Social Media Icks – Don’t Fall For This!

Last Updated on October 9th, 2023 at 9:41 am

Frequently employed in a playful or lighthearted manner, an ‘ick’ is a sensation of discomfort or aversion toward something or someone. For those in the realm of social media, there exists an extensive catalog of social media icks—ranging from unrealistic job expectations to the dreaded in-caption URL.

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7 Social Media No-Nos to Avoid

Social Media Icks

As per social media managers, these seven ‘icks’ are the actions that brands (and fellow marketers) should steer clear of on social media — right away.

  1. Links in Instagram Captions
  2. QR Codes on Social Graphics
  3. Not Using Camel Case for Hashtags
  4. Liking Your Own Posts
  5. TikTok Watermarks on Reels
  6. Buying Fake Followers
  7. Unrealistic Job Expectations

#1: Links in Instagram Caption

The top-voted ‘ick’ from our audience? Instagram caption links, by a wide margin. Why? They’re non-clickable and visually unattractive.

Moreover, copying and pasting a caption is impossible — making the chances of remembering a lengthy URL and manually typing it out quite low.

#2: QR Codes on Social Graphics

Similar to including links in Instagram captions, placing QR codes on social graphics isn’t the best move.

Unless you have someone nearby willing to scan, social media managers strongly advise against it.

It not only leads to a dead-end CTA but also suggests you could invest your time more wisely, such as utilizing the link sticker in your Instagram Stories for more effective traffic-driving content.

#3: Not Using Camel Case for Hashtags

Hashtags play a crucial role in social media discovery, but improper usage is a common yet impactful mistake.

Adopting #CamelCase (capitalizing each word in your hashtag) enhances accessibility for those with visual impairments or blindness, reaching an audience of over 7 million people. It’s a win-win.

#4: Liking Your Own Posts

No, we’re not referring to liking a company post from your personal account — we’ve been guilty of that too.

But liking a post directly from the company account can come off as off-putting and unprofessional.

Our suggestion?

Channel that energy into crafting posts that prompt engagement, whether through keyword optimization or sharing compelling content.

#5: TikTok Watermarks on Reels

We appreciate a good crosspost, but a lingering TikTok watermark on Reels can affect your feed post ranking on Instagram. Fear not, though; you can easily remove TikTok watermarks for seamless reposts.

#6: Buying Fake Followers

Spoiler: Social media managers can spot purchased Instagram followers. If your comments are filled with emoji strings and seemingly spam, it signals to others (and the platform) that your account is dubious.

The consequence? Compromised integrity, hindered growth, and potential expulsion from the platform.

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#7: Unrealistic Job Expectations

PSA: Social media managers aren’t interns, “ninjas,” “gurus,” or “wizards.” They’re strategists and specialists, deserving realistic job descriptions that acknowledge their multifaceted roles for typically modest pay.

Our advice? Employers forming a social team should understand the actual responsibilities of social media managers and invest adequately in their online strategy.

In conclusion: Social media “icks” persist, but understanding how to address them empowers you to fortify your social media practices, establish a robust online brand, and ensure the contentment of social media managers everywhere.


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