35 Instagram Features Every Marketer Must Master: 2023 Guide (1/2)

35 Instagram Features Every Marketer Must Master: 2023 Guide

Welcome to the ultimate 2023 guide for marketers! Discover the 35 must-know Instagram features that will supercharge your marketing efforts. From powerful analytics to interactive content and seamless communication tools, we’ve got you covered.

Elevate your strategy, engage your audience, and propel your brand to new heights of success. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Instagram marketing mastery!

New Instagram features

Instagram Notes

Imagine Instagram Notes as your personal bulletin board – a place to “pin” concise phrases atop your messenger, ensuring they remain visible for 24 hours. Whether it’s event reminders, promotions, life updates, or anything else you wish to share, Notes provide an excellent platform to keep your audience informed and engaged. Stay connected and make your messages stand out with this handy feature!

Instagram Collabs

Collab posts, a genius Instagram feature, enable two distinct accounts to jointly share content on their feeds. By displaying both creators’ handles, comments, and likes in one place, this feature streamlines the collaboration process. It’s the perfect choice for partnering with influencers or other businesses for advertisements or sponsored content, ensuring transparency and authenticity for your audience. Embrace the power of collab posts to forge impactful partnerships and captivate your followers with seamless, genuine content!

copy of Instagram collab post example

Unlock the true potential of Instagram collab posts, where your reach skyrockets as both your followers and your collaborator’s followers gain access to your content. Looking to become a master of this art? Delve into the following reading material to discover the secrets of crafting impactful collab posts that captivate audiences and elevate your Instagram game!

Instagram business features

Professional dashboard

The Professional Dashboard on Instagram caters to Business and Creator accounts, providing a valuable space to gauge your performance on the app (more details on Instagram Insights below). Additionally, you can uncover insights to enhance your metrics, thanks to the “Grow Your Business” section, which offers a plethora of helpful tools for achieving greatness on the ‘gram. Embrace this powerful resource to refine your strategies and elevate your Instagram presence to new heights!

Instagram features professional dashboard

Interactive bio

Harness the power of interactive bio features to facilitate seamless access to essential information right from your Instagram profile. With clickable details such as your business address and phone number, curious potential customers can easily navigate to the point of interest.

interactive bio

And let’s not overlook the “link in bio” – a prime opportunity to showcase your company website or create a personalized linktree, maximizing that valuable space to the fullest. Elevate your Instagram presence with these engaging features and provide your audience with a smooth and convenient experience!

Desktop publishing

Gone are the days of being confined to mobile-only posting on Instagram, as pre-2021 limitations have been shattered. Thanks to Instagram’s groundbreaking desktop publishing feature introduced in June 2021, you can now liberate yourself from neck cramping and post directly from your computer’s desktop. Embrace this newfound freedom and elevate your Instagram game with ease and comfort!

Experience the convenience of desktop publishing by logging in to instagram.com and clicking on Create on the left side of your screen. This unlocks a world of possibilities – drag and drop content, apply filters, add captivating captions, and much more!

Instagram Insights

Harness the power of Instagram’s Insights to monitor your platform success (found in the Professional Dashboard, as mentioned above). This invaluable feature enables you to track essential metrics, including engagement rate, likes, comments, followers, and more.

analytics insights overview

To fully grasp the potential of IG analytics for your business account, we highly recommend checking out this informative blog post for a comprehensive rundown. Unleash the data-driven potential and take your Instagram presence to new heights!

Instagram Live

Forge genuine and real-time connections with Instagram Live, a powerful feature that allows you to engage your audience like never before. Elevate your brand authenticity and gain a significant advantage in the social media realm. Embrace the magic of Instagram Live as you connect directly with your viewers, invite them to join your live video, showcase shoppable products, and embark on a captivating interactive journey. Unleash the potential of this feature to create memorable experiences and establish a meaningful bond with your audience!

Instagram Guides

Leverage the Instagram Guides feature to curate content centered around a specific theme or objective. Whether it’s a product launch, sale, or brand information, IG Guides empower you to create cohesive and engaging collections.

The best part? No need to generate new content; think of a guide as a compilation of pre-existing, already-published content tailored for a specific purpose. Embrace the ease of creating Instagram Guides and unlock the potential to captivate your audience with purposeful, well-organized content bundles!

Instagram live

Pinned comments

Unleash the power of pinned comments on Instagram to take control of what your audience sees first! With comments usually sorted by time or algorithm, pinning a comment allows you to direct viewers’ attention to a specific message. Placed directly below the post’s caption, pinned comments become prominent focal points.

