7 Tips to Make Successful Facebook Video Adverts

Last Updated on November 26th, 2019 at 10:32 am

Making Successful Facebook Video Adverts

We showed you a simplified version for the nuts-and-bolts of making a video advert. Let’s take a look at some tips to make successful Facebook video adverts possible.

1. Identify your objectives

What do you want to achieve with your Facebook video adverts?

  • Want more people to recognize your brand?
  • To watch your videos?
  • To install your apps?
  • To go to your site?
  • To give you their email addresses?

Want me to stop asking so many questions?

Fine, However, you should not. Here are a bunch of KPIs worth considering. Get clear with your objectives, so you could make the right advert for the right reasons.

2. Identify your market

You are investing time, money, and brain calories to make successful Facebook video adverts. Do not waste it on eyes and ears that will not see or hear your message.

When you want to make successful Facebook video adverts, you could define your target audience. Such as location, age, sex, language, pursuits, behaviors, shared connections and mucho extra.

Now you are ready to make an advert that’ll relate to your fans and followers.

3. Make your content relevant

Now that you have recognized and established your crowd, time to connect with them. With content, they care about.


Tell a story worth telling.

I mentioned in my quick editing tips post about the “Story Brand Framework.” Love it. You’ll too. Character, villain, problem, feelings, a Yoda-like guide, empathy, wisdom, a plan, ending with a call to action.

If nothing else, keep in mind this… make your story—your content—about them more than you.

People love themselves more than they love you, just the way it should be.

Keep that in mind when your fingers begin writing when your eyes begin filming when your voice begins talking.

4. Select a right advert type

Want to build an engaging story utilizing only video and text? Something compelling, yet quickly? Want to walk people through a complex process? Pick a slideshow advert.

Need to turn your existing videos into readymade story adverts? Need to make your readers feel part of a bigger community? Need them to see more of your videos on mobile, since they have their phone in their arms anyway? Story adverts are your ticket.

Need to turn an existing post into a video? To boost a piece that’s already working into something people want more of? So they will show up more in others’ news feeds? Boost a post is a way.

Fb video advertising makes it simple. Up to you to select wisely.

5. Open a story loop

Related to my ‘more about them vs you’ rant… Framing a message around an issue is a proven method to grab attention.

  • It shows you have empathy
  • It shows you understand them
  • It shows you understand what you are talking about

It’s also a good way to open a story (in your headline), and loop them into the advert:

  • “Losing sleep at nights worrying how people think of you?”
  • “Is bad breath ruining your nigh-nigh time with your partner?”
  • “Do people ‘get it’ right away when they read your homepage?”

Our brains are wired to solve issues. Show them both—problem, then solution.

6. Encourage viewers to take action

All that work—determining the topic, growing the message, writing the script, making the video… and then no (strong) call to action?

Tisk, tisk, tisk.

You aren’t doing this for charity’s sake. Just ask your boss man-or-gal.

You are (usually) doing this to get the reader to take an action. Such as “Buy now”, “Download the guide”, “Get your free pattern”.

Don’t be shy about asking the audience to take action, with a compelling CTA.

7. Don’t require sound

People are dizzy-busy in this age of distraction with smartphones in hand.

Recently, my two twin 9-year-old boys and I drove through downtown Seattle. We counted 45 people on the streets with their phones in front of their faces. In 5 minutes! On a Sunday!

People are moving fast through their feeds when commuting, walking, and eating. Sound is usually not appropriate or viable—yet they still want to see what’s going on.

Does your video make sense without sound? Add captions!

Fb added this function. Because they understand captioned adverts increase video time by an average of 12%.

Just a few of the ideas for making awesome Facebook video adverts. I will point out a few more tips in the Fb video advert examples below to encourage your next campaign.

5 examples of high-quality Fb video adverts

1. Calm

This comes under the topic of easy. As in very.

Breath in. Breath out.

That is exactly what the video helps you do if you watch it. Watch it. Tell me you feel otherwise.

Eyes, ears, and heart all working together for this video advert. This promotes their brand and vision—Live mindfully. Sleep better. Breathe deeper.

I feel so relaxed right now. I will be back shortly after a calm break.

2. Oatly

This shows a good way to open a story loop.

Watching it, you could not help however need to scroll all the way down to learn the copy to study extra of the ‘why’ for this video. Again, that is an advert to promote brand and culture.

3. Design Pickle

The first line, the first five seconds—you understand what problem this design agency is aiming to solve for viewers.

Then they lead you to and thru the solution, backed up with testimonials.

Making Successful Facebook Video Adverts

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of my favorites for their voice and vibe (see tips for promoting your ‘boring brand’).

I talked about a video worthy of no sound—here’s one.

This Fb video advert walks you through the process to capture new contacts with one click. It’s easy to know, whether you are at a rock concert, in a New York subway, or next to your screaming kids.

Making Successful Facebook Video Adverts

5. Ben and Jerry’s

Got a craving for sweets? Say, for an ice cream sandwich?

Here’s the easiest (and clever) method I have seen to create one, right now in your kitchen—in seconds.

Talk about a simple how-to!

Can’t wait to make these for my youngsters tonight.

Is there a easy method so that you can delight your followers? It’s there, simply ready so that you can discover, present and inform.

Making Successful Facebook Video Adverts

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