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tips to help finish your track

Making music is a tricky process. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie artist, you’ll inevitably encounter some obstacles. It’s natural, even if it’s unpleasant while it’s happening. You may be seeking some quick suggestions to help you get back on track. To get the most of your workflow, this article will provide you with the top 12 most valuable and basic tips to help finish your track. Let’s get started!

1. Know your DAW

Spending some time adapting to your DAW may seem simple, but it’s worthwhile.

12 tips to help finish your track: what is daw

Once you are familiar with its fundamental operations, you’ll be able to work more quickly and confidently.

There is nothing more frustrating than being stopped in your tracks while trying to figure out a basic function as your original ideas are fading away.

What’s the solution? Every time you use your DAW, spend a few minutes learning something new. Try to improve your skills all the time!

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2. Breaks are important

Take frequent breaks to rest your ears.

You’ll have trouble making decisions on important matters like mixing or editing audio once ear fatigue sets in.

Avoiding it entirely is the best solution. Make sure to take short breaks during long sessions to allow your ears to rest. Headphones are the biggest problem, so be aware of wearing them for so long. Don’t strain your ears—they’re the only pair you have—and keep the volume down.

3. Focus on finishing

The frustration of not being able to complete a track is a typical problem for producers.

You can be having this problem as well if you have many ideas but few finished songs. 

It’s important to focus on your goal. Try your best to concentrate more on the big picture than on obsessive details. After all, the goal is completion—not perfection! This is one of the most useful tips to help you finish your track.

4. Always learn new things

You should constantly be searching for new approaches to grow yourself as a producer.

Even if you already know the fundamentals, it’s still critical to maintain learning in order to keep your knowledge updated. 

There are many sources to look for inspiration and techniques. In the end, a sharp curiosity is a treasure.

5. Change it up

Another frequent concern is getting stuck in a rut, especially among producers who specialize in a single genre.

Do everything you can to spice up your workflow if you feel that you are just going through the motions.

That means experimenting with a different genre, technique, or even instrument! Mix it up a little bit, like transpose the song and change the key. Don’t be afraid; there are countless ways to jazz up your production process.

6. Consistent is the key

The top producers are recognized for their unique sounds.

In any industry, consistency and the capacity for reproducing results are valued, and music production is no exception!

Don’t be hesitant to utilize presets, samples, or techniques that you know will work.

Your go-to techniques will eventually come to define your distinctive producer palette.

7. Avoid overcomplicating things

The simplest option is usually the best one in music production.

If using loops, samples, pitch correction, or other time-saving techniques keeps you focused and moves the project forward, don’t be hesitant to use them.

Even when you agonize over something in the studio, your listeners may not always be able to tell that you did it “the hard way.”

8. Don’t cut corners

The opposite of the previous advice is that sometimes putting in more effort does result in better outcomes. Some tasks, such as audio editing, reward small ad details.

Make sure you are aware of the situations in which investing time is worthwhile.

9. Focus on your capabilities

It’s frequent to feel frustrated with what you could do, in the case when you only have limited gears in hand. With such an attitude, you are unable to move forward.

12 tips to help finish your track: focus on your capabilities

Try to discover new possibilities to use the resources you already have.

The best producers are experts in their equipment. Even the weakest points in their studio can be squeezed as materials to provide the best results.

10. Have a plan

What do you hope to achieve during this session? Why did you select that plugin? What specific uses do you have in mind for it?

You’ll feel more confident moving forward after you know the answers to these questions.

11. Be adaptable

Nothing ever goes as expected. The top producers are specialists who can adapt to any circumstance. If the song requires something unusual, you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace it. 

You can try using synthesis techniques, improvising, or mixing your own music. We also have some useful tips for you to deal with music burnout, let’s have a look

12. Use online resources

Nobody should be expected to comprehend music production themselves.

Today’s producers are fortunate to have access to a wealth of educational resources online. Search for some options you can use if you ever need help.


When your creative flow isn’t as smooth as it typically is, it can be disappointing.

However, continuing is what’s most crucial. The tide will eventually turn, and your own creativity will once again be in control. Use these 12 tips to help you finish your track till then.

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