For businesses, pinned comments offer a valuable tool to amplify positive messages, highlight frequently asked questions, or showcase humor and wit. The process of pinning a comment is simple – here’s how to do it, empowering you to craft a captivating narrative and engage your audience like never before!

Instagram messaging features

Direct messages

Take your conversations to the DMs – Instagram’s private and discreet way of interacting. Engage in direct messaging with any Instagram account, ensuring a direct line of communication. It’s the perfect platform for having private conversations you’d rather keep away from the public eye, offering a secure and confidential space for meaningful exchanges. Embrace the power of DMs to connect on a personal level and foster meaningful relationships, away from the prying eyes of the whole world.

Group chats

Think of group chats as DMs on steroids, but with the inclusion of three or more accounts. It’s the perfect platform for sharing content, engaging in discussions with a close-knit circle, and, of course, exchanging memes like pros.

Surprisingly, Instagram group chats can accommodate up to 250 accounts, making it feel a bit like having a turkey setting on a microwave – an abundance you might never expect to need! But hey, it’s always good to know you have the capacity for greatness, even if you don’t need that many accounts in your chats!

Instagram group chats

Audio and video calls

Move over, Zoom – Instagram’s private messenger has got you covered! With this nifty feature, you can initiate audio or video calls with up to eight people simultaneously. Simply click on the phone or video option located in the top right corner of your DM, and voilà! Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, connecting with your squad has never been easier. Embrace the power of Instagram’s multi-person calls and elevate your communication game to new heights!

Automatic replies

Consider an automatic reply as Instagram’s version of a voicemail, instantly acknowledging receipt of a direct message and conveying a standard message to all senders. This feature proves particularly valuable for businesses.

Take advantage of automatic replies to address frequently asked questions, share timely updates, or inform individuals that IG DM may not be the optimal contact method. If you seek to enhance your DM game, Buildmyplays’s Inbox offers a seamless solution to streamline communication. Embrace the power of automatic replies and revolutionize the way you engage with your audience!

Saved replies

Unlock the incredible IG hack of saved replies, a lifesaver for managing high volumes of DMs. These are shortcuts to longer messages that can save you time and effort. Maximize your efficiency by setting up multiple saved replies in your IG settings, streamlining your responses and making communication a breeze. Embrace the power of saved replies and conquer the challenge of handling numerous DMs like a pro!

saved replies

Reply to comments

Rather than responding to comments with more comments, utilize the option to reply via direct message. This nifty tool allows you to seamlessly shift conversations from the public comment section to private messages. It’s a handy way to maintain a more personal and private exchange with your audience, all while keeping the conversation flowing smoothly!

Polls, quizzes, GIFs and stickers

With Instagram messenger, you can add some flair to your direct messages by sending GIFs or stickers. Engage your group chats with interactive polls or quizzes, making the conversation all the more exciting (available in chats with three or more accounts).

messenger polls and quizzes

To access these fun features, simply enter the desired chat and tap the sticker icon located on the lower right side of the screen. From there, choose from a variety of stickers and GIFs, and utilize the poll and quiz options. If you can’t find what you need right away, don’t worry—just use the handy search bar to uncover the perfect addition to your messages!

Polls, quizzes, GIFs and stickers

Unleash your creativity with Instagram messenger’s exciting features! In any direct message, you can jazz up your conversations by sending fun GIFs or expressive stickers. Engage your group chats even further with interactive polls or quizzes, available in chats with three or more accounts.

Accessing these features is a breeze: simply enter the desired chat and tap the sticker icon located on the lower right side of the screen. From there, browse through an array of stickers and GIFs, and explore the poll and quiz options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for immediately, worry not—simply utilize the search bar for quick and easy access to the perfect elements to elevate your messaging experience!

Unsend messages

Fear not if you’ve slipped up in a direct message or sent one to the wrong account on Instagram. To undo your mistake, simply tap and hold the message, and then select “Unsend.”

Keep in mind that if the person has already read the message, this won’t erase it from their memory (though it might leave them wondering if they’re losing it!). Nevertheless, you have the power to rectify the situation and regain control of your messages with ease. So, breathe easy and unsend away!

Vanish mode

While not particularly business-focused (unless you’re into some GOSSIP), the Vanish mode on Instagram messenger is undoubtedly entertaining. To activate this fun feature, simply open the messenger and swipe up on the screen, turning your chat screen black. Any messages seen in Vanish mode will disappear.

However, do keep an important note in mind: Instagram notifies everyone in the chat if someone takes a screenshot. So, it’s better to exercise caution and enjoy the spontaneous nature of Vanish mode without leaving any traces behind!


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