6 Artist Newsletter Tips to Keep Fans Connected With Your Music

Last Updated on December 7th, 2019 at 11:34 pm

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Your fans are excited about your music, however, sometimes it’s difficult to stay in touch with what you are doing and where you are headed. One good method to promote your music and keep followers engaged is with an artist newsletter.

Sure, social media is a good tool that you need to definitely use to communicate with your fans.

A music newsletter permits you to communicate your most essential info to your most engaged audience. An audience’s email is a direct line to their attention.

You need to use your artist newsletter to ensure the people most likely to help your music know about everything you’ve going on.

In this post, let’s check out some tips to put together a unique and fascinating artist newsletter that’ll keep your audiences up to date and interested in your project.

What should I put in my music newsletter?

Your newsletter is a unique chance to share something unique about your art with a particular audience.

It does not have to look like a newsletter either.

Your newsletter can just be some cool photos from your last tour and a good poem if you want.

You could put anything you need in your music newsletter, however, here are some ideas:

  • Any upcoming tour dates
  • Teasers for new releases
  • In-depth information about albums, EPs and singles
  • Merchandise and clothing drops
  • Links to new articles about your project
  • Invitations to support a charity or cause
  • Your art, words about life, lyrics, and poetry

Your newsletter is one method to showcase your art and share it with your audience.

Anybody who subscribes to your newsletter is excited about you and the personality of your work, so show it!

How to make your own artist newsletter

artist newsletter


When you plan on utilizing an email newsletter there are some moving parts to consider.

Here are six things you need to be thinking about when sending an artist newsletter

1. Be true to yourself

The first step is to ask yourself how an email can best represent you.

You probably know by now what aesthetic your sound and art follow so your emails should not veer away from that.

Whether your music is dark and brooding or colorful and sweet there is an appropriate mixture of colors, font, art and copy that work greatest for you.

Do not send something that your audience would expect only. Think outside of the box and make something surprising, fresh and fascinating.

2. Collect emails in a classy method

No one likes getting spam, so do not send emails to anybody who does not want to hear from you.

This means discovering a respectful method to collect emails.

Keep a list at your merch table any time you play a show and welcome people to give their emails if they wish to keep up with your project.

You can even give away a free pin or sticker to encourage people to sign-up.

Put a signup form on your artist site and ask for emails whenever a fan visits you online.

When you offer free downloads of a track via Bandcamp you could exchange these downloads for an email.

3. Catchy templates and email tools

Ok, you put the work in and managed to grab your first 20 emails.

Now what? Obviously, you’re not going to ship your newsletter individually.

It might be tempting to bcc everybody in your send list, however, it makes a lot more sense to get a free email marketing tool.

These tools make it simple to add your list of contacts and send emails with eye-catching customizable templates.

Email marketing tools will also automatically update your contact list if somebody fills out a signup form on your site.

Best of all you will get all types of stats about your send-outs so you could know what people like.

Here are some email marketing tools to take a look at:

4. Offer something of value

Give your email subscribers a reason to be happy when following your newsletters.

A method to do this is by giving exclusive access to your art and releases.

Let fans know what’s coming up for you and share an exclusive single with them.

Offering a small discount on show tickets or merch is an effective way to show your diehard followers that you care. Plus you will also make some money!

music newsletter

5. Send your emails reasonably and frequently

It’s best to determine how often you wish to send your newsletter and stick to a schedule, so your followers know what to expect.

It’s probably greatest to send your newsletter at a monthly or bi-monthly interval.

Sending out a newsletter every day is not reasonable for anybody and can annoy your audiences, particularly if the content is not great.

Your main purpose needs to be to send a good newsletter often enough to stay top of mind with your fans without annoying them.

6. Subject lines and goals

Any email you send contains a subject line, a body, and a call-to-action.

Your topic line needs to be designed to encourage the recipient to open the email. That is known as the open rate.

Once somebody clicks the email they’ll read the body and interact with whatever words and pictures it contains.

In case your email’s goal is to get somebody to go to your site, purchase concert tickets or purchase merch, your email will include a call-to-action that links to a web page.

As you make your email think about how these three factors influence one another and could be optimized to extend the chances of somebody clicking the call-to-action.

Artist newsletters are simple to do so don’t overlook them

You need to concentrate on making music so its understandable if sending an artist newsletter is not number one on your to-do list.

However, if you wish to get ahead by promoting your music, newsletters are definitely something to include in your marketing arsenal.

They are not terribly difficult to do, particularly with modern email marketing tools. Plus you could use them to sell merch and tickets!

It is all about engaging your diehard fans and rising your following.

Just be yourself, share things that are valuable and your fans will love it.

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