What to Post on Instagram: 20 Post Ideas to Spice Up Your Feed (3/3)

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Let discover the last 5things you should post on Instagram to attract more audiences. And learn about the Instagram content calendar

16. Cross-promote with other brands

Cross-promotions with other merchants may be intentional and planned, or they can be fast shout outs. Whether you’re establishing a partnership or just mentioning them in a post, this may construct useful relationships and show clients that you’re invested in the community.

The community may be in the industry, a local community, or something else entirely. When you sell yoga clothes, you may team up with a merchant who sells your favorite mats.

Or, when you’ve received a local presence like GREATS, you may give a quick shoutout to a nearby bakery who’s running a special. Even online clients who live far away will appreciate the gesture, particularly since it offers you a feeling of togetherness from supporting small companies.

17. Ask questions and provide answers

When you’re looking for one other method to provide value to your followers, you can’t go wrong with a Q&A to post on Instagram. Answering buyer questions on Instagram will encourage more individuals to follow you (especially if there’s an opportunity for you to answer their own questions).

You may have Q&As written out in a text-based picture, having one question and answer to a post. Keep in mind that the character limit for captions is 2,200 characters, so you may actually squeeze quite a bit of writing into your post if you want to.

Instagram even launched a Questions Sticker that you can utilize to solicit answers from your viewers and share your response as a photo or video.

instagram q&a idea

Video may be an especially efficient method to answer questions. You may share it after it’s recorded or film it live. Selecting Instagram Live can even let followers ask you questions in real-time, which may drive up responses significantly.

18. Solicit comments/content with a prompt

Within this post, we’ve discussed how effective user-generated content material may be. Now we’ll take a look at how precisely you may encourage that.

One of the best methods to get more UGC on a certain platform is to create a post on Instagram designed to motivate customers to contribute and share. This will involve leading by example and sharing a story before asking customers to share their own. In other cases, it might be as simple as posing an easy question and asking for other customers to comment.

instagram post ideas for user engagement

Either method, let customers know to upload their picture and tag it with a branded hashtag. This way, you’ll be able to find the content material more easily and re-share it. Let customers know they have an opportunity to be featured on your feed, too. While nobody would say no to a prize, for plenty of customers the share alone is a great incentive.

DripDrop uses this strategy on Instagram, encouraging customers to share recipes containing their merchandise and to upload the images to Instagram.

19. Present video tutorials

Video tutorials have the distinct benefit of being immediately useful and actionable to your target audience that can post on Instagram.

Even a thirty-second video showing them the way to use, care for, or arrange your product will go a long way. Your customers shall be happy to see this content material, and when you can show how simple your products are to use or how valuable they are, you may be able to make some sales too.

Cheap Cookie Cutters understands this concept with video tutorials (a few of which come from customers) that promote their products. These videos quick, however, show how you can take their cookie cutters and create decorated iced masterpieces.

20. Get them swiping with carousel posts

Carousel posts permit customers (and brands!) to add multiple photos or videos into a single post on Instagram. Customers can scroll through to see separate media on each slide.

As you may imagine, there’s a lot you can do with this post format. Choices include:

  • Multiple methods to use a single product
  • Multiple different related merchandises, each with their own product tags
  • A series of images taken during an event
  • A step-by-step product tutorial

In the example below, Sage Brush Coffee has three different slides that showcase different gift packs for Mother’s day. These merchandises are all related, however, because they’re different, it will increase the likelihood that more people will discover something to purchase when they view it.

How to create an Instagram content calendar

We just threw lots of post on Instagram types at you, which may feel overwhelming.

However, in diversifying your Instagram posts, you may keep a well-rounded profile, which customers will respond to more enthusiastically.

Maintaining track of all of this, however, may be difficult. That is why we recommend making a social media content calendar, preferably utilizing the social media scheduling software that permits you to:

  • Publish to Instagram from your computer (which makes it simpler to create, edit, and handle your media)
  • Schedule posts in advance so they automatically go out
  • Upload and organize your media to maintain a backlog of content material

Later is a free scheduling tool (for up to 30 posts a month) that you can use to get began. It even has a drag-and-drop function that allows you to easily move content around.

This allows you to map out in advance what will be posted when so that you can not only plan your content material accordingly but also ensure that your different post types are all mixed up for greatest outcomes.

Consistency in voice, diversity in content

When you’re feeling stumped, take a look at the different posts on our list and ask yourself which kinds of content you’re not utilizing yet and why. After all, the best Instagram profiles are those who handle to combine it up. This retains your profile from feeling too one-note or overly promotional.

Ultimately, you need your brand to be consistent on the platform, however, your content material and individual posts should be diversified to maintain your followers. A balanced content calendar and plenty of different ideas is an effective place to begin.

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