Click Track: Best Metronome Tricks for Better Music Production

Click Tracks: Best Metronome Tricks for Better Music Production

An essential component of any DAW recording session is click tracks. In fact, one of the first things you’ll do when you start a new song is use a click track to set the project’s tempo. How well do you actually understand your click tracks, though? In this essay, I’ll go over the fundamentals of click tracks, discuss why you should always have one, and offer advice on making the most of your metronome. Let’s get going!

Defining a Click track

Click Track: Best Metronome Tricks for Better Music Production

A click track is a DAW function that gives musicians a reference of tempo to play their parts in time. Moreover, overdubs are synchronized with previously recorded material via click tracks. Additionally, they enabled producers to transfer music about the tempo grid without affecting the rhythm. Tempo tracks are now automatically created by DAWs, and they frequently don’t appear as separate tracks on your timeline.

Reason using a Click track

The myth is that metronome clicks make music sound cold and boring. Although this may occasionally be the case, it is difficult to ignore the advantages of click track.

You may understand what I mean if you’ve ever tried to play along with a recorded track that is not in time. For instance, early in the production process, most producers will lay down percussion tracks. The other musicians will have to synchronize their timing if the drummer decides to speed up and slow down part of the song. 

By offering a locked pace throughout the whole recording session, click tracks fix it. Since each track makes reference to the click, the music feels tighter even though a couple of parts are slightly out of sync.

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Tricks of using Click track for better music production

Modify the metronome sound

Click tracks need to be loud and noticeable. So while you’re trying to feel the groove, sometimes harsh metronome clicks can be annoying. If you find the stock click to be too aggressive, try a more delicate click sound, such as a woodblock.

Tap the tempo

Sometimes when you initially begin recording your music, you may not be aware of the ideal tempo. You can utilize a tap tempo function to sync the DAW to you in that situation. There are many internet applications that enable you tap in the tempo with your space bar if your DAW doesn’t already have a built-in tap tempo feature.

Changing subdivisions

A simple click track plays the rhythmic meter you select in the song’s time signature as a quarter note pulse. For the majority of musical contexts, this works well. However, it’s not always ideal for extremely fast or extremely slow tempos. A metronome click on the eighth note can help you maintain focus when the tempo is slow. A half-note click is also considerably better for quick tempos.

Count-in Click track

You can set up a count-in click in some DAWs before recording starts. This is particularly helpful if you’re tracking to recorded rhythmic elements and don’t require a constant metronome throughout the song. In most situations, one or two bars work fine, but you can specify how many bars to add to the count-in.


When you first start, recording to a click can be difficult getting used to. It’s worth, though. Try to utilize these tips to help better your music production process.  

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