28 Social Media Content Ideas and Examples for Brands (2/3)

Last Updated on December 26th, 2019 at 10:46 am

Social Media Content

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10. GIFs

GIFs, or easy moving photos, are a prevalent social media content method of communicating on social media. They could be a fun method to make a post stand out or to share a joke with lighthearted content. You could use well-selected GIFs to take part in ongoing cultural conversations, trending topics, and pop culture moments.

Fb and Twitter both have integrated GIF search engines that permit you to find a good GIF by searching keywords. You could also find GIFs on Giphy, or use the site to make your own from in-house video and picture files.

The characters of Schitt’s Creek are very GIF-able, and the show shares clips from different episodes on its own social media channels through GIF.

11. Animations

In a way, animations mix the social media appeal of both GIFs and videos. Animated videos are a good choice once you do not have the money to produce a high-quality video that includes real actors. Utilizing a service like Animoto, you could simply make animated videos for social sharing.

Animated videos are a unique method to share social media content more than once. Sharing the same link twice on your Fb page can lead to decrease engagement. For instance, think about repurposing some of your blog posts for text-driven animated videos that share the same content in a new method.

Vox does lots of fascinating things with video, together with short explainer videos including still images and animation along with video clips.

12. Product photos

Get creative and find new methods to share images of your products online. These images should not look like the easier ones in an online store. Have fun! Group products together, photograph them against fascinating backgrounds, or deconstruct them to show them in a new method.

Be sure that any product photos you share fit in seamlessly with your brand aesthetic, particularly on visual platforms like Instagram. The point is for the images to blend in with your other social media content—but stand out in your followers’ feeds.

Bando’s colourful products look good in a collage-style photo like this one shared on Instagram to highlight inexpensive options for holiday gifts.

13. User-generated content

When you have followers who use your services and products to make their own social media content, reach out and ask to repost it (with credit) on your accounts. It’s a good way to broaden your social media posts and to show some appreciation for your key customers at the same time.

On Twitter, retweet or quote retweet to share posts that discuss your company in a positive light. On Fb, you could post on your page with a link to another post. Firstly, ask the original publisher to make their post public. On Instagram, apps like InstaRepost or Repost for Instagram permit you to share content from other customers.

Whole Foods took advantage of the #cartgoals hashtag by sharing this picture from another user on Instagram, that includes a filled procuring cart in certainly one of their shops.

14. Instagram Stories

Do not forget about Stories when utilizing Instagram! It’s a prevalent function on the platform, with 500 million stories being posted every single day.

You could get creative with apps like PINS to make fun visual posts, or simply add stickers and text to images. Additionally, Instagram permits users to share feed posts to their Stories, giving your posts an even wider audience.

Instagram profile of Simply Made by Beckah showing Instagram Story Highlight of "clay options"First slide of "Clay Options" Instagram Story by Simply Made By Beckah: 18 different colours of clay displayed on white background in small circles

Instagram stories that you wish to save could be shared as highlights, as Simply Made by Bekah does here to save and display the colour options for her jewellery.

15. Interesting or inspirational quotes

Quote posts are a good way to highlight essential parts of your articles or blog posts. They could also be used to share tips, advice, and insights from key people at your company. These posts are particularly prevalent on Instagram and Pinterest, however, could be effective on any platform with a visual element.

Financial advice may not seem like it lends itself to visual posts, however, this colourful quote post proves that assumption wrong.

16. Guest takeover posts

That is like posting influencer social media content, but with a twist. Have somebody—an influencer, an industry figure, an employee—do a guest takeover of your social media accounts. They will select the content to be shared for a set period, usually a day or a week.

You can tie these takeovers to a particular event, like having a home decor blogger do a takeover in early December to feature holiday decoration ideas. It is also prevalent to make them a regular occurrence—for instance, every Wednesday or the first Friday of the month—so followers know to watch for the newest takeover guest.

As with influencer posts, this could open up your social media following to new audiences. It could also give ideas for new approaches to your feeds and get fresh eyes on your accounts. Make sure your guest sticks to your brand guidelines and aesthetic, however, let them have a bit of fun with it too.

Female influencer talking into camera. Text: Ways to use mask: 10 min mask, overnight mask, moisturizer

Skincare brand Summer Fridays saves its takeovers through Instagram Stories, where different influencers share how their products fit in their personal care routines.

17. Industry news

Besides sharing news about your organization on your social media accounts, share related articles and updates about your industry as well. These social media posts work particularly well for Twitter, where people come for news, and LinkedIn, where people network and look for industry-focused info.

Look for news about exciting growths in your industry, upcoming industry conferences, or positive work done by related organizations. These posts could widen your social reach and help position your company as an industry leader.

For instance, Hootsuite shared this Entrepreneur article on the “10 Laws of Social Media Marketing” to Fb because they knew their fans are social media professionals who would find the data helpful.

Social Media Content

18. Infographics

Visual infographic posts could be a good way to share lots of info rapidly. For instance, when you have new sales outcomes or market research to share, think about including the key findings in an infographic, as well as in individual posts that highlight specific statistics.

By their nature, infographic photos are sometimes vertical. This makes them worth for Pinterest, where vertical-orientation images are the norm. Additionally, think about making infographic pictures with horizontal orientation to share on Fb, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Content

Verafin makes software used by financial institutions to find fraud, which makes the company an expert on subjects like elder care. This infographic, posted on LinkedIn, shares a few of that info in an easily understood visual format.

19. Previews and teasers

Give your social media fans the feeling that they are firm insiders by sharing a sneak peek at what you have coming up. This can include screenshots of upcoming software, some details teasing an upcoming event, or product shots of a soon-to-be-released item.

Of course, these posts needs to be done carefully. You do not want to give away anything without the appropriate firm approvals, or to make a competitive disadvantage. However, once they are well done, preview and teaser posts on social media could build anticipation.

Apple is a master at this, particularly in the leadup to their significant product announcements.

They share glimpses of the upcoming new products, however, never give away too much, so people will want to tune into live videos of the official launch.

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