24 Best Instagram Themes (& Have Them for Your Own Feed) (2/2)

Continue with the rest of 24 best Instagram themes. Crafting an appealing Instagram feed aesthetic is a highly effective way to attract followers to your business account and engage them with your posts. Making a strong first impression is paramount, which is why investing effort into your Instagram feed is essential. We understand that learning through examples is enjoyable, so we have curated a collection of 24 best Instagram themes to address these questions. These themes will undoubtedly inspire the transformation of your own feed. But be warned, these feeds are so enticing that choosing just one may prove to be a difficult task.

Nowadays, Instagram serves as many people’s first interaction with a brand, and a significant portion of its users engage in shopping on the platform every week. With half of your potential sales depending on it, it’s crucial to present a clean and inviting profile. Starting off on the right foot can be challenging. Where can you find inspiration? Which color scheme should you adopt? How do you arrange your posts for a cohesive look? Let’s keep on reading to find out.

13. Black or White Borders

For a distinct visual impact, incorporating black or white borders around each image can set your feed apart. @Beautifulandyummy demonstrates this effectively by using black borders to draw attention to her images, resulting in a polished and sophisticated feed. This theme works particularly well for fashion products or brands aiming to evoke an edgier vibe.

14. Vintage

Best Instagram Themes

The trending of 24 Instagram best themes. For brands that align with a vintage aesthetic, this creative and laid-back theme can be highly effective. Creating a vintage look can be as simple as using Instagram’s built-in filters like Slumber or Aden or experimenting with third-party editing tools to achieve a soft and hazy filter reminiscent of old polaroid photographs.

15. Repetition

Best Instagram Themes

@girleatworld‘s Instagram account follows a consistent pattern: she always holds food in her hand. This repetition creates a clean and engaging feed, making her posts easily recognizable as you scroll through your own feed. Consider incorporating similar repetition in your posts to establish a unique brand image.

16. Mixed Horizontal and Vertical Borders

Best Instagram Themes

Although it requires careful planning, this theme results in a visually captivating and distinctive feed. Utilize the Preview app to alternate between two different white borders, such as Vela and Sole, in a mix of horizontal and vertical orientations. The resulting feed will have a spaced-out and clean appearance.

17. Consistent Filter

If you value uniformity, the consistent filter theme is perfect for you. By applying the same filter or set of filters to every post, you create a sense of cohesion in your feed. @marianna_hewitt showcases the power of this theme by using a consistent filter across her posts featuring hair, drinks, and fashion, resulting in a refined and professional aesthetic.

18. Flatlays

If your goal is to showcase products, the Flatlay theme is ideal. Flatlays involve arranging objects in a deliberate manner to tell a story and draw attention to a specific product. @thedailyedited‘s feed exemplifies this theme with fresh and modern flatlay compositions.


Best Instagram Themes

For writers or content creators, a feed dedicated to quotes can be a compelling choice. @thegoodquote showcases quotes on various mediums, from paperback books to Tweets. Experiment with different background colors for typed quotes or try handwriting quotes alongside interesting objects like flowers or a coffee mug to add visual appeal to your feed.

20. Rainbow

Best Instagram Themes

This one is quite unique among the 24 Instagram best themes. Inject vibrant colors into your feed by progressing through the hues of the rainbow, starting with red and concluding with purple (and then repeating the cycle). The resulting feed showcases a stunning spectrum of colors.

21. Structural Lines

This Instagram feed has a distinct and captivating feel, doesn’t it? In addition to focusing on skyscrapers, the lines formed by the buildings in each image create a unique theme. Even if your brand doesn’t involve skyscraper construction, you can still adopt a similar theme by seeking out straight or curved lines in your photos. To capture crisp lines, ensure excellent lighting and strive for symmetry whenever possible.

22. Doodle

Break away from the norm of photos and filters by incorporating drawings or cartoon doodles on top of or instead of regular photo posts. This approach grabs attention, particularly for artists or web designers showcasing their artistic prowess. @josie.doodles delights followers with adorable doodles that are sure to bring a smile.

23. Content Elements

Unify your Instagram theme by incorporating recurring elements in your photos. The Container Store Custom Closets demonstrates this beautifully, using shelves or clothes in each image to create a cohesive and visually appealing feed. Rather than separate rooms, the photos seamlessly blend together, showcasing The Container Store’s products in a natural and engaging manner.

24. Dark Colors

Best Instagram Themes

Witness the breathtaking nature photography of @JackHarding, enhanced by a captivating dark overtone. Achieve this effect by desaturating your content and applying filters with cooler colors like greens and blues, rather than warm tones. The outcome is a clean, sleek, and professional feed.

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