What You Should Know About Soundcloud Next Way Documentary

Last Updated on January 3rd, 2019 at 10:37 am

soundcloud next wave

Underground music has always been the lifeblood of SoundCloud. Now, it’s additionally the focus of their latest project, the Soundcloud Next Wave, in an effort to breathe new life into the struggling firm.

SoundCloud is dealing with financial woes however they discovered more funding and still plan to be around for years to come. They’re now running a documentary series called Next Wave as part of their plan to refresh the vitality of the platform.

What’s SoundCloud Next Wave, how is it going to save SoundCloud, and most importantly, how is it going to affect you and your music? Read on and discover out everything you should know about the Next Wave documentary.

Soundcloud and The Birth of Soundcloud Next Wave

Rumors about SoundCloud folding up have been circulating the net since CEO Alexander Ljung told investors SoundCloud may run out of cash before the end of the year. The speculations solely intensified when the company fired 173 of its employees in July, reportedly to cut down on expenses.

Then Chance The Rapper came into the image, and immediately SoundCloud is tweeting a video teaser of a documentary series called Soundcloud Next Wave.

Their message was easy: “#NextWave. Coming soon ?


No, Chance The Rapper didn’t actually put up his own money to maintain SoundCloud in business. Chance The Rapper, who launched his career on SoundCloud, instead showed his support for the platform by creating, together with Young Thug, a track called “Big B’s” and then importing it exclusively to SoundCloud.

It was probably what he was referring to when he tweeted “I’m working on the SoundCloud thing” because after that weekend, “Big B’s” made some noise on SoundCloud

He also created hope among thousands of nervous SoundCloud artists when he repeated SoundCloud CEO Alex Ljung’s promise that the platform “is here to stay” and that all uploaded tracks are protected.

“Just had a really fruitful call with Alex Ljung. @SoundCloud is here to stay,” The Rapper tweeted.

Indeed, most people think Chance The Rapper is the reason behind why SoundCloud is still operating at this time. Actually, it looks like SoundCloud, in partnership with The Fader, is saving itself with the assistance of new projects like Next Wave.

Soundcloud Next Wave is a six-part docuseries designed to shine a light on the underground music of emerging artists on SoundCloud.

When you’re wondering how Soundcloud Next Wave will save your creations on the platform, you may take the word of the CEO and believe that your music is protected. Or you may take some precautions and back up all of your tracks. No matter what you do, as long as SoundCloud is here, maintain your presence on the platform strong, particularly now that SoundCloud is focusing its attention on musicians like you.

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Partnering With The Fader

So, SoundCloud has partnered with The Fader, one of the hottest music business magazines, to bring you SoundCloud Next Wave.

The Next Wave options local music scenes in six cities all over the world, and The Fader curates the playlist which customers may stream from their SoundCloud page.

The Fader is /media firm that covers music, style, and culture in print and digital forms. They’re the unofficial guide to what’s next in music and gave early exposure to popular artists like Kanye West, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and more.

With this partnership, SoundCloud hopes to attract attention and encourage more customers to maintain coming back to the site.

As Megan West, Vice President of Content Relations at SoundCloud said, “The internet and platforms like SoundCloud have changed the relationship between musicians and their followers. The paradigm has shifted where massive underground followings can type organically overnight without traditional marketing or promotion. …. We’re excited to shine a light on these emerging scenes bubbling on the platform.”

By exploring underground music scenes, creating original content material, and that includes behind-the-scenes looks at their social media channels, SoundCloud is raising the bar and somewhat placing themselves in league with other websites like Spotify and Apple Music — they both have a smaller user base than SoundCloud but also have more successful enterprise models.

The Next Way Documentary Series

The Soundcloud Next Wave series will concentrate on budding music artists from L.A., Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, New York City, London, and Berlin. SoundCloud followers can expect one episode each month until December of 2017.

The first episode, entitled “Degenerate Generation,” already debuted on the 20th of July.

It covered stories and behind-the-scenes exclusives of artists like Pouya, Fat Nick, and Lil Tracy.

The second installment in the series spotlighted Toronto’s soulful and groovy side. The “Northern Stars” episode launched up-and-coming local artists like Harrisona l l i eBirthday Boy and M.I. Blue.

A more recent episode, “Extended Mix,” featured New York-based reserving agency Discwoman, and electronic artist Bearcat.

Just since you aren’t appearing on SoundCloud’s Next Wave doesn’t mean you need to stop rising your SoundCloud presence. You may catch up to and even fly by popular creators on SoundCloud by boosting the social signals on your tracks.

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With SoundCloud’s Next Wave project calling attention to the platform, you’ll have a greater chance of people listening to your music. Ensure that your tracks have enough plays on them to seal the deal.

What’s Next For Soundcloud?

SoundCloud has just launched another episode of Next Wave, titled “Visão” and that includes quite a lineup: MC Bin Laden, MC 2K, MC VM, MC Fioti, Yuri Martins, and DJ Polyvox. These mini-documentaries have, no doubt, given some underground musicians plenty of exposure in their communities, both local and digital.

It isn’t clear how SoundCloud will proceed, however creators on this platform most likely don’t have to worry about it shutting down quickly. Producing a documentary to promote the underground music of local talents may be seen as a risky venture, particularly at a time when their existence is threatened by financial constraints.

Underground music caters to just a small segment of the population and it remains to be seen whether the Next Wave will be worth their dwindling resources. But it might be just what the platform needs.

Catch The Next Wave!

It’s obvious that SoundCloud, the only music-sharing site that has its own genre named after it — SoundCloud rap — is not ready to give up yet. Most musicians, like Chance The Rapper, believe in SoundCloud’s capacity to guide homegrown artists to stardom the same method it did for him, and they aren’t throwing in the towel yet.

When you’re in the same boat as them, work on catching the Next Wave and rising your presence on SoundCloud. Backing up your music is always a great plan, however, do not neglect your SoundCloud development, too! At least not for the foreseeable future.

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