Instagram Update: Instagram has just announced the return of the much-requested chronological feed and a shiny new feed experience called Favorites.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, explained why the company is making the move today:

“We want you to be able to shape Instagram into the best possible experience, and giving you ways to quickly see what you’re most interested in is an important step in that direction.”

So, let’s learn more about this new Instagram feature now!

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Reel’s fans rejoice!

No longer just an engagement product for Instagram, Reels have officially been launched globally on Facebook.

Plus, editing tools like Remix (originally just on Instagram) have been added, with extra to follow.

Meta is doubling down on Reels and for good purpose – the rising popularity of short-form video content material just can’t be matched.

We’re setting about how you can make Facebook Reels your ticket to success.

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Chatbots are such a strong marketing tool for brands and businesses. Read this guide for how to use chatbots for social media marketing.

Not to be confused with robots, chatbots give a great way for brands to engage with users 24/7 ​​– even when your team’s technically off the clock.

By including chatbot systems in your social media channels, you can streamline communication and save time!

Whether you’re trying to resolve a customer issue, give information, or just want to understand your audience, a chatbot can both drive sales and improve brand awareness.

Let’s jump into how to use chatbots for marketing on social media!

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Recent estimates present influencer marketing set to become a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022, based on Business Insider. It ought to come as no surprise, then, that 63% of marketers plan to extend their influencer marketing budgets in 2021. As the popularity, demand, and marketing spend enhance for influencer marketing. It is essential to pay attention to those influencer marketing trends and advert on the right things. Continue reading →