6 Brands Crushing It with Instagram Story

Instagram story

You recognize what I like more than just about anything in the whole wide world? Seeing profitable social media. Through organic social media efforts, brands can’t make a revenue unless they’re constructing the trust and respect of their audiences. I like seeing profitable social due to meaning each the brand and the customers win. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

Recently, many brands have knocked it out of the park on social, namely with Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories create an interesting dynamic for brands as a result of, from the outside, nobody can numerically choose the success of their efforts—there is no view count or like count. That mentioned, there isn’t a denying that the following 6 brands are successful of their Instagram Stories.

1. Converse

Have you ever noticed how hard Converse works to be “alternative,” especially lately? Unabashed effort goes into missing the mark on “cool” and falling into whiskey tango foxtrot—thus, they’re incomes the respect of many youths, as is customary for Converse.

Creative aside, marketers ought to take notice of their Instagram Story strategy. In announcing the rollout of a new shoe collaboration, Converse seamlessly connects their Instagram post content material with their Instagram Story content material.


Their Instagram feed and Instagram Story work in excellent harmony.

If brands need their viewers to know something, they need to wrap exciting, memorable content material around that something and repeat, repeat, repeat, just as Converse has done—so nicely “it will make you puke.”

2. Twitter

Twitter, you dog, you! Twitter shamelessly shares highlights from the Instagram Stories channels. Swipe up, and customers will land on Twitter. when they haven’t downloaded the app or created an account, they are going to be prompted to do so.

Twitter knows what Tweeters like to Tweet about. Their Instagram Stories are filled with social causes, news, sports activities, and celebrities. Each video prompts customers to swipe up to study more, i.e., swipe up to go to Twitter, where the “real” conversations are occurring. When they submit content material of such engaging high quality, who can fault Twitter for stealing a little Instagram love for themselves?

3. Nordstrom Rack

The Nordstrom Rack account managers went behind-the-scenes on their holiday shoot. Whereas the models joyfully bounced around, teenage customers ran to their mother and father, begging for an advance on their monthly allowances.

Everybody knows Nordstrom stands for high quality, however seeing the clothes in action takes them beyond #targets to #mustbemine. By the time the professional pictures from this BTS shoot hit shops/catalogs (and the clothes hit the racks), customers will really feel a kinship to the models, excitement for the new season, and most importantly, trust in the brand.

4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones followers love their merch, and the managers of the Game of Thrones Instagram account plan to take that truth straight to the bank.

The Game of Thrones viewers, dominated by forever-nerds, will leap at any piece of merchandise which will raise them above the hoards of wine-drinkers-who-know-things. By sharing hyperlinks to merchandise clearly made by small-fry super-fans, the brand exhibits a ton of heart. This Instagram Story is another great example of a brand profiting from knowing and serving their viewers. They even have the intelligent hashtag #reptherealm.

5. Crossfit

Crossfit is attempting to serve an international viewer from one account, and that’s no simple feat. Yes, lots of brands do it, however, Crossfit isn’t selling a product; they’re promoting a lifestyle. Going worldwide, covering all these lifestyles (which include a variety of cultures and traditions) is tough.

I won’t congratulate Crossfit on the standard of their images/videography as a result of, frankly, I believe they will do better. Nonetheless, I do commend the brand for staying so true to brand and using their resources.

The brand made use of Instagram Live (later shared to their Instagram Story), user-generated content material, and influencer advertising and marketing, all in one story, which is pretty incredible. Their Instagram content material additionally covers their brand pillars of food, health, community, and jockish humor.

6. Taco Bell

Say you are dating a nice boy and wish him to remember you even when he’s chillin’ on the porcelain throne. What do you do? Take an excellent cute selfie, and make it his phone’s background picture without his permission. Duh. Unforgettable.

That’s all Taco Bell is asking: to be unforgettable, by way of phone backgrounds in all places.

This sort of engagement is pretty common. Many brands immediate users to capture the superbly proportioned Instagram Story pictures to later use as extraordinary phone display pictures (and Snapchat Stories). With a phone background like this, friends of the Taco Bell fan will probably see a tenfold enhance in instances of, “Want to go to Taco Bell?”

Because of Instagram Stories’ many options, from live video to hyperlinks, there’s more than one method to skin a cat. As a marketer, you have to experiment to discover ways to best skin your particular cat (ew). In other words, when brands actually kill it on Instagram Stories, it’s a result of understanding and serving the needs and desires of their audiences, as with any other social platform. Usually, brands simply optimize their already finely-tuned Instagram content material to fit the new medium. Other times, they use the on-the-go temporary publisher to provide the viewers a look behind-the-scenes, into the soul of the brand.

In short, in case you are confident your group produces content material that captivates, engages, and serves your viewers, start testing out that content material on Instagram Stories. You’ll be happy you did.

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