10 Strategies for Increasing Your Reach on Instagram (1/2)

You can leverage SEO on Instagram to reach billions of users and boost brand engagement. The great thing is, you can apply familiar SEO techniques used for optimizing web page content to organically grow your reach on Instagram account.

Think of Instagram as its own search engine with built-in search functions, similar to a mini-Google. In this guide, we’ll share 10 SEO techniques that can help you expand your reach by effectively working with the Instagram algorithm.

1. Enhance your Instagram profile

To enhance your Instagram reach, the first vital step is optimizing your Instagram profile. Even if you drive traffic to your account, it won’t yield long-term benefits if your profile lacks optimization for an optimal user experience.

Consider these effective tricks for optimizing your Instagram profile:

  1. Make your profile public.
  2. Choose a colorful and on-brand profile image.
  3. Create a recognizable and searchable @Username.
  4. Establish an easily searchable business name.
  5. Register for an Instagram Business account.
  6. Include a trackable link in your bio.

Why is this crucial? While these steps may seem obvious, they lay the foundation for any future SEO changes. Once you’ve covered these basics, you can proceed with more technical optimizations.

2. Establish a primary keyword

In order to increase your chances of appearing in the top search results, it’s crucial to strategically place your primary keyword in your display name and @username. When users enter their search queries into the Instagram search bar, this optimization will help you align with their intentions.

To begin, identify your primary keyword. Let’s take the example of a bakery. When Instagram users are seeking delicious baked goods for their feed, they are likely to search for the keyword “bakery.”

By incorporating this keyword into your display name and @username, you enhance the likelihood of appearing in the suggested accounts search results. This strategic placement can significantly boost your visibility on Instagram.

instagram seo, top 5 results for searching the word “bakery”

The evidence is clear from the example shown: four out of the top five search results for “bakery” have incorporated this keyword in both their display name and @username.

Here’s a pro tip: relying solely on either one of them won’t have the same impact. To maximize the benefits of Instagram optimization, it’s recommended to use your primary keyword in both locations. This increases the likelihood of being detected by the algorithm and gaining visibility.

While it may be disheartening if you were initially satisfied with your chosen display name or @username, making this change is a smart move towards optimization and, ultimately, your own success!

3. Include an additional keyword

With your primary keyword optimized, it’s now essential to leverage the potential of your secondary keywords. Secondary keywords are the related phrases and topics that revolve around your primary keyword.

For instance, if your primary keyword is “bakery,” your secondary keywords could include “cupcakes,” “wedding cakes,” “baked goods,” and so on.

Let’s examine Magnolia Bakery, the leading result for this keyword. In the example provided, their primary keyword is highlighted in red, while their secondary keywords are highlighted in orange:

 instagram seo, magnolia bakery’s instagram bio

Magnolia Bakery has skillfully created an engaging and informative bio that cleverly incorporates essential search-optimized keywords. When a user searches for baked goods, they are likely to follow Magnolia if they discover it in the search results, as the account aligns with their search intent.

Here’s a pro tip: Secondary keywords act as a safety net, capturing individuals who may not be searching for your primary keyword but are still interested in your product. They expand your reach to a broader audience.

Considering that people use different words due to language variations, it’s crucial to think about synonyms that can serve as effective secondary keywords. These synonyms further enhance your chances of reaching potential followers and customers.

4. Use hashtags as keywords

After optimizing your profile, it’s crucial to shift your focus toward optimizing your posts. This is an ongoing endeavor that demands careful attention. In most cases, users won’t search for you directly; instead, they’ll come across your content through hashtags attached to specific posts.

Hence, it’s essential to devise a dedicated hashtag strategy for each of your Instagram posts. Treat these hashtags as you would secondary keywords. Take a look at the example below from CorePower Yoga to better understand this concept:

instagram seo, corepoweryoga instagram post with a variety of hashtags

In their hashtag strategy, CorePower Yoga cleverly incorporates their brand name into two hashtags: #corepowercommunity and #corepoweryoga. The remaining two hashtags, however, are specifically tailored to the image being posted.

By including a diverse range of post-specific hashtags, CorePower increases the likelihood of attracting a broader and more diverse audience. This approach not only targets individuals searching for yoga-related terms but also captures those searching for specific hashtags like #downdog.

This strategy provides users with a better chance of discovering your content compared to using the same set of hashtags for every post. Remember, variety and relevance are the keys to success.

This hashtag advice is applicable to all content types, including posts, reels, IGTV, and other forms of content on the platform. Make sure to optimize the searchability of all your crafted content for optimal results.

5. Position your hashtags strategically

Now, the question arises: where should you place those cleverly optimized hashtags? In the past, it was common practice to put them in the comments, but times have changed.

Adapting your Instagram optimization strategy is crucial when you receive credible advice, particularly from the company’s CEO.

According to Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, the algorithm now favors adding hashtags in captions. In a video released in late 2021, he provided insights on how to please the algorithm.

We appreciate valuable resources like the video from the Instagram CEO, as they help refine your Instagram SEO strategy. There are numerous similar resources available that can assist you in this endeavor, such as the one mentioned here.

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