14 Beginner Youtube Tips for Rising Your Brand

Youtube tips

YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web. It has nearly 2 billion monthly users, watching videos in more than 80 languages. This rising audience makes mastering YouTube a must for any marketer.

However, how do you get began on this booming platform? In this article, we will share 14 simple, actionable YouTube tips for newbies.

14 Youtube tips for rising your brand on YouTube

1. Develop a clear vision

The first Youtube tips is a YouTube Channel with a clear focus is simpler to subscribe to than one which seems to be doing many different issues. Ensure you have a strong vision in place before you begin making content.

Select something fascinating, relatable, and helpful to your target audience. You could offer different types of videos, however, they need to all be related to your viewers.

For instance, AsapSCIENCE has several go-to content kinds. In their “What if…” videos, they use analysis to answer hypothetical questions. In their “VS” series, they compare and contrast related science topics.

Each of those approaches is distinct. However, each fulfils AsapSCIENCE’s mission of “making science make sense”.

Youtube tips

2. Set up a brand account

To use YouTube professionally, you will desire a brand account.

Brand accounts embody features you could not use with personal accounts. For instance, you will get access to helpful audience data by YouTube Analytics. You will also be capable of collaborating with other team members.

3. Create a strong visual identity

Next, ensure that your account looks professional and polished.

Include a channel icon that represents your brand, like a logo. Complement it with an appealing banner picture.

Follow YouTube’s recommended images dimensions to keep away from any stretching. Preview your channel on multiple devices to check everything looks good.

NASA’s icon and banner picture are eye-catching and on-brand.

4. Write a compelling channel description

Always fill in your “About” part. That is the first place potential subscribers will go to find out about your brand.

Begin with a brief, clickable description of what your channel’s about. Front-load essential info and related keywords to make your YouTube channel more discoverable.

5. Add contact info

YouTube is all about creating connections. Ensure your company contact info is simple to find. It will make it easier to build relationships with your followers.

Begin by connecting your other social platforms to your channel banner. (Just click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the “About” section to add your links.)

You could also include email addresses and other contact information in your About section. Some YouTubers, such as Shameless Maya, even add a P.O. Box address for fan mail.

Shameless Maya YouTube video description

6. Verify your account

This step is vital! Only verified accounts could post videos longer than 15 minutes. Verification also allows you to create custom thumbnails (we’ll get into these later).

Verifying is easy. Just fill in your country and phone number at youtube.com/verify.

7. Check out your competitors

Of all the tips for beginning a YouTube channel, competitor analysis is one of the most useful.

Discover successful creators in your niche and spend some time on their channels. Read their descriptions, watch their content, and take a look at who their subscribers are.

Ask yourself the following questions as you browse:

  • What types of videos seem to get the most views, likes, or comments?
  • What keywords does the creator use to describe their content?
  • How do they reply to negative comments?
  • What tools or editing software do they utilize?
  • How do they encourage subscriptions?

Use the answers to plan your own content. Build off of ideas that work well and keep away from those that do not.

8. Set a consistent schedule

Consider your channel like a TV show. Plan to post the same time each day, week, or month. That method, viewers will know when to come back for more. [contenupgrade variant=popup]

Keep these easy vlogging tips in mind as you plan:

  • Be consistent. Publish at weekly or daily intervals, such as Wednesday mornings or Thursday afternoons.
  • Post often. YouTube’s search ranking algorithm prioritizes channels that post regularly. Aim for three or more times a week in case you could.
  • Be realistic. In case your schedule is too ambitious, you will not be capable of maintaining it. Ensure you could meet your goals and keep creating high-quality content.
  • Allow some flexibility. If something timely hits, don’t be afraid to go off schedule to share the news.
  • Space out your content (rather than publishing it ).
  • Think about time zones. Are the bulk of your subscribers based on the East Coast or the West Coast? Do you have international followers? Select a time when your target audience is awake and active.
  • Share your schedule. Add your schedule to your About section and channel trailer. You could also promote it in your channel artwork, as Feminist Frequency does.

9. Create a content calendar

Creating a schedule is one thing. Sticking to it’s another!

Create a simple content calendar to make sure you have enough fresh content each week. Schedule ideas for YouTube, as well as any other social platforms you handle.

Reference your calendar often. Do you see any patterns? Content calendars could be a good way to learn what videos perform best and when.

10. Be selective

There are lots of easy YouTube tricks for getting more views for your videos. Being selective is one of the most essential.

Edit your videos carefully before publishing anything. Review all your footage, cutting out any dull moments. Keep away from awkward pauses and unprofessional-looking shots. Make every second count to keep your audience engaged.

However, editing is about more than the viewer experience. It also impacts your search rankings. That’s because YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with a high watch time. The longer you could keep followers excited about your content, the more discoverable it will be.

11. Save content for a rainy day

Life is busy, and making high-quality videos takes time. There shall be days or weeks if you do not have time to produce new content.

Assist your future self out by creating extra videos prematurely. Stick to timeless “evergreen” content, rather than trending matters. That method, it will not matter if you publish them.

Chescaleigh’s video on common artist mistakes is less time than her other content. (Take her spotlight on Black History Month, for instance.) She can have posted it any time, with the same great outcomes.

12. Make your videos ‘clickable’

Every day, YouTube users watch more than a billion hours of video. Standing out from the crowd is no small feat!

Fortunately, there are lots of YouTube tricks you could use to get noticed. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Create custom thumbnails: The thumbnail is the first part of your video people view. And though YouTube automatically generates thumbnails once you publish, these often fall flat. Create your own eye-catching graphics instead to make your content pop.
  • Craft compelling descriptions: Make the most of your video descriptions by including keywords, hashtags, and more. Include the most important info proper up front, so people see it first.
  • Optimize your title: Select something short and punchy. Spark curiosity, solve an issue or make somebody laugh. Give viewers a real reason to click on, and they’ll.

13. Build playlists

More than 70% of time on YouTube is spent watching algorithm recommendations. Making certain your content makes the cut is one of the most essential YouTube tips.

That’s where playlists come in. Playlists keep viewers moving from one video to another, boosting total watch time. They are an easy method to enhance your videos’ performance in the algorithm.

Plus, playlists also help viewers uncover more of your content. This makes them a good way to encourage YouTube subscriptions.

Try YouTube’s guide to creating playlists to get began.

AntsCanada is very creative with their playlists, offering viewers a lot of different options. Some are organized by topic, like “Termites” or “Asian Marauder Ants.” Others concentrate on the kind of video, like “VIP interviews” or “Relaxing Ant Ambiance.”

14. Cross promote

The last Youtube tips is keeping in mind to share your hard work with the world!

There are a lot of free ways to promote your channel. Getting the word out on social media is one of the easiest—and most effective.

That’s because YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes outside traffic. Clicks from Fb or Twitter are a simple method to enhance your video’s discoverability.

Promote new content each time you post. Share updates on your social channels, as well as your site, blog, or newsletter. Craft a unique message for each platform to keep issues fresh.

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