Blow Your Mind with TikTok SEO Strategy

TikTok SEO Strategy

Google estimates that 40% of Gen Z favor TikTok over common search engines. Instead of reading about it, Gen Z would want to conduct a quick search on the app and receive a visual representation in the form of reviews, suggestions, and advice from everyday users. Therefore, if you want to increase your discoverability, it’s time to improve your TikTok SEO strategy.

TikTok SEO

TikTok SEO refers to improving your TikTok videos so that they show up at the top of search results. Therefore, you would like your video to show up near the top of the list when someone searches for a keyword or hashtag in order to boost the reach of your content. By improving your TikTok SEO skills, you can make your content more algorithm and search-friendly.

Why you should understand TikTok SEO?

In order to better video discoverability on the platform, TikTok has been introducing new features. They just announced an expansion in the video description field’s character counts from 300 to 2,200. This has increased the available area for writing about your clip by 730%. In detail,  enhancing the searchability of videos and connecting them to users who are interested are the main goals. The TikTok algorithm compiles information to determine the post’s subject and potential audience. Consequently, you may improve your discoverability on the app with a solid TikTok SEO approach.

Best TikTok SEO Strategies

It’s time to reconsider your SEO strategy and integrate it with social media platforms since customer behavior changes and social networks are increasingly used as search engines.

1. Pay attention to the Keyword


Blow Your Mind with TikTok SEO Strategy

TikTok aims to connect relevant keywords with related content. Thus, the videos that come up first when you search for “bibimbap” on TikTok have the keyword text “bibimbap” added to the screen. This demonstrates the algorithm’s effectiveness in using in-video text. Moreover, the top videos also have that keyword in the caption. Finding the keyword that best describes your video and adding it to the in-video text and caption is a solid approach to improve your visibility.

2. User-generated content creators

Gen-Z customers are savvy buyers – they learn about products through sources such as reviews, advice, and tips.

Note: A UGC creator is a content creator who makes content just like UGC, but has been paid.

It’s a new approach that is incredibly popular right now; on TikTok, the hashtag #ugccreator has 147.1M views and is still increasing. It’s easy for brands to collab on TikTok by searching for creators in your niche or accounts that may have already used your product or service in a video. If you’ve never worked with creators before, find a trustworthy influencer marketing company to help you out.

3. Hashtags is very important

Although there is much discussion about whether “hashtags are dead,” TikTok uses hashtags to organize content on the app.

It goes without saying that including a ton of random hashtags won’t increase engagement and may even come out as spammy.

However, adding appropriate TikTok hashtags—which you might think of as keywords—that describe the subjects covered in your video can improve in the algorithm’s understanding of its content.

A social media hashtag tool can provide hashtag ideas based on popular search terms and assist you in grouping your hashtags so you can add them to your captions with ease for a smooth workflow.


Using an SEO strategy can improve your discoverability on TikTok as consumer behavior changes and more people look for brands on social media. You’ll quickly begin to see results if your TikTok SEO plan is effective.

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