100+ YouTube Video Ideas When You Are Burn Out (2/2)

Continue with the guide of 100+ Youtube video ideas when you are stuck. Feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to brainstorming fresh, captivating, and imaginative YouTube video ideas? Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone! Being a content creator offers numerous benefits, but consistently generating novel concepts can be a challenge. It becomes even more daunting when you strive to create content that resonates with and captivates your audience. If you find yourself in need of inspiration, fear not! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 100+ YouTube video ideas that are sure to reignite your creative spark. Explore these suggestions and let your creativity flow freely once again.

100+ YouTube Video Ideas


100+ YouTube Video Ideas when

50. Explain the benefits of composting

Educate your audience on the importance of composting and its positive impact on the environment. Show them how composting can reduce their carbon footprint and provide valuable nutrients for plants.

51. Offer advice on how to start a small business

People are really into entrepreneurs nowadays, so we can not complete 100+ Youtube video ideas guide when not mention it. Share valuable insights and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own small businesses. Discuss important considerations, market research, marketing strategies, and other relevant information to help them succeed.

52. Show common gardening tips and tricks

If you have a green thumb, create a YouTube video sharing your gardening expertise. Provide practical tips on watering, fertilizing, and pruning various types of plants to help viewers achieve thriving gardens.

53. Bust a common myth or misconception

Debunk prevalent myths or misconceptions related to your field of interest. Conduct research to identify common misconceptions and create a video that challenges and corrects these false beliefs.

54. Create a series of YouTube workouts

Help your audience stay fit and active by creating a series of YouTube workout videos. Design workouts that can be done at home, offering different levels of intensity and targeting various muscle groups.

55. Give tips on becoming a better public speaker

Share valuable advice and techniques to help individuals improve their public speaking skills. Discuss topics such as managing nerves, captivating an audience, and delivering powerful presentations.

56. Go behind the scenes of a local sports team

Take your audience on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey with a local sports team. Show interviews with players and coaches, offer insights into training sessions, and provide a unique glimpse into the team’s dynamics.

57. Show off your collection or the collection of others

Whether it’s vintage cars, rare antiques, or any other collection, showcase your own or feature others’ collections. Engage your viewers by sharing the stories behind these unique and cherished items.

58. Explain the importance of yoga and meditation

Highlight the physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga and meditation. Educate your viewers on the importance of incorporating these practices into their daily routines for overall well-being.

59. Provide instructions on making DIY decorations

Tap into your creativity by sharing DIY decoration tutorials. Guide your viewers through the process of making various decorations using materials like paper, fabric, or recycled items.

60. Make a video about house plant care

Demonstrate your knowledge of house plant care by creating a comprehensive video. Share tips on watering, sunlight requirements, repotting, and troubleshooting common plant problems.

61. Show viewers how to use crowdfunding platforms

Educate your audience on the effective utilization of crowdfunding platforms. Guide them through the process of setting up successful campaigns and maximizing their chances of reaching funding goals.

62. Offer advice on how to find and apply for grants or scholarships

Support individuals seeking grants or scholarships by providing resources and advice. Inform them where to search for financial aid, clarify eligibility requirements, and offer insights into the application process.

63. Run a competition or giveaway

Engage your audience and attract new viewers by hosting exciting competitions or giveaways. Offer desirable prizes that align with your content, encouraging participation and boosting viewer interaction.

64. Make a list video

Why do we need 100+ Youtube video ideas when we can make one content but for many videos? Curate engaging list videos to captivate and entertain your viewers. Whether it’s a list of recommendations, facts, or tips, the list format is a proven way to pique interest and increase engagement.

65. Go behind the scenes of a local sports team

Offer an exclusive look into the inner workings of a local sports team. From training sessions to pre-game rituals, give your audience an insider’s perspective and foster a deeper connection with the team.

66. Show viewers how to use various tools and equipment safely

Demonstrate proper usage and safety precautions for different tools and equipment. Help viewers maximize the benefits of these tools while ensuring their own well-being.

67. Create a “What’s in my bag” video

Give your audience a glimpse into your daily life by showcasing the contents of your bag. From work essentials to personal items, share the items that you find indispensable.

68. YouTube video idea generator

If you’re feeling stuck, utilize YouTube video idea generators for inspiration. These tools can provide fresh and unique ideas based on your specified keywords, sparking your creativity.

69. Provide tips for eco-friendly travel

Encourage environmentally conscious travel by sharing tips on reducing carbon footprints during trips. Discuss sustainable packing, transportation choices, and responsible tourism practices.

70. Announce a new event or community initiative

Promote your business or brand by announcing upcoming events or community initiatives. Whether it’s a virtual gathering, charity drive, or fundraising campaign, engage your viewers and encourage their participation.

71. Highlight local businesses

Create videos that showcase small businesses in your area. Interview business owners, try their products and services, and provide an inside look at the inner workings of the business.

72. Share ways of getting discounts on everyday items

Everyone loves a deal. This YouTube video idea involves creating videos that teach viewers how to save money on everyday items by using coupons, discount codes, and price-comparison tools.

73. Talk about different types of investment opportunities

If you’re an expert in investments, create videos that discuss different types of investment opportunities and how to navigate the market. This type of YouTube video could help viewers make smarter decisions with their money.

