Top YouTube SEO Tactics That You Need to Know

Last Updated on September 5th, 2019 at 11:27 am

Youtube SEO

Creating quality YouTube videos is difficult enough. Getting people to view your videos is even harder. One method to get people to see your video is to concentrate on grabbing inbound traffic from searches on YouTube and Google. But to get this inbound traffic, you want your videos to achieve a great place in Google and YouTube searches. How do you do that? That is where familiarizing yourself with a prevalent concept comes in handy: YouTube SEO (YouTube search engine optimization).

Let’s go over the top YouTube SEO tactics.

1. Create a video people truly want to watch

This seems to be basic common sense, however, you’d be surprised by the number of people who do not take heed of this. Your video content is what figure out whether people truly want to watch the video or not. Do not just share a sales video and get upset when no one watches it.

Youtube SEO

You should know why people come to YouTube. Viewers come to YouTube to either be entertained or to get informed and learn something— generally, they do not come to purchase products. If you make a quality video, YouTube will recognize this because viewers shall be more likely to watch your video all the way through and subscribe. Both these actions will assist you to rank higher in the YouTube search.

YouTube SEO Tip: You need to make your video shorter rather than longer. People want something they could watch and move on. Moreover, shorter videos have been noted to get more shares, comments and likes, which will increase your search ranking.

2. Use keyword research to write your title

Before you publish your video, do keyword research. Find out what people are looking for that’s related to your niche, then use these phrases in your title. Utilizing these keywords you could make your video rank higher and grab more hits. Keep away from vague titles that do not explain what your video is about. For example, in case your video is about making cherry martinis, the phrase “how to make a cherry martini” would draw in a lot more traffic than a vague title such as “I am making a tasty drink.” People would likely kind the first title in a search engine, while they would be much less likely to kind the second phrase.

3. Write in-depth descriptions

Your video description serves two purposesit helps your audience know the video and helps the YouTube algorithms to know what your video is about. This way, the algorithms will be capable to rank your video for your target keywords in the suggested videos section and in searchesBy utilizing long, in-depth video descriptions, you’ll make it simpler for your viewers and the YouTube algorithms to know your video.

When writing the description, include your keywords and keep them as close to the start as you could. You should also brand your description by including your site and blog URL or a link to your other social media pages. That is also a place to include shoutouts to partners and friends who could use a boost.

4. Post to online community forums

When you add your video, add links on various online communities and forums like Quora, LinkedIn, and related subreddits. Be careful, but not to spam the communities and follow their tips for posting. The best way of doing that is by posting your video link as a solution to some of the common issues faced by members of these communities. Another benefit is that if the members find your video to be informative, they’ll share it with their networks, thereby helping you increase your video’s relevance and ranking on Google search.

5. Encourage your viewers to subscribe

YouTube algorithms take a look at subscriber rates to gauge the viewer experience and to determine the quality of a YouTube video. A big subscriber rate shows that viewers enjoy watching your videos and are requesting more. By asking your audience to subscribe, you’ll encourage more viewers to subscribe and eventually give yourself a kick up in YouTube search rankings.

Apart from increasing your ranking, having people subscribe to your channel will offer you a source of automatic traffic. When you add a new video, your subscribers receive email notifications about your video. Many of those YouTube users will check out your video, because they’re already excited about your content, and they’re also more likely to watch the video to the end, enhancing your video’s retention rate.

6. Consider buying subscribers and views

Though the bought views and subscribers will not really be engaging with or sharing your video, it will help the video achieve active followers quicker. It’s because the audiences use the number of views and likes to determine whether to watch a video. Once they find you already have views and likes, they’re more likely to watch your video. In addition, purchasing subscribers and views could enhance your search rankings by tricking the algorithms.

Before you purchase views and subscribers, it’s essential to note that YouTube is against the practice. If caught, your video may get deleted, or worse, your account might get banned. To keep away from this, make sure that you purchase these services from high-quality suppliers who will provide views and subscribers from real, genuine-looking users rather than spam and bot accounts. High-quality views and subscribers can’t be detected and are the best option if you want to develop your YouTube channel utilizing this method.

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We hope these tips will help to boost your Youtube SEO!

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