Decoding the Instagram Algorithm: Insights and Strategies for 2023 (2/2)

Continue decoding the Instagram algorithm with our simple tips. Navigating the Instagram algorithm can often feel like chasing a moving target. It remains a mysterious force that constantly shapes the dynamics of the Instagram Feed. Past updates to the social algorithm have disrupted brands’ organic visibility, compelling marketers to grapple with understanding the changes. Nonetheless, comprehending the algorithm’s workings can empower you to create compelling content and cultivate a robust following on Instagram. In this comprehensive guide, we will be decoding the Instagram algorithm. Moreover, we will delve into specific strategies and tactics to help you optimize your organic reach. Feel free to navigate directly to any of the following sections for valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

5 Tips for Mastering the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

decoding the Instagram Algorithm

To leverage the power of the Instagram algorithm, embrace it and develop a content strategy that aligns with its preferences. Create consistently high-quality posts that can withstand future algorithm changes. When you experience a dip in engagement, it may not be solely due to the algorithm. However, these tips will help you future-proof your content and navigate Instagram algorithm updates by delivering exceptional content and gaining a deeper understanding of the platform.

Here are five tips to enhance your social strategy and conquer the Instagram algorithm in 2023.

1. Consistently publish content, with emphasis on Video

Remember, the Feed algorithm avoids displaying too many consecutive posts from a single account. However, it places significant importance on recent interactions with an account. Posting too infrequently may cause your content to go unnoticed. The key is consistency.

Start by aiming for an average of 1-2 daily posts and experiment to find your ideal posting frequency. Additionally, diversify your content types. Carousels, for instance, are highly engaging and encourage extended interaction. Reels continue to offer excellent reach, while static photos have regained significance in the Feed. Stories help maintain visibility throughout the day without overwhelming your followers.

While photos are making a comeback, don’t neglect video content. Short-form videos are particularly captivating for 66% of consumers. Hence, continue utilizing Reels to cater to consumer preferences.

Pro tip: Repost your Reels in Stories to increase views. Remember, Story views contribute to your total Reels views.

How to implement it: Maintain a content calendar to ensure a balanced publishing schedule and a variety of formats. Consider using tools to schedule Reels, carousels, photos, and Stories in advance, enabling you to stay consistent and never miss a day.

2. Create engaging captions with Keywords and Hashtags

Don’t rely solely on the algorithm to reach new followers—utilize keywords to bring your content to them proactively.

Instagram now allows keyword searches, making it easier for potential audience members to discover your content.

How to implement it: Craft Instagram captions with an SEO twist. Incorporate relevant keywords in the following areas to enhance discoverability:

  • Captions: Make your captions captivating while naturally including keywords and terms that align with search queries.
  • Alt text: Enhance social media accessibility by adding appropriate keywords to the alt text, increasing the likelihood of your content appearing in Explore.
  • Hashtags: Remember that Instagram hashtags are searchable too, so choose relevant ones that resonate with your content.
  • Your bio: Your handle helps people find your brand, but your Instagram bio can assist those searching by industry or when they don’t know your handle. For instance, Figo uses “FigoPet” as their handle, while their name, Figo Pet Insurance, incorporates the keyword “pet insurance.”

3. Push conversation and drive Engagement

Engagement holds immense significance in decoding the Instagram algorithm and can significantly impact the ranking of your content.

While engagement may seem elusive, there are strategies to encourage it and appeal to the algorithms.

How to encourage engagement: Here are a few creative methods to spark conversations and drive engagement:

  • Pose questions to your audience: Craft posts or captions that prompt audience members to share their thoughts in the comments. For example: What are your goals for the year? What content would you like to see more from us? What burning questions do you have about…?
  • Share trivia: Challenge your audience with trivia in your caption or post and encourage them to comment with their guesses.
  • “Tag a friend”: Use your caption to urge followers to tag a friend who relates to the post.
  • Utilize Story stickers: Engaging your audience through Stories earns you points with the algorithm. Leverage stickers to encourage viewers to tap through, participate in quizzes, ask questions, or react.
  • React with emojis: Ritz recently sparked a viral trend by reacting with emojis on Twitter.

4. Time your Posts according to your active Followers

This plays a crucial role in any feed. In the chronological feed, timing is a given.

However, in the Home feed, the more active your followers are when you post, the more early engagement you’ll accumulate. This signals to the algorithm that your content is popular.

Post when your audience is actively scrolling and most likely to encounter your new content.

How to implement it: Instagram’s native analytics provide insights into your followers’ activity on different days of the week. Simply open the app, go to your profile, tap “professional dashboard,” select “See all” next to Account insights, choose “total followers,” and scroll down to “Most Active Times.” Take it a step further by scheduling your posts at optimal times.

5. Prioritize your audience’s Preferences

To truly leverage the algorithm in your favor, you must create content that resonates with and engages your audience.

At the end of the day, your content is intended for your audience, so design it with them in mind.

How to do it: Your audience is already providing insights into the topics, content types, and posts they prefer and want to see more of.

To uncover these answers, dive into your data.

Instagram’s native analytics offer a basic overview of your audience and top posts from the past 90 days. However, to gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s preferences, you need to dig deeper.

Harness the Power of Decoding the Instagram Algorithm

When it comes to the Instagram algorithm, uncertainty and change are the only certainties. We never know when the next algorithm update will arrive.

However, for now, you have the strategies to tackle it. Hopefully, it no longer feels like an elusive creature you endlessly pursue. Instead, view it as a tool that aids your understanding of the platform and informs your content.

One practical step that will always keep you ahead of the algorithm and ahead in the Feed is organization. Follow our article on creating a social media calendar to maintain organization and consistency in your content.

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