you can log in to your Spotify for Artists account. Upon logging in, you’ll be directed to the Home tab, where you can find an overview of your content performance, including your follower count.

Why Is Spotify Followers Important?

Spotify Followers serve as more than just a superficial metric—they function as a vital distribution channel for your music.

Followers are listeners who have chosen to follow or ❤ your artist profile.

By following you, they receive your new releases in their Release Radar playlist and personalized new release emails, which can lead to immediate plays and saves. This early engagement can help your music gain momentum and attract new listeners.

Additionally, they stay informed about your upcoming concerts through concert recommendation emails, the home screen of their Spotify app, and the concerts page which highlights upcoming events in their area.

Increasing your followers and maintaining a strong “saves-to-listeners” ratio improves your chances of being featured in Spotify’s Algorithmic Playlists.

This, in turn, leads to higher stream counts and attracts more new followers over time, as your music is naturally surfaced to a broader audience for discovery.

Is Spotify Saves More Important than Spotify Followers?

Both Spotify Saves and Spotify Followers are equally important for artists looking to enhance their presence on Spotify. Saves indicate deep listener engagement and can boost your visibility in Spotify’s recommendation algorithms, while followers ensure a steady stream of immediate engagement for new releases and help build a loyal fan base.

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Final thoughts

In the battle between Spotify Saves and Spotify Followers, it’s clear that both metrics play crucial roles in an artist’s success on the platform. To truly maximize your impact on Spotify, it’s important to focus on both metrics, leveraging their unique benefits to create a balanced and effective strategy. By understanding and utilizing the power of both saves and followers, you can take your Spotify presence to the next level and connect with a broader audience.

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