12 Hot Instagram Themes Ideas You Have to Know

These days, Instagram has become the initial contact between users and brands, and almost half of its users shop on the platform each week. If it is the entryway for half of your potential sales, do not you want your profile to catch users’ eyes? Let’s find out about some hot Instagram themes ideas right away.

Taking the time to make a gorgeous Instagram feed grid is one of the best ways to persuade users to follow your online business on Instagram or simply peruse your posts. You get only one chance to make a great first impression — so make sure to put effort into your Instagram feed.

12 Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

1. Color theme

The first one in the hot Instagram themes ideas is Color theme. This concept is a good and safe choice if you start to build your Instagram themes. It meets almost all kinds of Instagram targets. Based on your company brand’s, your mean, etc. you can choose your suitable color.

For example, If your profile is assumed to imply fun or playfulness, it’ll probably be no better way than to make a feed full of bright color tones.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

A polished BnW (Black and White) theme is a good option to evoke a sense of sophistication.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

One of the best and simplest ways to choose a theme for your feed is to pick one or two colors and stick with it.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

Pastels colors are not a bad idea. These colors are unexpected and captivating.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

2. Minimalist

For artsier edges, think about taking a minimalist approach to your account, as @emwng does. The posts are inviting and barely whimsical in their simplicity, and cultivate feelings of serenity and stability. The pup pics only add wholesomeness to the minimalist concept. Also, minimalist concepts are less distracting by nature, so it could be simpler to get a true sense of the company/brand from the feed alone, without clicking on individual images.

Minimalist Instagram Theme Example

3. One Subject

Let’s see @mustdoflorida’s feed (and username), it is possible to focus your feed on only one object or idea — beach-related objects and activities in Florida. When you are want to showcase your creativity or photography ability, it can be compelling to make a feed where each post follows one theme.

One Subject Instagram Theme Example

4. Text Only

An image is worth a thousand words, however, how many photos is a well-designed quote worth? @Confidentwomanco breaks the rules of Instagram that say photos should have a face in them to gain the best engagement. Not so with this Instagram concept.

The bright colors and highlighted text make this format aesthetically pleasing both in the Instagram grid format and as a one-off post on the feed. Even within this strict text-only concept, there’s still room to break up the monotony with a type-treated font and textured background like the last picture does in the middle row.

Text Only Instagram Theme Example

5. Checkerboard

When you aren’t a big fan of horizontal or vertical lines, you may try a checkerboard concept. Similar to horizontal lines, this theme lets you alternate between photos and content or colors as seen in @thefemalehustlers’ feed.

Checkerboard Instagram Theme Example

6. Same Filter

When you want something uniform, let’s try this Instagram theme, which focuses on utilizing the same filter (or set of filters) for every photo. From close up, this does not make much difference on your photos, however from afar, it undoubtedly makes the feed appear more cohesive. Let’s visit @marianna_hewitt, she is able to make her posts of fashion, hair, and drinks seem more refined {and professional}, just by utilizing the same filter for all her posts.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

7. Flatlays

In case your primary purpose with Instagram is to showcase your products, you may want a Flatlay theme. Flatlay concept is an effective way to tell a story just by using objects in a picture a certain way and makes it simpler to direct viewers’ attention to a product. As seen in @thedailyedited’s feed, a flat lay theme looks fresh and trendy.

Flatlays Instagram Theme Example

8. Vintage

If it aligns with your brand, vintage is a striking and creative concept that looks both artsy and laid-back. And, while “vintage” may sound a bit vague, it is simple to conjure. Easily put on a filter such as Aden or Slumber (on Instagram), or find a third-party editing app out there to find a soft, hazy filter that makes your images look like they were taken from a film camera.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

9. Repetition

Have you heard about @girleatworld’s Instagram account? There is one thing to remain constant throughout her feed: she’s always holding up food in her hand. This kind of repetition seems clean and fascinating, and as a follower, it means I always recognize one of her posts as I am scrolling by my own feed. Think about how you may evoke similar repetition in your own feed to make a brand image all your own.

Repetition Instagram Theme Example


In case youre a writer or content creator, you may like creating a whole feed of quotes, such as @thegoodquote feed, which showcases quotes on different mediums, ranging from paperback books to Tweets. Think about typing your quotes and changing up the color of the background, or handwriting your quotes and placing them close to fascinating objects like flowers or a coffee mug.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

11. Doodle

Most people on Instagram stick to images and filters, so to stand out, you may think about adding drawings or cartoon doodles on top of (or replacing) regular image posts. It is a good concept if you are an artist or a web designer and want to draw attention to your artistic skills — plus, it is sure to make your followers smile as @josie.doodles did below.

Hot Instagram Themes Ideas

12. Horizontal Lines

If your brand does well with aligning photography with content, you may think about organizing your posts in a thoughtful way — for example, creating either horizontal or vertical lines, with your lines alternating between text, colors, or even subject distance. @mariahb.makeup us this concept, and you see her feed looks clean and intriguing as a result.

Horizontal Lines Instagram Theme Example

We hope these 12 hot Instagram themes ideas will help you create a gorgeous Instagram grid!

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