15 Creative and Engaging Instagram Post Ideas (2/2)

Instagram Post Ideas

Continue with some creative and engaging Instagram post ideas…

8. Share user-generated content

A sure-fire method to interact with your followers while showing them some appreciation is by sharing the content that they made themselves—particularly if it showcases projects they finished by utilizing your product.

A good instance of that is @adobe (see above). They usually share designs, pictures, and other projects their users finished by utilizing their editing software.

@Apple also does an ideal job of this with their #ShotOnAnIphone posts where they encourage users to share their iPhone pictures and videos on Instagram utilizing the hashtag.

Directly crowdsourcing posts and engaging with your fans is a fantastic and simple method to make content for your brand’s Instagram feed.

9. Create a photo collage

instagram grid photo

It is a fun one, however, a little tricky to pull off.

Make a big image on your Instagram profile page utilizing individual Instagram posts. Think of it as 9 Instagram post ideas in one.

The above instance from @truedotink showcases how they utilized their Instagram profile to make an image that promotes their digital product.

To get began, use an app such as Layout from Instagram or software like Photoshop to take a picture and cut it up into separate pictures to post.

If you wish to get very ambitious, take notes from @jppm.fr. They made a “never-ending mood board” that continuously builds on the last set of posts.

Instagram Post Ideas

10. Use a daily hashtag

Daily hashtags are hashtags dedicated to particular days of the week—and they are a good way to build engagement with your followers.

They also give an enormous well of Instagram content ideas you could draw from. That’s no joke. Actually, here’s 40 daily hashtags you could start utilizing for your Instagram posts today.

The most prevalent of all of the daily hashtags is definitely #throwbackthursday or #TBT. As of writing this, there are almost 9.6 million #TBT posts on Instagram. Every time you post utilizing the hashtag, you have the chance to jump on this trend and open yourself to a wider audience.

Which means utilizing #TBT helps you:

  • Improve engagement
  • Improve your followers
  • Improves your brand awareness

11. Share your mistakes

Need a good way to humanize your brand? Everyone isn’t perfect. Do not shy away from admitting the odd failure.

No, you do not have to share details of a litigation process if your business gets sued or an angry client email from a screwed up order. Instead, show the small mishaps which may occur round your workplace—and add some levity to it!

Maybe you own a bakery. Show the outcomes of that batch of cookies you left in the oven for method too long.

Or perhaps you own a marketing agency. Show off that one newsletter you sent out with a typo on it and how crazy that drove you.

Nevertheless, an important thing is that you show off your mistakes and then show the way you made it right. Only then could you build trust with your fans while humanizing your brand.

12. Give a before and after


Before and after pictures show your fans the true impact of your brand. Viewers see how exactly your work changes and advantages customers, which is fantastic for engagement and audience building.

These pictures come in many different kinds too! You could show a before and after of your company’s logo to show how it has changed over time, an image of your old office and new, or you could show a photo of the number of staff you have added to your team over the years.

Of course, if you have services or products you provide, you could also show that off utilizing before and after pictures. The sky is really the limit with this kind of content.

13. Crosspost from other social media websites

Crossposting is if you take content from other social media websites like YouTube or Twitter and put the content on Instagram.

This comes in the kind of either a screenshot of a tweet or re-uploading an image or video from YouTube or Fb.

In the above instance, Wendy’s crossposted a tweet over to Instagram utilizing a screenshot. That is a common way employed by the likes of @ramit.

And @hankgreen.

14. Share an action shot


A good way to indicate off your organization is to indicate your staff laborious at work. It may give your followers an interesting insight into how your model makes superior services.

Are you a fitness trainer? Get an image of you working with a client.

Are you a coffee shop owner? Get a video of your barista creating an awesome looking latte.

In the instance above, tattoo artist @heathrave shows his fans him at work laying down some sweet ink on a client.

15. Show an influencer using your product

See an industry influencer utilizing your product or services? Share pictures and movies of them as an Instagram submit!

This is one of Instagram post ideas is going to take more work than a few of the others, however, influencer marketing is a good way to build your brand by relying on social proof. When people who your target audience knows and trust utilize your services and products, they help drive more people towards your brand. And that’s priceless.

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