Top Music Theory Courses for You to Start!

Last Updated on August 28th, 2023 at 10:03 am

Music, an artistic expression, is grounded in a precise technical language. If navigating this musical language proves challenging, enrolling in music theory courses could be your solution. Music theory education can enrich your musical skills, particularly if you’re finding yourself stuck in a creative loop, using repetitive chords, scales, melodies, or rhythms. But which online music theory courses are the best, and what can you gain from them? In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of music theory courses and present some of the top choices available.

Let’s delve in.

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Understanding Music Theory Courses

Music theory courses often comprise guided chapters that serve as your personalized journey into comprehending the language of music.

No longer will you be left guessing why specific chords harmonize or why certain melodies linger in your mind. These courses delve deep into the intricate aspects of notes, rhythms, chords, and more.

Accessible online or in physical classrooms, these courses span from beginner introductions to advanced explorations of intricate concepts.

In essence, they are your master key to unlocking music’s mysteries.

The Importance of Learning Music Theory

Why invest time in learning music theory when you could rely on your auditory senses?

Learning music theory is akin to gaining proficiency in reading and writing within the realm of music.

It elevates your compositional skills, facilitates effective communication with fellow musicians, and opens up entirely new avenues of creative expression.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, repeatedly drawn to the same chords, rhythms, or melodies, music theory can break this cycle and encourage you to venture into unexplored territory.

Moreover, comprehending music theory enables a deeper appreciation of music, unveiling the underlying structure and patterns within your favorite tunes.

Consider it a musical roadmap; once you’re acquainted with the route, the possibilities become boundless.

How to Embark on Your Music Theory Journey

Learning music theory might seem overwhelming, yet it can be approachable.

Commence with the fundamentals: grasp note names, understand scales, and acquaint yourself with basic chords, intervals, and triads.

Consistent practice is imperative, applying your knowledge on guitar, piano, or even within a DAW’s piano roll.

Engaging with an online community of learners can furnish invaluable feedback and encouragement. Seek out music theory courses with integrated communities via online platforms, video calls, or in-person mentorship.

Remember, music theory serves to enhance your creativity. Experiment with diverse musical concepts, relish the process, and embrace the freedom to make mistakes.

The Top 6 Courses to Elevate Your Knowledge

Now, let’s explore the best online music theory courses, offering a variety of choices for enthusiasts seeking to enhance their musical understanding.

1. LANDR Premium Courses

LANDR Premium Courses cater to all points of your musical journey.

With expert instructors and diverse topics, these courses provide a comprehensive grasp of music theory.

From basics to advanced harmony, chords, and songwriting, LANDR guides you professionally and creatively.

2. YouTube

Music Theory Courses

YouTube houses a treasure trove of free music theory tutorials.

From beginners to advanced learners, diverse content awaits.

Seek tutorials from musicians, educators, and peers. Stay focused on reputable sources and structured learning paths.

Recommended YouTubers include Adam Neely, Andrew Huang, 8-Bit Music Theory, and Chris Cornell.

3. Berklee Online

Music Theory Courses

Berklee Online offers a professional music education experience.

While attending the esteemed institution might not be feasible for all, its online courses provide a viable alternative.

With varied options, Berklee’s professors guide you with materials and assessments.

For serious mastery, this is your destination.

4. SoundFly

Music Theory Courses

SoundFly presents a dynamic music theory approach.

Interactive lessons and creative challenges make learning feel like play.

Renowned instructors like Andrew Huang and Kiefer create an immersive experience.

If you seek a hands-on approach from expert musicians fostering experimentation, SoundFly is an excellent choice.

5. Coursera

Music Theory Courses

Coursera collaborates with institutions to offer diverse music theory courses.

From beginners to genre-specific and advanced courses, it merges fun with academic rigor.

Discover a well-rounded learning experience.

6. Engage an Online Mentor

Personalized guidance matters.

An online mentor tailors instruction to your goals, providing a musical friend for guidance and perspective.

Benefit from one-on-one attention in your journey to mastering music theory.

In Conclusion

The realm of music theory is expansive, and these six options are your entryway.

Whether seeking an introduction or a deep dive, the perfect course awaits.

Ready to begin? Immerse yourself and let music guide your journey!

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