7 Awesome Hacks to Promote Social Media Posts

promote social media posts

The average social media user is inundated with a ton of posts daily. Most of those could be from friends and people she follows; the others are from brands vying for her attention. Considering each hyperlink posted to social media enjoys a half-life of around three hoursbrands should search constantly for novel methods to promote social media posts to maintain them relevant for longer.

Though social media is a good platform to tell your brand story (which is the best way to market your brand, as people love stories and may relate strongly with them), many brands have really do not why. Social media still is a superb native distribution channel, and if we can master its complexities, we can generate more attention for our content material. We need to maximize the reach of our content material through more clickthroughs, likes, and shares. This can help us gain an edge over our competitors.

Listed below are a few tips to promote social media posts.

1. Using Open Graph Tags on Facebook

Google uses the schema markup to understand how web content material is organized—that is how it shows outcomes. Rich snippets of recipes, ratings, and occasions are examples of how Google understands the schema markup of web content material and shows outcomes accordingly.

Similarly, Fb has its own specialized device called Open Graph Protocol, which shows content material in a highly structured way. When you can master this protocol, you may increase the engagement of your Fb posts and also improve the way in which they are distributed to promote social media posts.


2. Create Different Posts for Different Channels

Every social media channel has its own unique method of presenting content material and, thus, has its own loyal viewers who like to consume content material in that fashion. Customers will appreciate that you have taken the effort and time to adapt your content material according to the demands of that particular platform.

On Fb such as you’ll be better served when you post content material that is informative and entertaining—something that is instantly shareable. Create attention-grabbing headlines and content material that may form an emotional connection with your viewers to promote social media posts.

LinkedIn has a professional viewer. Your content material needs to be crafted so as to add worth to their professional lives.
Twitter is known for its witty, trending updates. Share content material that’s catchy, interesting, and curiosity-inspiring.

Instagram is a visually-led platform that thrives on stunning images. Can you create nice visuals of any a part of your content material? If so, do it, and publish it on Instagram.

3. Add Call to Action Buttons

Create posts in such a method that your CTA button is prominently displayed, enticing readers, to take action. It might be as inane as “Learn More,” taking the reader to your blog post, or a more ambitious “Subscribe Now.”


Readers are more likely to click on these buttons, and their success may be tracked through UTM parameters. When you see good traffic coming through from that post, promote it more to get more traction.

4. Ask Your Sources to Share the Posts

You have likely written an awesome piece of content material that mentions somebody or quotes somebody. When you post it, send an email to the source, telling them that you have posted this content material that mentions them and asking them to share it with their viewers.


A easy tweet will even do.


Does the person you talked about in your post have a substantial following? Sharing your post with their viewers is a good way to promote your work.

5. Get Your People Involved

Social media isn’t essentially the sole domain and responsibility of the marketing department. Every worker is capable of contributing to your social media accounts to promote social media posts. Staff from different departments are experts in their area and may bring a unique perspective and depth of knowledge to your social media content material. It also imparts a feeling of importance and group effort when staff is allowed to share content material on the company’s social media accounts.

Clients will appreciate when brands put up well-researched and interesting content material. It can be difficult to provide quality content material consistently—involving employees with different expertise will make your job much simpler. Such high-quality posts are bound to get good traction and drive person engagement.

This also makes selling new posts simpler. If staff are involved in social communication, they can be encouraged to share the posts with their own private networks. This could get your posts substantial traction.

6. Use Industry-Specific Hashtags

One of my previous posts on this blog talks about methods you could find relevant hashtags for your business. Utilizing hashtags which are specific to your business in your posts is a great way to promote them.

The travel, tourism, and hospitality business such as use a host of different hashtags like #travel and location-specific hashtags, like #”country” (#spain, for example), #”city”, #”airport”, and so on. There are also common chats hosted by different people that talk about specific topics. On certain days of the week, travelers publish themed content material. For instance, #BeachThursday attracts beach-themed photos and videos of beaches.

It was my task on Thursday afternoon that I stumbled upon Playa del Carmen. Their hashtag-perfect post was what led me to this relatively under-the-radar beach, the place I had the vacation of a lifetime snorkeling with turtles and cenotes, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, and watching the Caribbean sundown.


7. Ask Questions in Your LinkedIn Post Titles

To get traction out of a LinkedIn post, transfer your post title into a question. The goal is to stimulate conversation and what better method than to ask a question and let readers share their thoughts on it.

When you keep on participating in the dialog actively, you may maintain your post at the top of your feed and keep on promoting it for as long as you need. This strategy can be utilized on any platform, not just LinkedIn. An intelligent question is too much to resist, and more often than not, it’ll induce a conversation.

Social media has overwhelmed the very fabric of our everyday existence. With the average lifespan of social media posts reducing by the day, it’s imperative for brands to search out novel methods to get attention for their posts. What works for one brand may not work for the other, and it’s only through strategic trial and error that you discover to promote social media posts.

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