Youtube Podcast: How Does it Work?

YouTube podcasts? You might be surprised. YouTube is known for videos, but there’s a new focus on audio. With the launch of YouTube’s podcast page, the platform is stepping up to support podcasters. In this guide, we’ll explain what this new page means for YouTube Podcast and how you can benefit.

Quick Summary:

  • YouTube’s Podcast Page launched in July 2022, showing a big move into podcasts.
  • YouTube is a top spot for podcast listening.
  • The podcast page highlights popular shows but is currently only for US users.

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What’s YouTube Podcast Page?

Youtube Podcast

YouTube recently launched a special page just for podcasts. Even though YouTube is mostly about videos, it’s starting to get into podcasts too. This new page is YouTube’s way of inviting podcasters to share their shows on their platform.

YouTube introduced its podcast page in July, but it’s only available to users in the US for now. Right now, the page is quite simple. You’ll see:

  • Popular podcast episodes
  • Popular podcast playlists
  • Recommended podcast shows

Currently, only shows with lots of subscribers are featured. So, the podcast page is mainly for the biggest podcasts on YouTube.

But YouTube’s podcast page is likely just the beginning. It’s expected that YouTube will do more to support smaller and independent podcasters in the future.

YouTube has accidentally become a favorite place for podcasters and music lovers. Even though it wasn’t meant for podcasts originally, its simplicity, accessibility, and large audience have naturally drawn in audio creators.

Now, YouTube is working hard to support podcasters better. They’ve introduced a special podcast page and hired someone to lead podcasts on the platform. Plus, there are reports that YouTube is offering money to creators and podcast networks to make video podcasts for the site.

Why Choose YouTube for Podcasts?

Considering YouTube for your podcasts? Let’s explore some reasons why it might be a good idea:

  • Advantages of Video Podcasting: Video adds engagement, trust, and reaches new audiences. It’s easily shareable and repurposable.
  • YouTube’s Popularity for Podcasts: YouTube ranks highest for podcast listening. Even with limited podcast features, it’s preferred over Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
  • YouTube’s Massive Audience: With over 2.5 billion monthly users, YouTube offers vast exposure, perfect for podcast promotion.
  • Valuable Ad Conversions on YouTube: Ads on YouTube can lead to higher purchases, with listeners spending $143, $10 more than the average.

How to Use YouTube’s Podcast Page?

YouTube’s podcast page isn’t widely accessible yet. While users in the US can explore it at, others may encounter an error page.

Getting on YouTube’s Podcast Page

As the podcast page is new, its features aren’t fully understood. Currently, it seems only top YouTubers are featured, requiring millions of subscribers to be considered.

FAQs about YouTube’s Podcast Page

Can I host a podcast on YouTube?

No, YouTube isn’t a podcast host. You can’t host your podcast directly on YouTube or create an RSS feed. But you can upload video content of your podcast on the platform.

Can I submit my podcast with an RSS feed?

Not at the moment. Some podcast hosts offer automatic uploading to YT, though.

How do I start a YouTube podcast?

It’s free to join YouTube. Create a channel and upload your content in video format. You can use software like Riverside or simply upload your podcast with a static image as a video.

Is YouTube a good podcast platform?

While the app lacks dedicated podcast features, many podcasters still use it. As YouTube delves more into podcasts, it’s likely to expand its support for audio creators. So yes, it’s worth publishing your podcast on YT.

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