21 Facebook Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know in 2018 (1/2)

facebook tips

As the oldest, largest social media platform, Facebook has grown into a complicated and highly effective tool for connection. It’s always been developer-friendly so it has lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in.

Utilizing Facebook like a pro takes a willingness to discover, not to mention a decent investment of time. We’ve highlighted these surprising Facebook tips and simple wins to provide you a head start.

General Facebook tips

1. Trick out your profile

One of the great Facebook tips is tricking out your profile. There are some steps involved in setting up a basic Facebook Page, however, the secret to great engagement rates is taking the time to optimize.

Make your Page simple to search out with an easy username (a.k.a. vanity URL) so that people know who you’re. When you think you could be a big enough brand, shoot for the celebrities and apply for that authoritative blue verification checkmark.

A looping profile video (as opposed to an image) may not be for every brand, however, a video cover, which could be up to 20 seconds long, is an eye-catcher. Meanwhile, key info like address, contact info and opening hours is a no-brainer for brick-and-mortar companies.

Don’t skimp on the “Our Story” section either. It’s a good way to set viewers expectations and encourage people to like and follow you.

2. Drive traffic to Facebook

In case you’re just starting out, let your existing viewers know where you’re at is one of the great Facebook tips. Chances are they are on Facebook, too. Get more Page likes on Facebook by creating Follow or Share buttons to the code of your website or blog. Go ahead and cross-promote by including a hyperlink to your Facebook page on your other social media platform bios.

And don’t forget the real world: enterprise cards and promotional materials should embody your Facebook page URL as well.

3. Convert the curious

Sending out mass invites to love your Page can feel a bit impersonal, or worse, spammy. Take time to craft a message that outlines why a person may want to pay attention and keep in touch.

Even better: you may easily invite people who have already liked one of your posts to take the next step and like your Page.

To do so, just click on the listing of names below the post. In the window, scroll down and click on the Invite button as necessary. Don’t be shy: these people have already shown support and interest in what you’re up to.

4. Showcase your best work

As a Page administrator, you may pin a post to keep it top-of-mind for guests. Whether it’s an announcement, a promotion, or just a high-performing post that your viewers already loves, benefit from the chance to get more eyeballs on it.

You may pin a post by clicking the ellipsis button in the post’s upper right corner.

facebook tricks

Just keep in mind to maintain your pinned post fresh by rotating it every few weeks, particularly if it’s time-sensitive.

5. Be friendly

Dale Carnegie said that the sweetest sound is a person’s own name. On Facebook, it looks like the sweetest sound is the notification ping.

Mention an individual in a post and they’re a lot more likely to share this post with their friends. In case you’re a brand, why not give another brand alike and see if the feeling is mutual? This type of awareness-raising, when done right, is as wholesome and natural as a Whole Foods salad: it sets you up for healthy development.

Facebook tips for business Pages

As an enterprise Page, you may benefit from particular perks and Facebook tips designed to help you engage.

6. Perfect your call-to-action

The CTA button is a front-and-center opportunity at the top of your Page, to ensure it’s sending your viewers in the right direction. When you’re looking to communicate, “Sign up” or “Send message” could be great. Meanwhile, “Book now” or “Shop now” could help you establish rapid prospects.

To adjust the CTA button on your desktop, hover your mouse over the default “Send message” button and click on Edit.

facebook tricks

7. Customize your tabs

Every Facebook page has some basic tabs on the left-hand side, including About, Events, and Pictures. Take the next step and highlight your promotions, apps, custom landing pages or gated content material by making a custom tab so your curious viewers can check out your best options.

You could work with a developer or use a Facebook Page app to create your custom tabs.

8. Frame your followers

Facebook’s picture/video overlay effects are a fun, creative opportunity to interact with your viewers as they use the Facebook camera. Whereas a full video overlay takes some technical know-how, an easy picture frame may be created in a snap utilizing the Camera Effects tool.

facebook tricks
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9. Gather your largest supporters in a Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are one of the best methods to build community among like-minded people. And now that Facebook’s algorithm is focusing on meaningful interactions above all else, companies are taking note. A brand-endorsed Group is a type of like a focus group of your superfans, where they could find out about promotions and events, share experiences, or interact with each other and your enterprise.

From your Facebook Page, you can begin a Group by clicking the ellipsis button, naming the Group, and sending out the first round of invitations to join. Consistent management is essential to maintain the Group thriving, so check out more strategies for business Facebook Groups.

10. Go live

Facebook Live video has the best reach of any post kind. Plus, it draws 10 times as many comments as regular video and people watch it three times as long. Facebook actively prioritizes live video by placing it at the top of the News Feed, as well as sending notifications to potentially viewers members.

Jump on all these benefits by scheduling a broadcast in Publishing Tools, or just go live by choosing the Live Video icon in the Update Status box.

Live streaming on Facebook is perfect for giving tutorials or demos, broadcasting an event, making a giant announcement, or going behind the scenes. The longer you’re life (Facebook recommends at least ten minutes) the higher the chance that people will tune in.


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