What is ADAT? How to Add Channels to Your Audio Interface

What is ADAT? How to Add Channels to Your Audio Interface

If you are new to the world of audio recording, you may be wondering what ADAT is. This acronym stands for Alesis Digital Audio Tape, which allows you to add extra channels to your audio interface. In this blog post, we will discuss what ADAT is and how you can improve the quality of your audio recordings!

What Is ADAT?

What is ADAT?

ADAT is a digital audio tape recorder that stores eight digital audio tracks on a single S-VHS videotape. The name comes from the device using an Alesis compressor and AD Converter chip. The device became popular in the 1992s with home studios and Project Studios because it was an affordable way to record multiple digital audio tracks. One of the benefits of using this is that the recorded tracks can be easily transferred to a computer for editing and mixing. Additionally, ADAT tapes are compatible with most standard VCRs, making them convenient to store and transport. Today, ADAT machines are very popular, and many recording engineers and producers use them, although more modern digital recording devices have largely replaced them.

How to Add Channels to Your Audio Interface

ADAT allows you to add up to eight additional audio input and output channels to your existing audio interface. You just need to connect an ADAT input and output cable to the appropriate ports on your audio interface. Using S/MUX (Sample Multiplex) technology, it sends the signal across a single cable to your audio interface. Then it will allow you to add eight more channels of audio input and output.

Once the ADAT connection is established, you can record up to 8 channels and route them however you see fit within your digital audio workstation (DAW). This allows you to create richer mixes with more control over each track. Additionally, you can use the ADAT connection to send audio signals from one device to another, such as a mixing desk or an effects unit.

The 3 Best ADAT Preamps for Home Studios

Here are some of the best ADAT preamps for home studios. These preamps offer great sound quality, features, and flexibility to ensure your recordings always sound their best!

1) Audient ASP800

This 8-channel preamp offers a warm, musical tone and pristine sound quality that is perfect for home studios. It also features onboard dynamics processing, digital connectivity, and flexible routing options.

2) Behringer ADA8200

Behringer ADA8200 is the most affordable 8-channel preamp on the market. It offers great sound quality and features like switchable phantom power and LED metering. This is a great option if you want an affordable preamp that won’t break the bank.

3) Midas XL48

This 8-channel preamp is designed for professional live sound applications. It offers superior sound quality and features like per-channel equalizers, limiters, and compressors. If you want the best sound for your recordings, this is the preamp!


If you want to expand your audio interface and have more input/output options, then ADAT is a great protocol. By connecting additional devices via ADAT, you can increase the number of channels that your audio interface supports. This is especially useful if you need more than the standard two-channel setup for recording or monitoring purposes. So, if you are looking for more flexibility and control over your recordings, then ADAT is definitely worth considering!

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