How To Run an Instagram Takeover in 7 Steps

Last Updated on July 23rd, 2019 at 2:26 pm

Instagram Takeover

An Instagram takeover is when somebody temporarily takes over another account to make and share content—normally on behalf of a brand. The takeover host may be a celeb, an influencer, or even a team member.

Instagram takeover needs to look seamless and simple from your audience’s point of view. However, the key to creating it all work is preparation and planning! Set yourself up for success by following these 7 simple steps.

1. Set a purpose

What do you wish to accomplish with your Instagram takeover? Getting clear on your goal will guide the rest of your technique, from who need to host the takeover to the metrics you will utilize to measure success.

For example, your purpose may be:

  • Rising your audience
  • Promoting a new product
  • Launching a campaign
  • Boosting engagement during a particular event

A takeover could help you accomplish any of those targets.

2. Select your takeover host

Your guest star needs to be somebody whose voice and values are aligned with your brand. After all, you want them to be themselves (that’s the point!) so their authentic self needs to be a natural fit.

Right here are some things to consider.

Your takeover host’s audience needs to match your target market, so take a close look at their fans. When you are trying to reach older customers, an influencer who’s popular with Gen Z users probably is not the best fit, no matter how great their content is.

Review their posts and Stories. Read their captions and watch their Stories to get a feel for their voice and how it suits with your brand.

Take a look at what other companies they have worked within the past. Do they share a healthy ratio of organic content to sponsored posts? Are any past partnerships raising flags for you?

Check for audience engagement. You could not see all their metrics, of course, however, comparing the number of likes and comments on their posts to their fans count need to provide you with a sense of their engagement rate. You wish to see that their audience is excited about what they are posting!

Here are some more tips for finding the right influencer.

In lieu of partnering with an influencer or celeb, you could also let an employee host a takeover! Bon Appetit hands over the reins to various members of the editorial crew for city- and event-specific takeovers.

Instagram takeover by Bon Appetit

Likewise, the Auckland Zoo hands over its account to staff for in-depth features on animal habitats.

This option probably will not assist you to reach new audiences, however, it’s a low-risk option for generating some fun content.

3. Decide on the format and length of your takeover

Some takeovers span the length of a particular event (just like the Met Gala). Others showcase a day in the life of an influencer.

While these are the most common arrangements, there is no reason you could not have a longer takeover if it helps the purpose!

When you have decided the length of your takeover, plan it out with your host.

  • Will it include posts to the feed, Stories, or both?
  • How many posts do you expect?
  • Will there be interactive features, like a Q+A?

It is a good time to go over any must-have topics or content, as well as the look and feel of your account. An Instagram style guide could be a useful resource here!

Discussing the large image with your takeover host will assist you to both prepare for success.

That does not mean hammering out each tiny detail, although. You wish to provide some structure and be transparent about your expectations, while still giving them the freedom to express themselves authentically.

4. Select a hashtag

This step can be optional, in case your takeover is a part of a bigger campaign that has a hashtag already. However, a hashtag could be a useful tool here!

Branded hashtags help to drive engagement, and they also make it simple to search out all of the content associated with your takeover.

It unifies the content posted on your firm’s account, as well as your takeover host’s personal account. And later, it will be simple to search out and reshare your takeover content!

For instance, when Game of Thrones actress (and Instagram queen) Sophie Turner took over the Entertainment Weekly account, the hashtag #EWxGOT made it simple to follow.

When you do a series of takeovers, or a regular takeover event (like #TakeoverTuesdays), the hashtag could also link them together.

5. Promote your takeover

Now for the fun part: sharing your upcoming takeover with your audience! You and your host need to both post about the takeover in advance, to let your fans know when it is happening.

In addition to posting on your Instagram account (naturally), you also need to promote it on Fb, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other social channels you utilize.

Provide your takeover host with images or graphics so they could share with their audience too. Keep in mind to include your hashtag!

6. Do the takeover!

Ready for the large day? There are two methods to execute your takeover.

You could hand over the keys (that’s, the login details) and let your host post natively from your account.

In case your takeover is tied to a live event, posting in real-time is necessary. Likewise, if you’d like your host to field questions or reply to audience comments, you will probably want to offer them account access.

Nonetheless, if those are not part of your takeover plan, you could also request prepared content to schedule and share yourself!

With this way, your takeover host will send you content in advance, which you will publish on the day of the takeover.

Pre-shot content could be more secure, as you could review content before posting and keep your password info to yourself.

Both takeover methods have benefits and may work for you. Ultimately, what you determine will depend upon the goals of your Instagram takeover, as well as your comfort level.

7. Measure your results

Congratulations, you did it! When you are basking in the afterglow of a successful takeover, keep in mind about the sexiest part of social media: the metrics.

As with any activity on social, measurement is key to learning and development. Check out the numbers to help you determine what worked and where you could enhance next time.

The most important metrics for evaluating your takeover will rely on your targets, however, you will likely wish to take a peek at Story views, engagement stats, and follower development.

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