Easy Way to Report Scammers on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace – the company’s online shopping platform, boasts over one billion users. It’s a popular spot for buying and selling goods. However, beware of scammers who take advantage of its popularity. If you encounter such scams, follow these steps to report fake buyers or sellers on Facebook Marketplace. Scammers lurk on Facebook Marketplace. Be cautious before making purchases or selling items to strangers. Before diving into tips for avoiding scams, let’s learn how to report scammers on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Report a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace

Report Scammers on Facebook Marketplace

First, to report scammers on Facebook Marketplace, you must start with a buyer. When you list something on the Marketplace, you might get offers from buyers. You can chat directly with them on Messenger to arrange details. If a buyer doesn’t follow through or tries to scam you, follow these steps to report them.

Step 1:

Open Facebook Messenger and go to Marketplace.

Step 2:

Choose the conversation with the buyer. Tap their name at the top.

Step 3:

Scroll down and tap Report.

Step 4:

Pick a reason to report the buyer:

  • Low offer
  • No show
  • Stopped responding
  • Scam
  • Bullying or harassment
  • Choose the reason and tap Submit report.

You can mute or block the person too.

Also, contact local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission. Sometimes, a buyer may use a stolen credit card for payment, which could cause trouble for you later. Use secure payment methods like PayPal or Facebook Checkout.

Sometimes, buyers may send fake checks or overpay via PayPal. They’ll ask you to refund the excess, but the initial payment will vanish. Be cautious when selling on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

Report scammers on Facebook Marketplace must have two sides, so we go with a seller this time. Reporting a seller follows similar steps as mentioned earlier. Let’s walk through them quickly. We’ll use the Facebook Marketplace web app for this example.

Step 1:

Go to Facebook and click on Messenger at the top.

Step 2:

Navigate to Marketplace.

Step 3:

Choose a conversation and click on the seller’s name.

Step 4:

Click Report. Pick a reason:

  • Item already sold
  • Incorrect price or description
  • No show
  • Stopped responding
  • Scam
  • Item not received
  • Bullying or harassment

Step 5:

Select a reason and tap “Submit report” on the next screen.

What Happens When You Report Scammers on Facebook Marketplace

When you report someone on Facebook Marketplace, they check your claim and might ask for more details. Your reports stay private, and Facebook won’t tell the scammer you reported them.

You might even get a refund if you used Facebook’s payment system for the purchase.

It’s vital to be careful with questionable buyers on Facebook Marketplace. Here are tips to spot and avoid scams:

  • Avoid profiles without a picture. Check their profile before contacting them. A new account with no posts is suspicious.
  • Use Facebook Messenger for chats.
  • Stick to approved payment methods. Avoid gift cards, they can’t be tracked.
  • Meet during daylight in public places.
  • Set up bank fraud alerts.
  • Decline overpayments immediately.
  • Don’t pay until you get a shipping number.
  • Inspect items closely before buying.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Make the Most of Facebook Marketplace

Avoiding scams is crucial when using Facebook Marketplace. Keep these tips in mind for safer transactions. Report suspicious listings or buyers to Facebook to keep the platform safe.

Have you fallen victim to a Facebook scam?

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