7 Tactics to Get More Leads on Social Media (2/2)

Last Updated on March 26th, 2020 at 5:27 pm

get more leads on social

Continue with some other effective tactics to get more leads on social media…

4. Create clickable content

Without compelling content, you will not collect leads. It’s that easy.

Keep in mind, everybody on social media is competing for attention. And attention spans are shorter than ever. Photos should be sharp, and the copy should be sharper. In case your purpose is to generate leads, be sure to tailor your creative to support it.

With click-worthy content, you will wish to ensure that people have a place to click on. Wherever possible, ensure that each post has a clear link and tempting call-to-action.

Here are some more clickable choices available across different platforms:

Pinterest Business site checkout screen

5. Offer the right incentive

Give people a reason why they should share info with you. Relying on the kind of lead you are seeking to collect, there are different incentives you could give to sweeten the deal.

Contests or sweepstakes

Holding a social media contest is a good way to get more leads on social media. For entry, ask participants to share whatever info you’d wish to learn. For instance, the medical-learning platform Osmosis held a social contest that required participants to submit a form to enter. Among other things, the form asked for school and field of study information.

Increase the reach of your contest by teaming up with an influencer or brand partners.

Discount code

Many brands give customers a coupon code in exchange for a newsletter sign-up. Coupon codes or rewards points encourage customers to make a return go to your website, and ideally a purchase. When you plan to offer one, have a strategy in place for not just generating leads, but additionally nurturing and converting them.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions post about LinkedIn being the top platform for lead generation

Gated content

Relying on your industry, gated content like whitepapers, invite-only webinars, or even access to private Facebook Groups make for compelling incentives. It makes sense, for instance, to ask for an email address to send a whitepaper. However, you could also ask for job titles or other information that’ll inform your marketing and business efforts. Additionally, you could give customers the opportunity to opt-in to receiving more news from your brand.

Current research by Demand Gen Report asked US marketers to rate tactics that drive the best outcomes for lead nurturing. Here are the outcomes:

  • Webinars 35%
  • Email newsletters 29%
  • Thought leadership articles 28%
  • Whitepapers 26%
  • Customer content (case studies, reviews, and so on.) 25%
  • Sales emails 21%

Contests, coupon codes, and exclusive content are great rewards. However, keep in mind, you need to have a great purpose to collect customer info. Whether it’s to send a quality newsletter, cultivate loyalty, or give rewards in the future, tell customers what is in it for them.

6. Personalize your offer

A little personalization could go a long way, particularly in terms of social media lead generation. Actually, research by Heinz Marketing and Uberflip found personalizing content helps with a lead generation more than any other marketing purpose.

eMarketer chart: What Effect Does Content Personalization Have on Marketing Performance? #1 is "improved lead generation"

Another study found that most marketers are putting personalization first in terms of improving the quality of leads. However, that doesn’t make it simple: 44% of respondents peg personalization as a challenge.

get more leads on social

Targeting is a great place to begin. Benefit from the targeting tools available on Fb, LinkedIn and other platforms to reach the right users. Run separate campaigns for different audiences so you could tailor your message accordingly. For instance, you might want to split campaigns by gender, occupation, or age level.

Retargeting works here, too. For instance, Visit Trentino ran a multipart campaign on Fb that retargeted people who had previously shown interest them. The second part of its campaign showcased the different things people could do in Trentino, like boating, hiking, and biking

get more leads on social

In addition to pre-filled forms, LinkedIn’s Dynamic Advert format pulls a user’s name, image, and even job title in the advert so you could address them directly. Pursuant to LinkedIn, adverts that directly address somebody have a 19% higher click-through rate and 53% higher conversion rate than adverts that don’t.

LinkedIn dynamic ads

The inbox is another great place for personalization. Whether you make a Fb Messenger Bot or a LinkedIn InMail campaign, make the information you already have count.

7. Measure and refine with analytics

When you are collecting social media leads, you should be collecting analytics insights, too.

Arrange targets in Google Analytics to track leads on your site. It will permit you to monitor which social media platform is the best source for your business. When you notice, for instance, that LinkedIn outperforms Fb, it might be worth redoubling efforts on that platform.

Social analytics tools additionally permit you to identify the kind of creative and messaging that performs best. For instance, UK retirement community developer McCarthy & Stone found that photos of apartment exteriors received more clicks than laptop renderings.

McCarthy & Stone facebook lead ad

With this insight, the developer was capable of generate 4.3 times more sales leads in its next campaign and decrease the prices per lead.

We hope 7 effective tactics here will help you get more leads in social media yourself.

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