Examples of Successful Instagram Takeovers

Last Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Instagram Takeovers

There’s a reason why Instagram takeovers are a popular activity. As with a crossover episode of two great shows (like the COPS episode of X-Files), it adds excitement and novelty to your content calendar and provides your brand with a big boost in the process.

Looking for inspiration for your own takeover? Here are some brands that did it effectively.

Fenty Beauty – Real Influencer Takeovers

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty celebrates women of color, and their social media platform is no different. They stand out from other beauty brands by engaging genuinely and enthusiastically with diverse make-up artists.

For example, their Fenty Family Takeovers showcased beauty influencers and make-up artists making flawless looks with Fenty products. Takeover hosts shared their suggestions and tips in Stories that are archived on Fenty’s YouTube channel.

One cause those Instagram takeovers worked so effectively? Great alignment between the host and the company. The takeovers featured influencers who reflected the brand values and were excited and knowledgeable about the products.

Rather than offering a long takeover featuring one host, Fenty did a series of short takeovers with many beauty influencers. That is an option for your brand too if you wish to show off a range of products or facets of your community.

#YouNetflix – Cast Takeovers

It is too great that a show about the hazards of oversharing on social media would promote itself via oversharing on social media.

You amped up its Netflix launch with a series of cast takeovers on Instagram. These featured the celebrities answering audience questions, sharing a glimpse of their real lives, and discussing their characters.

This takeover was the perfect technique for the very Gen Z show. You understood that its audience wasn’t only watching the episodes, however, talking about them on social media, and made sure to be part of these discussions.

Younger audiences expect a high level of brand engagement, and takeovers are one method to provide these personal connections. If these are the customers you are trying to reach, a takeover is an effective tactic.

National Geographic – Feature Story Takeovers

National Geographic has one of the largest followings on Instagram, with a mind-boggling 110 million followers.

Their secret is posting stunning images with insightful, detailed captions. Each post is like a peek into one of their beautiful issues.

Beyond their posts, National Geographic also understands the value of a takeover. They have used them to go deeper into featured stories and share behind-the-scenes videos and pictures.

A story on isolated peoples in the Amazon in their October problem was complemented by an Instagram takeover from photographer Chris Hamilton Jones.

Not like some of our other Instagram takeovers examples, this one is slicker. Instead of being shot live, the Stories were pre-recorded and edited to include captions and text for more details.

Instagram takeover by National Geographic

This meant the production high quality was in line with National Geographic’s other content. Although it offers the “behind the scenes” feeling of a takeover, it still looks wonderful.

And it also offered NatGeo with more control in the launch of the takeover, and more security. When you do not feel comfortable sharing your account details, here’s how prepared content could work for you.

And come to think of it, it is probably hard to get good reception for publishing videos in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Sometimes there are unique considerations that affect your takeover!

Little, Brown and Company – Author Takeovers

Publisher Little, Brown and Company uses takeovers to introduce their fans to authors and new books.

The Instagram takeovers are a friendly, accessible look into the life of a writer. In the feed, they share pictures from their daily routines and favorite hangouts.

In Stories, they answer reader questions and supply advice to other aspiring writers.

For the bibliophiles who follow Little, Brown, that is exactly the type of content they like to see. I speak from personal experience once I say that most avid readers are aspiring novelists at heart.

This instance really demonstrates the win-win nature of a takeover. The authors get the chance to interact with followers and readers, similar to a virtual literary event, and promote their new books.

For Little, Brown, the takeovers help to promote new releases, driving sales and engagement. They also supply lots of thoughtful, funny content. You may count on novelists to jot down great captions, after all.

Instagram takeover by Little Brown

Feeling inspired by these examples? Get began on planning your own takeover! We could not wait to tune in.

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