8 Tips To Get More Subscribers on YouTube

Last Updated on January 3rd, 2019 at 10:39 am

get more subscribers on Youtube

Not only do you need a recurring theme across your channel’s content material (like the format, the subject matter, or the niche you’re talking to), you additionally need to communicate what that’s to viewers. You should build a brand on your YouTube channel to get more subscribers on Youtube.

Subscribers don’t have time to figure you out and what you’re about. And when you think about it, people do not subscribe due to the video they just watched, however, due to the expectation of more content material like it in the future.

Even massive YouTubers that don’t appear to have a specific “thing” like Pewdiepie and Casey Neistat, actually did have a consistent brand of video content material before they got to the point where they might branch out and thrive on their personality alone.

So, particularly if you’re beginning out, figure out what the premise of your channel is—what your promise is—and communicate it at a glance.

Listed below are some methods to get more subscribers on Youtube.

1. Create a “channel trailer”

Many YouTube channels show a channel trailer at the upper of their page that autoplays when guests check them out.

Create a “trailer” video of your own which you can show to unsubscribed guests on your page to quickly tell them what to expect from you.

The advantage of creating a unique trailer for this spot in which you can stitch together footage from your past videos or deliver your “pitch” directly to your viewers and ask them to subscribe to get more subscribers on Youtube.

Here is an amazing example from How to Cake It that conveys the channel’s focus (making cake), tone (having enjoyable with cake), and personality (passionate about cake).

2. Provide you with a pitch for your YouTube channel

An elevator pitch is an often underestimated software that’s related to all self-starters, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a creator.

And YouTubers aren’t any exception.

This pitch can be utilized in your About part, your intro, your closing, or wherever you should quickly communicate what your channel is about.

Most YouTubers already end their videos by saying something along the lines of, “When you liked this video, please hit the thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe.” However, this call to action may be enhanced by creating an outro that speaks to the content material that’s to come rather than what viewers just watched.

Your pitch may be as simple as I post [videos you post] every [when you post]or a teaser for what’s next. These couple of seconds capture the essence of your channel’s content material in a method to get more subscribers on Youtube a reason to hit that subscribe button.

3. Develop a consistent visual theme for video thumbnails

Thumbnails, in some methods to get more subscribers on Youtube, are more highly effective than titles when it comes to enticing people to click on a video on YouTube.

It’s worth investing time in ensuring there’s some consistency across them because it makes your channel look coherent to get more subscribers o Youtube.

YouTube allows you to select which frame to use as the thumbnail for each video, however, you need to look into designing your own.

Use Canva (free) to create custom YouTube thumbnails for each video to grab attention and create a sense of cohesion across all of your videos at a glance.

You may see the difference it makes below. Not only does it make each individual video clickable, however, but it also helps to communicate what you’re about which every potential subscriber needs to know.

how to get more youtube subscribers

Source: How to Cake It

Thinking Outside Your Own YouTube Channel

As a creator, it’s simple to get lost in the creation process and lose sight of distribution: How will people watch your content material if they never see it?

YouTube’s built-in viewers will get you some viewers, however, it’s value looking into audiences outside of your own channel and even the YouTube platform.

4. Collaborate with other YouTubers with similar audiences

Collaborations aren’t unusual on YouTube and are an effective way to get more subscribers on Youtube.

You may reach out to a YouTuber or want to associate with and suggest an idea for cross-promotion. A common method is to have your proposed partner seem in one of your videos and vice versa, each of you getting an endorsement in front of the other creator’s viewers.

Right here’s an example of when Sean Evans of Hot Ones interviewed Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time over hot wings. Sean then appeared on Epic Meal Time to cook up the spiciest ribs ever. Both channels are about taking food to the next level and both entertain you in similar methods—it is a match made in heaven.

how to get more subscribers on youtube

5. Cover the hype. Don’t try to create it every time.

As a part of your YouTube strategy, consider making videos that go after existing hype because there’s already an invested interest there to get more subscribers on Youtube.

Making a video based on a current trend or superstar may be an effective way to bring some of that attention back to your channel and win new subscribers—if you could find an appropriate overlap with your content material.

Some examples include:

  • Covering existing songs instead of always posting your own original music.
  • Parodying no matter is going viral at the time (like Pokemon Go or fidget spinners).
  • Responding to another YouTuber.

Timing these posts right may help you be relevant in the eyes of people who may not consider your videos otherwise and introduce them to your channel.

6. Share your videos in niche online communities

You probably already share your videos on Fb or Twitter already. However, have you ever explored other online communities, particularly the ones where you know your viewers spend their time?

Niche communities—on Reddit, Fb, forums, and elsewhere—that relate to your video’s viewers may appreciate what you created and opt-in to get more once you’ve got optimized your channel to get more subscribers.

Try to purpose for relevancy instead of just the size of the community if you post in subreddits or in Fb Groups.

Keep in mind that these are communities and, as a YouTuber, you should be transparent about who you’re and what you do (use your pitch from above!). Customers are sometimes very protective when it comes to maintaining the integrity of discussion in these communities, so ensure you’re adding worth first and foremost.

Encouraging Binge-Watching

It stands to reason that the more of your videos a person watches, the more likely they’re to subscribe. Not only are they offered with more opportunities to follow you, but they also have a greater sense of why.

So let’s talk about two essential methods you may turn one view into several.

7. Create playlists

Playlists are an effective way to arrange YouTube content material for users to get more subscribers on Youtube. In addition, they have an opportunity of showing up in the search outcomes on YouTube, depending on what they’re called. You could use the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension to see what the monthly search volume is like for any given search.

When you have enough content material, consider organizing it into playlists. Not only does this help segment your videos under themes, but it provides you control over the next video that plays instead of letting YouTube show someone else’s content material.

Whenever you may, share a hyperlink to your video from within a playlist. This method, viewers are met with video after video from your own channel that relates to whatever video brought them there.

8. Use YouTube Cards to suggest other videos

In a move that pissed off lots of creators, YouTube discontinued their annotations feature which made it simple to direct viewers to other content material or web pages. In its place, we’re left with YouTube Cards.

While annotations might’ve popped out more on screen, they did not work effectively on mobile devices where more than half of all YouTube views occur.

So now, these Cards are your greatest bet for recommending other content material within a video.

Use them to suggest playlists or specific videos get viewers to watch more.

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