74. Explain the best way to manage student loans and debt

Student loans and debt can be daunting for young people. Create a YouTube video series that offers tips and advice on how to manage student loan debt and other debts, such as credit card bills. Include topics such as budgeting, refinancing options, and debt consolidation strategies.

75. Share your favorite beauty products

Review and show different makeup looks, discuss skincare tips, or talk about the latest trends in hairstyles and nail art.

76. Teach others how to play an instrument

Everyone loves music, so why not teach others how to play a musical instrument? Create videos that offer basic or advanced music lessons and tutorials. You can even create play-along videos to help people learn a skill quickly.

77. Give an art demonstration

Art is a great way to express creativity, so why not share it with the world? Create video tutorials that show how to create different types of artwork or crafts, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, quilting, etc.

78. Show how to make a meal plan and grocery list

Help viewers learn how to meal plan and create grocery lists. Show them how to save money by buying in bulk and how to make quick, easy meals with affordable ingredients.

79. Make a compilation video for meditation

Sometimes, it’s nice to just relax and unwind. Create a compilation video of relaxing sounds or visuals to help viewers feel more at ease. You can feature different types of music, nature scenes, and calming quotes throughout the video.

80. Create an ASMR video

ASMR stands for Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s a type of video that helps viewers get into a relaxed state. Create an ASMR video featuring different sounds, like tapping on objects or whispering into the camera. It can be extremely calming to watch!

81. Create a highlight reel of your favorite game or show

If you’re a fan of a particular game or show, why not create a highlight reel of all your favorite moments? Choose the best clips and combine them into one video. It’s sure to be a hit with other fans.

82. Create an inspirational video

Share inspiring stories and quotes to motivate viewers. You can include stories of people overcoming obstacles or quotes from famous figures. This type of video is perfect for uplifting and inspiring viewers.

83. Create a parody video

Take an existing popular song, movie, or TV show and create a parody video about it. It can be funny, satirical, or just plain silly – the possibilities are endless!

84. Restore an old tool or gadget

Bring new life to an old tool or gadget by restoring it. Show viewers the process and how you bring it back to its former glory.

85. Run science experiments and explain your results

Science experiments are always a great way to explore the world around us. Explain your experiment and results to viewers, and show how it works in different scenarios.

86. Present magic tricks and show how you do them

Showcase some of your best magic tricks and explain how they work. Explain the science behind them and show viewers how it works.

87. Lip sync or dance to popular songs

Lip-syncing and dancing along to popular songs can be a great way to get viewers engaged. Show them your best moves and have fun!

88. Try different challenges or trends

There are always new challenges or trends circulating on YouTube that you can try out for your channel. It could be something as simple as the “ice bucket challenge” or something more complex like a 24-hour overnight challenge.

89. Create a bloopers real from a popular TV show or movie

If you’re a fan of any popular show or movie, creating a bloopers reel can be fun for both you and your viewers. Choose some of the funniest moments from the show/movie, add some witty captions and music, then voila! You have yourself a new YouTube video.

90. Prank someone and get it on film

This one is for the brave souls out there. Pranks can be funny, but they also involve planning and risk-taking. However, if you manage to get it on film, it will make for a great YouTube video idea.

91. Swap lifestyle with someone else

One of the popular YouTube trends nowadays is swapping lifestyles with someone else. Pick a friend or family member and switch lives with them for one day. Document the experience, and add some commentary.

92. Introduce yourself

An introductory video is a great YouTube video idea for beginners. Introduce yourself and explain what kind of videos you’ll be creating in the future. This will give your viewers some context for what they can expect.

93. Try out “weird” food combinations

This is the guide for 100+ Youtube video ideas when you are bored, so maybe try some new things? Everyone loves watching people try weird or unexpected food combinations on YouTube. You don’t have to be a master chef to participate, either. Just find some random ingredients, combine them together, and see what you get!

94. Respond to another video

Do you love a certain YouTube channel and want to add to their thoughts? Respond to their video with your own. It’s a great way to get into the YouTube community and build relationships.

95. Create a mashup video

Do a video mashup of two different songs, movie clips, or any other mix of sources. Create something humorous and entertaining for your audience to enjoy.

96. Create an online course

Are you an expert in something? If so, why not teach others what you know? Create a series of YouTube videos that cover different topics related to your area of expertise, such as photography, cooking, or coding. This can be a great way to create an additional income stream.

97. Give advice on YouTube success

Are you a YouTube expert? Share your knowledge by giving advice on how to become successful on YouTube. This YouTube video idea is great for YouTube veterans.

98. Share fashion advice

Create videos that share your fashion tips and tricks. Show viewers how to style outfits, put together the perfect date look, or create everyday workwear looks.

99. Make music covers

We recommend 100+ Youtube video ideas when you are burn out, so make yourself an artist instead. If you love music, why not cover popular songs? Create renditions of popular music for viewers to enjoy. You can also create your own original music and share it with the world.

100. Show how to manage student loans and debt

Student loans and debt can be overwhelming. Create a YouTube video series that offers tips and advice on how to manage student loan debt and other debts, such as credit card bills. Include topics such as budgeting, refinancing options, and debt consolidation strategies.

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