Spotify Wrapped: How Many Hours You’ve Spent Listening to Spotify

Greetings to “Spotify Wrapped: How Many Hours You’ve Spent Listening to Spotify.” Have you ever been curious about the total time you’ve spent enjoying music on Spotify? Well, now you can uncover that information! In this guide, we’ll look closer at your Spotify listening habits and reveal the exact number of hours you’ve devoted to your music playlists. Prepare to embark on a journey through your musical history and discover the time you’ve dedicated to grooving along to your favorite tunes.

Let’s begin our exploration and reveal the hours you’ve invested in experiencing the sounds that have accompanied you on your musical adventures!

How To Know How Many Minutes Have I Listened To Spotify?

Using Official Spotify Account data

Spotify has made it simple for everyone to get their data from the platform. You can use the Spotify Download Your Data Tool to access your information. Let’s learn how to do it:

Using Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a report that comes out every December. Spotify fans look forward to it because it shows what they’ve been listening to from January to November.

You can check your average listening time by visiting when Spotify Wrapped is released in December.

How Does Spotify Wrapped Work?

How Does Spotify Wrapped Work?

A Reddit user shared how Spotify tracks your music listening. If you listen to a song for over 30 seconds, Spotify counts it for rankings. The most played songs are those listened to most often, not for the longest duration.

Your total listening time on Spotify also includes podcasts. So, if you fall asleep while listening to Saving Grace, those minutes are included. The artists you like the most are chosen based on how many times you listen to their songs, not on how long you listen to them.

Using Third-Party Platforms Know How Many Minutes You Have Listened To Spotify

Some third-party apps can help you track your Spotify listening time regularly. You can download these apps and use their special feature to see your Spotify usage. Let’s find out more:

Spotify Stats

Spotify Stats is another app that checks your Spotify data every day. It makes a picture report to show how you listen to music. You can see your daily charts and compare them to yesterday’s. Follow these steps based on how you listen to music:

1. Go to the website:

Stats for Spotify

2. Click on Login with Spotify.

Stats for Spotify

3. Next, check out the tracks you’ve been listening to on Spotify.


Obscurify works with Spotify using Spotify’s Web API. It checks what you listen to, and your favorite types of music, and suggests songs you might like. Now, let’s see how you can use Obscurify to get Spotify data:

  • Go to the website of Obscurify.


  • Sign in using your Spotify account.
  • Read the rules for Obscurify.
  • Then, click “Agree.”
  • Now, you can check out your Spotify stats.


Now, it’s easy to see your Spotify profile with Chosic. This tool looks at your Spotify account and shows you a picture of your listening stats. Let’s see how to begin on Chosic:


  • Sign in using your Spotify account.


  • Choose the timeframe you want.
  • Then, check out your Spotify profile analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to know the listening minutes on Spotify?

Knowing how much time you spend listening to your favorite music and podcasts on Spotify is important. Finding out your listening minutes on Spotify can be interesting.

How do I view the in-built Spotify stats?

You can check your Spotify stats each year with Spotify Wrapped. But if you want to save the data, you can ask for it. It takes about a month to process the data.

Wrapped Up

Now you know how to see your listening minutes on Spotify. Didn’t you find those ways interesting? No worries! There’s more to explore. Dive deeper into Spotify insights and compare your past activities with the latest ones.

Whether it’s discovering new favorite songs or tracking your listening habits over time, Spotify offers a wealth of insights to uncover. Please share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your Spotify journey.



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